Tuesday, March 15, 2011

take a seat

Wade is in the midst of a huge project at work. The shop he works at had two buildings. They just sold one of them so now they are in the process of moving everything from one building into the other. Not only does it involve moving heavy machinery but he's also in charge of setting everything up in the other building. Since they have been there quite some time they have accumulated a lot of junk that they are throwing away rather than moving. Some of it may be perfectly good but they just don't need it so out it goes.
Over the weekend, Wade took me on a little tour to show me how empty the one building was and how he had set up the other.
 While we were in the one building I saw this group of chairs destined for the trash. I don't know why but I was fascinated by them.
It was rather dark in the building and there was a light shining down right on the chairs. It just seemed to put them in the spotlight and say "Hey, you with the camera, come take our picture".  So I did. I changed the photo to a sepia tone because it just seemed to fit.


  1. I like that! The sepia tone work with the simple lines of the chairs. Ah, what tales (haha - tails) those chairs could tell!

  2. They were loved at one time, and now they are going to get tossed. Kind of sad. Great shot though.

    Have a terrific day. My best to Duke. :)

  3. I can understand you being drawn to them...They have seen much...they have a personality...and now they don't know what their destiny holds...The picture will capture them forever.... Blessings, Catherine

  4. the tone fits perfectly ... you should have snagged a few chairs and done something amazing with them!

  5. That is a great shot! It's like they huddled together saying their goodbyes.

  6. I like it in black and white. Good eye, pally. :)

  7. you got a great pic! and the sephia tone, make it more artistic. =D

  8. Yup, definitely a story photo - my favorite kind.

  9. And to think that health and safety now demand that office chairs all have five legs .... what do they call chairs that cannot be used any longer?

    Good picture!

  10. The group of chairs really do have a mystique about them.

  11. That's an awesome photo Ann ~ good job!
    xo Catherine

  12. Hi Ann, That is a great Sepia picture... I don't always like sepia--but this one is GREAT...

    Did you go home with some of those chairs?????


  13. What a motley and yet attractive group of chairs. I'm surprised you didn't nab at least one for yourself. Each one is waiting to seat a person.

  14. That's a fantastic shot...I can't quite put my finger on why but I really like the picture...the sepia makes it all blend together....modern art was created without even thinking about it...I love your post title too.. :-)

  15. You are becoming more and more clever with both your subject matter and presentations. It is good that you are finally starting to listen to Duke.

  16. Nice photo Ann! Those are really from a time gone By!

  17. Thats what I want to know also. How many of them have found a home with you?I see some potential in a few of them. Anyway it was a great photo.

  18. Great shot!
    I think people that like to go junk'n just might see those chairs as treasure!!

  19. Love the picture color. Aren't parts of those chairs mental? They are definitely a treasure for scrap collector.

  20. a wonderful shot, i love it. i like all those chairs and hope they don't go in the dump but are recycled to a thrift store or somewhere. they look like treasures to me and sepia is perfect since they are from another era. great find and great grab. i love when i find something like this.

  21. Those are interesting chairs and they do look a little sad that they are being tossed. Great picture. Like what you did with it.

  22. I would say take the chairs but they look really uncomfortable.

  23. donna yes I bet they could :)

    sandee it is rather sad, too many things just get thrown away

    catherine it was almost like they wanted their story to be told :)

    tanyia I know but I'm chicken

    beaded tail I never thought of it that way, it is like they are saying goodbye

    lin thanks

    ratieh I love sepia :)

    grace a story photo and the stage was set perfectly for me

    kloggers I hadnt heard that one. I wonder why 5 legs?

    ratty they certainly do

    catherine thank you

    betsy no chairs went home with me, I tried to get Wade to grab some but no such luck

    ginny I wanted to take some, believe me I did

    allotments4you I was the same way when I saw them sitting there, I didn't know why I wanted to take the picture only that I did :)

    fishhawk how can I not listen when he never stops yapping in my ear...lol

    donna some of them did look pretty dated

    russ alas none went home with me. Had I taken any it would have been just my luck that a cop would have pulled up as I was walking out the door

    erika I bet they would

    helen I think most of them were metal. I'm surprised they didn't break them down and turn the metal in for the cash

    sandra it's really rather sad how much they are actually throwing away. My husband said tons of perfectly good stuff is going in the trash

    out on the prairie lol

    marg I find it rather sad myself that so much stuff is just being thrown away

    anne yeah, none of them looked like they were built for comfort

  24. Neat picture- but why can't they go to Goodwill or somewhere?

  25. When I first saw the picture I thought of a drama room with the chairs up on stage. It is a very interesting picture.

  26. It is an interesting set, a mod pog, a gathering of the years and differences. OK, so I'm wacked!

  27. sharkbytes, good question. I think they should do something like that but I guess they have other thoughts

    tammy you know I thought pretty much the same thing.

    Miawa not wacked at all, besides if you are then so am I...lol


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