Saturday, March 26, 2011

Picky part 2

Are you all ready for the continuation of yesterday's story about Duke?
Recently I had some time to kill and was browsing around in a Big Lots store. I happened to pass by the pet section and see the cutest dog dish. I bought it for Duke but actually it made me think of Amanda and I knew she would want him to have this dish.

So what did Duke think of the dish? Lets take a look shall we.

So far so good. And the final shot for the story.
Now it seems to me that it wasn't the food at all. It was simply that the dish I was serving it in wasn't good enough. You could argue that he finally just got used to the food and the timing of the new dish was just a coincidence but I think not.
Come back tomorrow for a report on the new groomer.


  1. OH.....MY....GOD Mom that is AWESOME! Duke better like that bowl, it's friggin cute as heck!

  2. Well, I have to admit that dish is pretty special. I would eat from that one!

  3. I'm sure you are absolutely right about that adorable dish. I would want to eat out of it too! Oh wait, I'm not a dog, well, I really like the dish Annie. And can't wait to see the new haircut for Duke.

  4. Looks like a pretty special dish. Glad it did the trick.

  5. Yes!!! First, I LOVE the dish!! And the inside is so cute!! Duke really has class, if he wants attractive and cute bowls to eat out of. Your story gets better and better.

  6. Cutest dog food dish ever!

  7. That is a very cute dish! Hope all went well at the groomer today and that Duke is lovin' his new do!

  8. I think it is the new dish too! What a boy that Duke is!

  9. It's fun to eat out of cute dishes!!

  10. Perhaps Duke didn't realize there was a cute little Snoopy and Woodstock waiting to see him at the bottom of the bowl!! :)
    xo Catherine

  11. Well done, Duke! You finally got mom trained to serve dinner from proper china :lol:

  12. How cute! I love Snoopy and Woodstock. I'm just going to say that fine dining is more about the presentation than the food; apparently you've now brought things up to snuff (scarf?) *giggle*.

  13. That is one cute dish. No wonder you ate your food. You just needed the correct cute dish. You are a little like the cats around here. We can't wait to see your new 'do'. Hope you have a fun Sunday.

  14. live laugh photograph, it had to have been

    amanda, I knew you would like that one. they had them in blue or pink

    donna yes, I believe it is

    sharkbytes me too :)

    miawa I'm thinking that would be the perfect dish for ice

    tucker, I guess it's all in the presentation

    ginny I just never realized he had such high standards

    ann I thought so too

    beaded tail, we think so, we'll have full report on the groom coming up

    ldh it has to be, no other explanation in my book

    gayle yes it is, I think it reallly does make the food taste better

    catherine he may not have but he does now

    pat, yes my training is coming along nicely

    Jen Duke says if cats can have their fancy feast then he needs to eat in style also

    marg we had a cat when Duke first came here as a puppy, I think that cat taught Duke more than I

  15. Great dish Ann. Only thing is I hope you bought one for water also. He might go on a drinking strike after having that dish for his food.
    Can't wait to see the grooming pictures.

  16. A good dish makes suppertime even more fun!

    We do not like our whiskers to touch the side of the dishes, so our Mommeh bought a whole bunch of these cool rectangular dishes with slightly raised sides from the Crate and Barrel outlet. They are meant for appetizers or small dishes for peoples, but we love them.

  17. Next thing we will hear is Duke trying to sleep on top of the doghouse as Snoopy did.

  18. I think duke wanted a pretty dish, one that was fun and told him when he was done. so glad is he eating his food once again. i did not want to see a thin Duke, am waiting for the new groomer story with bated breath

  19. Well he just wanted a designer dish. I love it and I can see why Duke does too. It's pretty clear that he can read too.

    Have a terrific day. My best to Duke. :)

  20. I think it could be the dish... cos it happens to Dom too.

    His water dish was a plastic green dish which he used since he joined this family... last mth.. i noticed that he didn't really drink much water... i change his water 3 times a day.. but he still didn't drink much. Then i bought him a nice red heavier dish... he immediately drank a lot of water. Or.. he could have been thirsty.. *LOL* But now he drinks his water all the time.

  21. lol how cute. Duke just knows what he likes, doesn't he!

  22. Somebody is not hungry enough. How spoiled are our pets who care what dish it is served in???! Lucky Duke.

  23. That is a great dish! I need to get one of those to use as Koko and Yum Yum's water dish.

  24. russ no I didn't think of that. He has one of those self watering dishes and so far he seems quite pleased with it

    daisy I couldn't agree more. Those sound like very special dishes you have and from Crate and Barrel too, cool

    out on the prairie um first we would have to build him a dog house :)

    sandra it's very important to know when you've finished. Now he'll never have to wonder

    sandee oh yes, he quite an avid reader. :)

    anny oh see Dom knew that green was just not the right color for a water dish :)

    tanyia but of course :)

    Lin someone is not hungry enough because someone else keeps giving him yummy table

    tahtimbo I fell in love with it when I saw it and had to buy it


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