Monday, April 25, 2011

Nobody better lay a finger...

...On Duke's treat from the Easter bunny.
He's quite the character sometimes. The Easter bunny brought Duke a big peanut butter biscuit and he carried that sucker around all day long. Wherever he went the biscuit went.
He would occasionally lay it down and if I dared step too close he would pick it right back up. I even caught him trying to hide it in a corner of the basement. When he realized I saw him he picked it right back up and carried it away. If he went outside, the biscuit went with him. It wasn't until later in the evening that he even attempted to nibble on it.
As far as Duke is concerned, something are just not meant to be shared.

This is going to be one of those weeks where I'm fighting for time so blogging is going to be at a minimum. I'll catch up with you all when I have the time. Hopefully I won't get too far behind.


  1. That's OK Duke ~ I don't like to share my treats either!! :)

    xo Catherine

  2. I know how he feels....Hahaaa....
    And I know how You feel... Never enough time!

  3. Have a good week..and thanks for the sweet post before you go, made my day! (As for the B&B..I'm dreaming too!) :D

  4. I understand this Duke. I'm the same way with a bag of crunchy Cheetos. The very same way. How adorable.

    Don't work too hard this week Ann. My best to the little man of the house. :)

  5. Look at his sweet face. Love his eyes!

  6. I don't blame him at all. I'm like that with chocolate :D He is absolutely precious in this shot.

  7. You got him the perfect gift, and the picture is just adorable!!! I'm so surprised he didn't eat it right away since he liked it so much! What funny stories about it, you sure got your money's worth on it, plus a great blog post!!

  8. That photo is absolutely adorable! The treat is so big and it's funny he is holding it that way and not the smaller way. He's such a character!

    Hope you have a good week!

  9. Hi Ann, That is one little guy who must have had the VERY best Easter of ALL..... At least, he thinks he did.... YUM!!!!! ha

    Have a good week...

  10. I used to save my Halloween candy until it was stale--I get it, Duke.

  11. That is one big biscuit for a little westie ... enjoy your special treat!

  12. Soooo cute (I mean handsome) lol!!!

  13. I don't have that much self control :O)

  14. My, my, Duke .......... what a big biscuit you have!

  15. Gosh, will there ever be enough time?
    Duke is just adorable!

  16. That is one heck of a big biscuit! Take it slow and steady.

  17. I can't imagine a dog having the self control to not gobble it up the moment it came out. However, remember, I have a lab -- Luc eats anything, everything, and the second it is given. lol

  18. I love peanut butter too Duke! Yum! Yum!

  19. LOL. I just LOVE that pic of Duke with that huge biscuit :)

  20. Lovely blog. Please do visit my blog and leave your footprints behind by posting comments:-

  21. What a cracking pic. He's such a character, you Duke ! xx

  22. Duke, I feel exactly the same way about chocolate ;o)

  23. lol that is SO cute! What a little sweetie he is.

  24. Well, you should be ashamed of yourself for trying to steal the poor, little puppy's biscuit, anyway!

  25. What a great picture of Duke. I love the way he is holding the biscuit.Claudia does the same thing as he does. Tries to hide every thing.Her latest hiding spot is behind my recliner. Of course no one can see behind there.LOL

  26. Wow Duke, the Easter bunny was good to you. That is one big biscuit. Bet it was yummy too. We like to hide our treasures too. Hope you have a great day.

  27. you know i LOVE the peanut butter SMILE. great shot. this makes me think about the commercial on TV where the dog hides his bone and keeps digging it up and singing Trouble Trouble Trouble. let me know how long it takes for him to finish it

  28. Hi Ann,
    I just tagged you on my blog.

  29. Lily does that hide for treats too big, or food she doesn't want to eat right away.

  30. Glad Duke got a lovely present form the easter bunny...did you get anything Ann??

  31. This is a great picture!!!! I understand, Duke. I really do.

  32. If i am Duke.. i would have done the same... sucha a bigggggggggg cookie treat... i would be wary of people who try and steal it.. hahahaa.. such a lovely picture of dear ole Duke.

  33. That was one big cookie the Easter Bunny brought Duke! And I just love that he was so protective of it. Louis attempts to hide his treats in the couch. Daily. I wonder if he ever notices that they aren't there when he goes back?

  34. catherine me

    donna we all can relate :)

    julie well at least we have our dreams :)

    sandee duke thanks you for your understandin :)

    ldh yeah, little mr innocent :)

    poetic shutterbug I feel the same way about chocolate

    ginny I was amazed that he didn't even nibble on it a little bit

    beaded tail he sure is. he's always full of surprises

    betsy I think he had it better than the rest of us :)

    lin LOL, ewwwww

    katie he finally finished it off just today

    beebeebabs that's what duke does best :)

    country mouse studio me either

    kloggers and he enjoyed it too

    helen I don't think there will

    grace he took his time with it that's for sure

    lynn he's the first dog I've ever had that's done that

    roschelle peanut butter is the

    duni it is cute isn't it

    nilofer thank you, I'll stop by and visit yours

    pat he sure is, keeps me laughing all the time

    jen you and me both, especially if it's combined with peanut butter

    tanyia yes he's a sweetie alright

    fishhawk steal it? why do I always get blamed, I'm completely innocent here :)

    russ but of course not. I just thought it was so funny that when he realized I saw his hiding place he picked that back up

    marg it must have been, he finally ate the whole thing

    sandra lol i forgot all about that commercial

    helen thanks I do mine as soon as I can

    out on the prairie Duke's the first dog I've ever had that's done that

    allotments4you nope, just duke :)

    bossy betty I think we all do :)

    anny must be careful of who comes too close to the treat, even if it's the person who gave it to you in the first place. they may be there to take it back

    dss how funny. I wonder too if he notices

  35. Duke- you are entitled to that monster treat! Don't worry. I don't think your mom will steal it.

  36. Duke, I wont share my peanut butter cups either.

  37. You have so many cute pictures of Duke but this one is just wonderful. He really loves his Easter treat.


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