Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Westie Wednesday

Duke and I have decided to join T and Louis over at Desperately Seeking Seersucker for
Westie Wednesday.
(The first link is to the blog and the second is too the Westie Wednesday post)
Not much chit chat for today it's just shots of Duke

Duke's profile shot

 Duke's "Mom, I'm tired get that camera out of my face" look

And finally Duke winking at all his adoring fans


  1. Beyond adorable!!! I LOVE Westies, and Duke especially!!! Though I don't have a dog, Duke is now my virtual Westie, my computer pet!!!

  2. Duke is such a handsome little man. I just love him to pieces and you can tell him so.

    Have a great day. My best to Duke. :)

  3. Oh Duke, thanks for that great wink. You are just too cute. We don't mind a bit having great shots of you. Take care.

  4. And he's so color coordinated with that rug. Duke, ya' got class, buddy!

  5. Out on the prairie, you can say that again

    ginny Duke is honored to be your virtual Westie :)

    Sandee consider it done, I'll tell him right now

    Tucker Duke thanks you for the compliment

    Marg he thought you would appreciate that wink :)

    sharkbytes you know I hadn't notice but yes he is well coordinated with the rug :)

  6. I love Duke! Such a handsome feller! How come he doesn't have brown under his eyes? My little dog does and most know how when their eyes kind of drain a bit and it turns the white hair brownish. Do you use anything?

  7. Hahaaaaa....poor Duke looks Sleepy today Momma!!!
    Sweet baby boy!

  8. As always he's gorgeous and somehow he looks more relaxed today, guess that new hairdo sits well with him.

  9. He is such a little cutie! MWAH!

  10. Awwww. I LOVE the wink. :)

  11. We just love Duke! He's just as adorable as can be!

  12. I never get tired of seeing that handsome face!

  13. Woof! Woof! You are adorable DUKE. Happy WINK Wednesday!!! Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  14. the closeups are awesome! Duke's such a handsome fella.. hehehe... is there a problem with one of its eye or is it just the flashy beast..

  15. I love these pics! Duke is so photogenic :)

  16. what a handsome boy! Dukester, I think I'm in looooove :)

  17. He sits so nice while you take photo's! Wish my kids had done that when they were small :)

  18. Great picturesAnn. He is a handsome devil. I think he knows it. I especially liked the winking picture. That was very cute.

  19. Sweet Duke ~ you are truly a professional. Keeping that perfect look even when irritated by the camera being in the face... ;)

    Happy Day to both you and mom!
    xo Catherine

  20. Thanks for joining us this week! I showed Louis Duke's pictures on my blackberry last night, and he licked the blackberry. I think he wants to be friends :)

    Duke looks so handsome! I will continue to remind Louis that his hair will grow back.

  21. tell duke i received the wink and i am a bigtime adoring fan....

  22. Duke is looking as good as ever.

  23. He is so darn cute ~ I just love this little guy!!

  24. I always love pictures of Duke.

  25. julie he actually does under one eye. I don't know why it's only on the one side. I try to keep it wiped off but he hates that

    donna oh yes, he has such an exhausting schedule you know

    maiwa, it very well could be the new cut

    tanyia he sends smooches back

    lin, lol, I'm not quite sure what he was doing but it sure looked like a wink

    beaded tail and duke loves you guys also

    donna me neither

    sugar lol wink wednesday, I like that

    anny I think he was just feeling very tired and trying to keep his eyes open but couldn't manage both of

    fishhawk, but of course

    duni he can be if he sits still

    roschelle duke is very flattered

    audrey, dogs always listen better than kids

    russ i think he does too.

    catherine it's also helpful to catch him when he's a bit tired

    dss, thanks for having it :) Duke would be honored to be Louis's friend

    sandra telling him right now

    ratty, duke says thanks

    ollie mckay's he's sure gotten popular around here

    tammy I must admit that I do too

  26. Love Duke's pics :) I just started Westie Wednesday this week - Desperately Seeking Seersucker sent me your way! Love your crafts too!


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