Thursday, March 24, 2011

I finished something

Well hooray for me, I finished another project. I still have a backlog of projects started. They are all patiently waiting for me to get my act together and complete them. In the meantime, instead of working on those I start something new.
I was looking at a picture I have hanging on one of my walls. It has these cute little trees on it and it made me think of trying to do a quilled tree. I googled quilled trees to get some ideas. I found one that I liked so I sat down and did a rough drawing to use as my guide.

Every tree needs to have at least one bird in it.

I wish I would have cut the white cardstock a little smaller so that you could see more of the background paper. I ended up putting this one in a frame.
I have two ideas now. I'm either going to do another one in the same way or I'm going to do 3 more. If I do the 3 I was thinking one for each season.


  1. This is ADORABLE!!! What do you do with the things you make like this? Do you ever sell them? One for each seson is a fabulous idea!!

  2. I love your tree. It's awesome. You are so very talented.

    Have a terrific day. My best to Duke. :)

  3. This looks great! I love the shape of the tree trunk and the background colours too.

    And thanks for the brilliant Photoshop tip on my blog ... it's worked! Click back there again and you'll see!

  4. Ginny thanks, Mostly I give stuff away as gifts. Some just sits around here on a shelf and collects dust. I've thought about selling but no, I don't

    sandee thank you very much

  5. Your quilling is wonderful, Ann... I love your tree---and would love to see it with Fall leaves and again with snow!!!! BUT--I love the one you have now with the birdie... How Special... Thanks!!!

    Congrats.. It's wonderful.

  6. I love it, I would love to see the other seasons represented in one as well, that is a great idea

  7. I love this! Such a great idea!

  8. Ann, this is beautiful! I can see why you framed this piece--I would have as well.

    And I like the idea of the different seasons.

  9. LOVE this! You need to open an etsy shop! The four seasons sound beautiful!

  10. That is so neat. I love that tree. Especially with the little bird there too. Great job.

  11. Ohhh Annie! I really really like this one. I'm not much of a crafter as you know but this is just precious, I can't think of a better word.

  12. That is really beautiful are awesome at this! I don't know how it's done but it sure is the birdie! ;D

  13. I love those scrolls. The tree looks great. I love the four seasons idea. Looking forward to see the other 3.

  14. That is so pretty and I love the little blue birdie! Trees for each season is a wonderful idea!

    Hugs to Duke!

  15. That is just AMAZING!! It is so perfect.
    I agree with LDH, you should open a shop.

  16. Oh, I REALLY like this!! I love the trunk...and the leaves...and the branches. Well done!!

  17. I really like it too. It's a great tree and the bird is just adorable.

  18. SPECTACULAR! You know this form is like my favorite thing...

  19. love this ! and the idea of each season is a great idea :D can't wait to see it :)

  20. This is so beautiful.. totally love the blue bird!
    You should probably start an etsy page.. and start selling these cards :)

  21. That is SO cool! I love the way you did the trunk; it looks totally awesome (can you tell I like it? ;o)

  22. Well, I actually like that A LOT. The doctor won't take my wife's call.

  23. I really like this a lot. Nature related stuff is always my thing.

  24. Looking good Ann. I like the one for each season idea.

  25. Oh that sweet little blue bird is the 'icing on the cake' isn't it? So sweet!

    Happy Weekend Ann!
    xo Catherine

  26. fantastic! love it. three hanging on the wall would be great. have you thought of taking this to work? someone might buy it. i did that with framed photos that i took to work and hung on my cubby and someone said will you sell that to me. yes i did, this is very sellable. get out there girl, this is goregous

  27. Lovely idea, something that hit the back shelf here.

  28. Oh Ann...that is Beautiful!
    And I also think you need to do the other three...
    Happy Weekend!

  29. Wow! That looks great Ann :-)

    I vote for... one for each season.

  30. One for each season would be great it possible to 'quill' snow??

  31. I love the idea of one for each season. I really like this tree the little blue bird really adds color and you can almost hear it singing.

  32. Philippa thanks, so glad that trick worked for you, I'll have to go over and check it out

    beebeebabs, thank you

    betsy the more I think about it one for each season is probably what I'll do

    tanyia, thanks sis

    Linda thank you

    Erika thanks, it was just calling for a frame

    LDH thanks I really have thought about etsy but... I have several excuses I could insert there

    Marg thank you, yes the bird was a must :)

    sharkbytes thanks, yep I had spring in mind

    Miawa thank you very much. you may not be a crafter but you've got talent to spare :)

    Julie thanks, still learning but practicing is half the fun

    helen thank you lets hope they don't take me as long to get going on as this did

    beaded tail thank you, I thought I had it finished and then I realized I didn't have a bird in it so that had to go on

    tahtimbo thanks, maybe not perfect but if you say

    Lin thanks I liked the branches the best the trunk I wasn't completely satisfied with but...

    cheryl thanks, it's people like you who inspire me to keep trying this

    grace, thank you very much. Yes, I have noticed that the quilling appeals to you :)

    As thank you I must admit the 4 seasons is the better way to go

    anny thank you. Maybe I should start an etsy but I keep thinking it would take the fun out of it all

    Jen thanks, and yes I can tell, thanks again :)

    Fishhawk thank you but I must admit that I'm beginning to miss all those witty comments :)

    ratty, thank you, can't miss with anything related to nature

    russ thank you, and me too on the the 4 seasons

    cahterine I believe so. I hadn't planned on putting in a bird but when I finished the tree it just sort of called for him to be there

    karen, thank you so much

    sandra thanks. I've taken stuff to work before but no one has ever mentioned buying. Although, I'm showing it to the girls that I normally give my stuff too so maybe they just expect a
    Maybe I should display it so that customers can see it. I wonder if my boss would frown on that

    out on the prairie thanks

    katrin, thank you

    donna, thanks, and yes I think you're right

    ron thanks, I think everyone agrees on the 4 seasons

    ann, thanks

    allotments4you hmm I'm sure it is. I know you can do individual snow flakes.

    Tammy I think I can hear it's call. I have to pretend that way since I don't actually have much sign on spring in real

  33. That picture is beautiful! The little bird on top makes it complete. Love the colors. Just beautiful!

  34. sheri, thank, I thought the bird finished it off quite nicely

    buzzing j, thank you very much

  35. donna thank you very much. I had fun making it too. Just all sort of random


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