Thursday, March 3, 2011

What's for dinner

I don't know about you but at the end of the day the last thing I feel like doing is standing in the kitchen cooking. During the week we try to go for easy meals. Actually, Wade does most of the cooking simply because he's the worlds most fussiest eater and he likes his cooking best. He's quite a good cook, however, he has a very limited list of things he cooks. I get really tired of the same things over and over and over.
The last couple of weeks have been really rough for him at work so I've been trying to take over the kitchen duties. OK, so we need quick and easy. We need something that Wade will eat and we need something that will be different from what he ALWAYS makes.
How about sloppy joes and fried potatoes?

That one worked for me and he didn't have a problem with it either.

Another quick one. Rigatoni with sausage, mushrooms and spaghetti sauce.
Made enough of that for two nights.

So what do you make when you need a quick and easy meal?


  1. At what time did you say to come over?I hear you on cooking after a big day. I used to go out a lot more and all of a sudden none of my clothes fit.

  2. Love the Duke post below and I think I will be having what you are having tonight...looks good! ;D

  3. For a quick easy meal, those sandwiches from Subway are really good. LOL Or make soup that lasts 3 or 4 nights. But then I am cooking just for me so some nights I just have a vegetable and that is all. It is so easy with just me.
    But those dinners you cooked looked great.

  4. A big salad.... Big....Hahaaaaa
    All this looks good!!!

  5. We had a bowl of cereal tonight! Lately neither one of us wants to cook!

  6. Scrumptious! both meals. I haven't had sloppy joe's in ages and I love it. For me when I want something quick, the pasta comes out. Either that or I hit the local eateries for take out. Now I'm starved :) Love the Duke header, it is so adorable.

  7. I have a couple quick and easy I always go back to ... taco night... how easy is that? Spaghetti. Hamburgers. And, like tonight, a sandwich night but w/ all the fixins. Yummy!

  8. Looks yummy! I haven't cooked in over 10 years but my hubby has lots of go to quick meals and they are all fabulous! (He loves to cook and says it relaxes him. I hate to cook and it stresses me out.)

  9. Your stuffs looks good... makes me hungry now in the morning :p

    for a fast meal.. i go McDs :D

  10. Bacon and eggs; anything with pasta...

  11. Oh, I'm salivating!! I will make a big salad and add tuna and hard boiled egges. And I have a pasta dish that I just cook vermicelli, make a three mintue sauce and add that with a can of salmon. Plus there's always sandwiches or bagels with cream cheese, omelets too. Now I'm REALLY hungry!

  12. Quick and easy? A stir fry.. all veg and meat cut into same size strips and three to four minutes to cook. No sauces for it to swim in! Very healthy, very delicious.

  13. There is one very distinct disadvantage to almost always showing up here so late. For in cases like this, the goodies are undoubtedly already all gone. Might Duke have saved me any?

  14. I love to just chuck what ever I have into the wok and them season...always very quick and easy to adapt to whoever is eating. Pasta bakes are also wholesome, quick and easy......My hubby hates pasta though.

    I also love to make up casseroles and then slow cook them...they are delicious and you only have one dish to wash at the end of the day!!

    In the summer it's salad and new potatoes...very quick and easy.. :-)

  15. My favorite quick and easy is Hobo Joes; which is not to be confused with Sloppy Joes (a different dude entirely ;o) It's another one of those things you can make a bunch of to reheat and eat. I made a lens for it on Squidoo, actually:
    Hobo Joes
    Sheesh. Now I'm hungry :oP

  16. Yours look great Ann. Just leave the mushrooms out.Try English muffin pizza.Add sauce a little peperoni and then cheese. Pop in the oven for about five minutes. My wife cooks a cheese omelet in the microwave. Add some brown and serve sausage and all is good.Maya gets a little fussy so we make some macaroni and cheese. Just macaroni with cheese melted in. Hamburgs on the side for us.

  17. Wendy burgers and fries with frosty is my choice for quick and easy. ha ha
    around the house, salad with boiled eggs, garden peas, corn on it. no cooking involved.

  18. I'm really hungry right now so I can't think of anything but what you have in your yummy pictures.

  19. Both dinners look really good to me! I try to keep a meat sauce in the freezer that can be thawed, heated and served over pasta. Not for everyone, but I love a scrambled or poached egg on toast.

  20. mmmmm ~ how yummy!

    A quick dinner at my house is 'yellow death'... (Kraft Dinner!) ;)

    xo Catherine

  21. mmmmmmmmmmm! more foodables! i'm gettin' the tummy growlies again and it's like 7 hours until the breakfasts get served. woe is me!!!
    okie dokie, let me try to get back on the topic...mama says she likes makin' tuna melts or pizzas for quick 'n easy suppers!

    the booker man

  22. out on the prairie eat at home or eat out, either way I eat too shall I set an extra plate?

    Julie thanks and it was good

    marg oh subway sounds good but then so does soup. If i was cooking just for me it would be a whole lot easier

    donna i like salad but have to really be in the mood for one

    gayle hey cereal would work for me but I don't think my husband would go for it

    poetic shutterbug pasta is easy, as for local eateries, we don't have much of anything around here.

    tanyia oh yum, I love tacos. I like spaghetti and hamburgers but those are two things that I have way too much of

    beaded tail lucky you. I don't hate to cook I just hate to try and figure out what to cook. plus after working all day I just don't really feel like it

    anny I like McDonalds once in a while but my husband HATES although he will eat their breakfast

    grace we do a lot of bacon and eggs here. that's ok though because I love breakfast any time of day

    ginny oh all of those sound very good. now I'm getting

    Pat, love stir fry, haven't had it in a while either, maybe tonight

    fishhawk Duke is not very good at saving food for anyone especially if it's yummy food. He's a little greedy that way

    allotments4you one dish casseroles and crock pot meals are the best. When summer hits here we'll be cooking on the grill

    jen ok I have got to go check out this hobo joe dude :)

    russ omelets and sausage, oh my breakfast foods are my favorite. The english muffin pizza sounds good too

    sandra haven't been to a wend's in ages. I always liked them

    tammy lol sorry about that

    LDH pasta does seem to be a good stand by meal.

    catherine yellow I love that

    booker sorry booker I hope mom feeds you a little earlier to take care of those growlies :)
    tuna melts and pizza both sound like great choices to me.

  23. Soup and grilled cheese is our go to meal when neither of us feels like cooking!!

  24. Me too Jeanette,
    Soup in the crock pot, come home and it's done then add a grilled cheese, mm mm!

  25. jeanette, that's one of our options too, can't beat that

    miawa love cooking in the crock pot. nothing like getting home and dinner is ready


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