Monday, March 14, 2011

Ears up

When we are relaxing we say we are letting our hair down. I don't know if relaxing is what he's doing or not but sometimes Duke lets his ears down.

Not that he isn't still cute but I think he looks much more handsome with his ears up. So I'll look at him and say "Ears up Duke".

That's my handsome little guy.
Just for that you get a treat.

Hmm, I wonder if he does that on purpose just to trick me into giving him a snack?


  1. beyond adorable what ever that word would be, sooo cute up or down, but i am with you and vote for UP. i am thinking he is tricking you

  2. Duke is adorable no matter what and yep, he's a smarty too. He knows what to do for treats :D

  3. I'm pretty sure it's on purpose so he'll get a treat. It's working isn't it? Yep, it is.

    Have a terrific day. My very best to handsome Duke (ears up or down). :)

  4. Duke looks so different with his ears down. I didn't think he could relax them so. He can do anything :) Enjoy your treat, Duke!

  5. I think that is what is called 'playing you'.... yup... that Duke knows what he is doing! :)
    xo Catherine

  6. Duke looks so different with his ears down! Sadie puts hers down the second I reach for my camera. Maybe Duke's treat trick will work for her too.

  7. Ears down or ears up, he still is that cute little buddy! LOL

  8. I totally agree, he's much cuter with his ears up!

  9. He is adorable any way he wants to put those furry little ears! : Rebecca said he should marry Ginger! hehe

  10. Oh, he looks very different with his ears down!!! Wow. But I agree--he is much cuter with them up.

  11. Well, shucks! I didn't know they could put their ears down. He looks like a different dog.

  12. :P yes definitely - Ears up Duke you handsome fellow!

  13. your dog, Duke is so handsome and cute!

    am new follower of your blog. would you please follow me back? =D

    Greetings from Indonesia!
    *hugs* ratieh

  14. My Westie was "Casey" and a fine friend he was.

  15. Hi Ann, Duke is adorable both with ears up and ears down... However, I do think he's cuter with ears UP.....

    Glad you are spoiling him...I'm sure he loved that little treat.

  16. So so cute!! "Ears up, Duke!" I like that!!
    Blessings to you both!

  17. Cute trick! He looks very funny with his ears down ;-)

  18. Yes, and I always fall for it, too.

  19. Looks like he really enjoys his 'down time'!

  20. Duke you are looking good. Keep the tricks coming and the treats will follow.Sometimes Claudia just gives me that I need a treat look.

  21. We were just having this conversation about Louis over the weekend! I said to TEN "I don't notice other westies having their ears laying down flat, do you? I wonder if there is something wrong with Louis' ears!"

    So glad to hear that he isn't the only one who "let's his ears down". I can't wait to tell TEN :)

  22. Well - I must say he is a lot cuter with his ears up. With them down - he looks bald!

  23. He's Gorgeous Anyway we can get him Ann!!!

  24. I do believe little Duke had you totally sussed...treats all round!!!! :-)

  25. I have never seen Duke with his ears down. He is almost as cute as with his ears up. I do like him a little better I think with ears up. Great pictures and sure glad you got some treats for your trouble Duke.

  26. Sandra I think so too

    poetic shutterbug he's a real con

    sandee I'm pretty sure you're right

    ldh yes he puts them down quite often and I'm always telling him to put them up

    catherine and he does it so well too

    beaded tail he sure does and ya know, his usually go down when I pull out the camera too. hmmmm

    june zach yes he sure is

    ginny yep, up it is

    tanyia well should we start planning a wedding? I believe the family of the bride pays for most of

    lin yes he does, he just doesn't look right with them down

    sharkbytes yep they sure can, makes him look funny I think

    kloggers up yes, definitely up

    ratieh thank you and thanks for following, I'll stop by and visit you in a bit

    jason they are wonderful little friends

    betsy yes either way he's still cute,

    ann hee hee, you should hear the weird voice I use when I say it

    duni I think so too

    fishhawk, me too :)

    philippa he sure does

    russ we have to keep plenty of treats stocked around here

    dss lol, and now I know Duke isn't so odd after all if Louis does the same thing

    audrey I think so too,

    donna somehow I knew you would think that :)

    allotments4you I would have to agree with you on that

    marg normally I don't get pictures of him with them down, I make weird noises at him and they perk right

  27. He has you so well trained! LOL!

  28. donna, he sure does. now just how did that

  29. I'm sure anything for a treat :)

  30. tammy, a dogs gotta do what a dogs gotta do :)


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