Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The inspector

Duke has a very important job. He takes his duties quite seriously.
He has graciously volunteered to be my quality inspector. I told him that it wasn't necessary for him to work so hard but he insisted.
He checks each piece to make sure that I haven't messed anything up.

I'm up to four sets of my mug rugs.
I'm not real crazy about the way the blue ones turned out.
Duke checked them over though and he said that even though I didn't like them they passed his inspection.
Eventually these will all become gifts for family and friends and maybe even be included in a future giveaway.


  1. They need a Inspected by Duke label or sticker on them.

  2. I was thinking I really liked the blue :) You should totally open an Etsy shop for mug rugs!!!

  3. Why don't you like the blue ones? I think I like them better than the pink! I hope you are paying Duke for this!

  4. Those are so cute and love the tags on them! Duke is an excellent inspector!

  5. The inspector inspecting.. hehehe... cute lil fella! Did momma did a big rug for you Duke?

  6. I never seen Duke work so hard. He is due for a good nap and a belly rub mom. :-)

  7. What lovely neat 'mug rugs' .... do you know that these reminded me of the rafia versions that we used to make at Infant School - all brightly coloured - I remember them as being very neat (perhaps that they appeared that way over many many years). They say that time plays tricks ... I do hope my little woven circles were neat though!

  8. Yeah, Inspector Duke!! I think you should include a tag that reads "Inspected by Duke"! That would be very cute.

  9. Well, I agree with Duke! And although the creamy ones would fit in better with my decor I actually really like the blue ones.

  10. I rather like the blue ones best...

  11. If these have passed Duke's inspection then they have to be good! I like the blue ones too by the way!

    I think Tanyia's idea of an Etsy store is an excellent one and on every package you could include "inspected by Duke" as LIn suggested!!

  12. I think he found the good ones- they are beautiful!

  13. LOL! We all need a "Duke" to inspect our work.:)

  14. Those are really nice mug rugs. I'm glad that Duke gave them his "Paw of Approval".

  15. Hi Ann...these are great...I have been wanting to make some little doilies but haven't been able to find a pattern you have a pattern that you could let me have a go at?? I would be very grateful. xx

  16. Are you going to put a sticker on them that says, "Approved By Inspector K-9?" Oh yeah, I've still got it!

  17. Well done Duke. Hope you got paid well for all your hard work, with a biscuit or two! xx

  18. He's the loveliest inspector I've ever seen — and he has good taste!

  19. Duke is doing a good job as usual.He must be worn out at the end of the day. Just saying he has all those responsibilities and all.I think all your Mug Rugs look great.

  20. Those are darling! What's wrong with the blue ones? I think they are very pretty!
    Duke is a wonderful inspector :)

  21. Duke is one very cute, smart and helpful pup! :)
    xo Catherine

  22. These are so cute! It would make a great gift. The blue one is pretty if you don't like the white spot take a blue marker and color the spot. I think it is fine the way it is.

  23. I love the blue ones! They are all so pretty. Can I be on your Christmas gift list?

  24. i can't decide which is the best looking, the mug rugs or the inspector. i am leaning towards the inspector, so give him and extra hug from me. i do really really like the mug rugs and their names.

  25. Westies are the best inspectors ... and the only pay they'll accept is treats.

    Come over and visit my blog - ...

  26. I love them. They are so cute. Love the name that you gave them too!
    As Tanyia said - don't you want to sell them on Etsy?

  27. I really like these!!! Especially the rose and cream ones!!!
    Love the Duke!

  28. What an inspector! :)
    For giveaways is a perfect idea! :D

  29. I'm so glad that tey passed Duke's inspection - they look gorgeous!
    Jille x

  30. Duke did a great job. They all look really nice. Love the mug rug tags too.

  31. out on the prairie :) I like that

    Tanyia, I just wish it was a more subtle transition between colors

    Ginny I wished that the transition between colors wasn't quite so sharp.

    Laura thanks

    beaded tail yes he is. I thought the tags were a nice touch

    Anny not yet but I think I should

    man overboard definitely, he's one hard working pup

    kloggers raffia ones would be ice. I bet yours were very neat :)

    Lin excellent idea

    erika I think the blue ones could grow on me :)

    Grace, blue has always been my favorite but I didn't care for the way the colors changed, i was hoping for more of a fade in fade out kind of thing :)

    marie I've considered the etsy store but I just can't focus on one thing all the time so I just never go for it

    sharkbytes duke has a nose for that :) and thank you

    Jean I just hope he doesn't start getting bossier than he already is

    tahtimbo I'm just glad he didn't STAMP them with his paw of

    allotments4you I've tried doilies I can't work with the finer threads for some reason. I get most of my patterns on line I'll see if I can find you some

    fishhawk LOL that is perfect. Yes you still got

    Pat he got paid overtime :)

    russ he did seem to nap extra long the next day

    audrey well the blue ones were ok, I guess I just thought there was too much of one color and it switched too quickly to the next when it changed (does that even make

    catherine he sure is :)

    helen ah I'll leave the white spot I'll be giving them away any

    karen lol sure why not :)

    sandra but of course the inspector is better looking :)

    katie juelp and derby's mom they are excellent inspectors and very affordable as well. I'll be over later to visit

    duni I just think that Etsy is probably too big of a venture for me at this time

    donna those were my favorite too

    junezach there may be one coming up real soon

    jille thank you and I was happy Duke gave them a paws up also :)

  32. Tammy, thanks. I thought the tags finished them off well

  33. You go Duke! keep inspecting though I doubt you will find any flaws in mommy's work.

  34. Miawa, he will if he knows what he's looking

  35. Well, I think they are cute as pie..and quite a clever idea! AND...if Duke says they pass inspection then I'm sure that even the blue set is perfect!

  36. DSS, since Duke gave them the paws up I figured they had to be ok


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