Saturday, March 12, 2011


Both of my children have moved out of my house but it doesn't mean that they don't call and need something. For example, last night my son calls and says he needs a ride to work this morning. Oh great, just what I wanted to do this morning.
So what did I do? I got up early, got dressed and headed out the door to take him to work.


first I grabbed the camera. I figured I might as well get something out this trip too.
After I dropped him off at work I headed for a little park I know of. 
Unfortunately when I got there the road wasn't plowed and this was as far as I could get
oh well, I can still take pictures, the trees around here looked so pretty with their winter coat.

This is a very noble looking road don't you think?

Then it was back home for a fresh cup of hot coffee

and a warm puppy dog to greet me at the window


  1. What a Handsome young man in that window!!Hahaaa....Beautiful shots! It is still Winter there Girl! Incredible!
    Stay warm!

  2. Beautiful photos and Duke made me chuckle! He's probably wondering why he isn't out in the snow with you!

  3. bossy betty, thanks

    beebeebabs, thank you

    donna isn't he though. yes it is still most definitely winter here

    beaded tail I think that's exactly what he was wondering lol

  4. Those are great photos! Unfortunately, we lost all of our snow months ago. It was actually kinda warm out today (50's).
    I bet that hot coffee tasted good :)
    Have a terrific weekend!

  5. Gorgeous photos, I love the one looking down the road! Duke is so cute in the window, too! :)

  6. Beautiful snow pictures! Our temps were in the 70's today!

  7. Great photos - did you use the selective color thingy on some of them? That is one of the few technical tweaks I really like...

  8. Oh Ann!! Brr ..... how very, very cold your beautiful pictures look. On such days as a child we would wear a liberty bodice. I don't think that they sell them any more as I suppose with central heating young girls would get too hot indoors but sometimes I just wonder when I see so much snow and cold perhaps they should re-invent them. :)

  9. Awwwwwwww!! That picture of Duke patiently waiting for you in the window, with the trees reflected over him, a wonderful picture. It really needs to be in a magazine or something.

  10. My Mum always joked that she saw a lot ,more of us after we actually left

    I can't believe all that snow it didn't get below 9 degrees last night....I hope you don't have the cold for too much longer!!

  11. Beautiful shots--especially that one of the puppy in the window!

  12. Nice shots Ann. Pictures of things I don't want to see until next year. Except for Duke of course.I think you should have let him come out and play with you.LOL As for the kids. Once you have them they will still always need you sooner or later. A mothers work is never done.

  13. Oh Duke, you are the very best. Goodness that is such a great picture.All the pictures are pretty with the snow and all but glad we don't have snow here. Hope you have a super Sunday.

  14. I love the new look! I think we all do pretty much what you did (grumbling all the way *grin*) Your first shot is my favorite one ;o)

  15. I can't believe you left Duke home, he wanted to take a romp in the park also.

  16. No matter what ~ our children can always depend on us right?

    But you did get some beautiful photos in the deal ~ and to come home to a cute puppy and a hot cup of coffee ~ perfect!

    Happy Sunday Ann!
    xo Catherine

  17. Goodness! You still have so much snow. What a great way to be greeted at the door :)

  18. beautiful trees and snow but none can compare to Duke In the Window, how much is that doggie in the window, I do hope that doggies for sale. are you singing with me yet

  19. what would life be without us cute doggies waitin' for you by the front door? heehee.

    the booker man

  20. I love love love the header TWO of our precious Duke

  21. tahtimbo I wish we could lose our snow. I think we're getting a bit of a warm up this week

    tanyia creative cropping in that one, had to cut out the really ugly house on the right

    gayle wow, I'm jealous, I would love 70's

    grace actually the only thing I did was remove the bluish color cast in them and tweak the contrast. I also like selective color but haven't done it in a while

    kloggers brr is right. I've never heard of a liberty bodice so I had to google it to see what it was. I think I need one of those

    ginny I think he was upset that I was out there and not coming in to play with him

    allotments4you lol, and she was probably right too huh? we're expecting a warm up I hope it lasts this time but I doubt it

    fishhawk thanks I knew that one would be your favorite

    russ I think both of us have had our fair share of it this year, you more than me but I've still seen enough

    marg I hate the snow but I have to admit that it looks pretty

    Jen and grumble I did. I grumbled some more when he called and asked if I could take him too. Of course he called and asked when I had just started making dinner.

    livintheblues thank you

    out on the prairie well he was keeping his dad company, they were both chilling on the couch when I left

    catherine darn it all yes they

    duni we sure do, it had all melted until the other day we got hit again

    sandra yes I am singing right along. I remember that song well from when I was a kid. My dad and I used to sing it often

    booker it would be boring, very very boring :)

    sandra thank you, I owe it all to you for the suggestion.

  22. Lovely captures of Winter Wonderland!
    But...I'm glad it hit 70 today and I have my door open. Please don't hate me.:)

  23. Wow! Beautiful! We mostly got rain. How odd.

  24. How beautiful! Duke looks so cute waiting for you!

  25. Look at Duke waiting for you :) "Just like the Ceaser Dog on the commercial!". Do you hear that all of the time? We do. Grr...

  26. Very pretty snowy pictures. Our snow is melting fast. I think after today it might even be gone. Spring here we come.

  27. Jean, won't hate you but I am

    sharkbytes it is pretty even though I am sick of it. I think rain would have been worse since our yard is already a swamp

    reeni doesn't he though.

    dss actually that's the first time I've heard it :)

    tammy it's supposed to warm up here so hopefully ours will melt too.


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