Thursday, April 28, 2011

What's up?

You'll have to pardon me and Duke. We both seem to have our minds somewhere else these days. I think my head may be in the clouds somewhere because I can't concentrate on anything and absolutely nothing is getting accomplished.
Duke's excuse is that he was occupied with keeping a watch

Watching what you might ask. Well Duke had a little visitor again. Lola (yes, my son named her Lola) came to visit. She's a bit more active now and she can really give Duke a run for the money. It was fun to watch her chasing him around this time. It seems little Lola was a bit tired after all the play time and thought it was time for a bit of a nap.  Duke said he would just park himself right there and keep an eye on her.

He finally decided that she wasn't going anywhere so it would be a good time for him to catch 40 winks also.

But Lola says...
I'm not sleeping I'm planning my next attack.

I'm sorry if I haven't responded to your comments in the last couple of days. I really do appreciate all of them and I so enjoy reading what you all have to say. To update you all on the basement, we didn't get the storms they were expecting and the basement is safe. The river is gone from the back yard and now we are just waiting for the sun to come out and dry things out a bit.


  1. I'm glad you didn't get those storms. Awww, Lola is just a puppy! She must have a case of puppy love.

  2. Lola is adorable. I'll bet she is giving my Duke a run for his money. Good for her. He's still in charge though since it's his house. Just saying.

    Have a terrific day. My best to Duke and Lola. :)

  3. Stop worrying about it! SO glad your basement is Safe and that YOU are TOO!!
    LOVE Lola!!! Sweet Duke too...
    Safe night friend!

  4. This post is precious!!! Love the end, LOL! And I am so happy that your home is still standing and the worst part is over (I hope). Sending you some sunshine vibes! hugs ~Molly

  5. Goodness, that puppy is so cute. Glad Duke has worn her down. Good job Duke. You be sure to let her know you are in charge. Glad the water didn't get into your house. We dodged a bullet last night and didn't get any tornadoes. Close but they didn't get here.

  6. LOL now that is funny! Is Lola going to be a big dog? They will be friends for sure. ;D

  7. Oh my gosh Ann, Brad's dog is adorable!!!!!

  8. So glad the storms didn't materialize and your basement is okay! Lola is such a cutie pie! How fun to have a puppy playmate for Duke!

  9. Oh my ~ ADORABLE!!! I want to kiss that sweet little black nose! Of course, sweet Duke needs a kiss too!

    So glad your basement is safe!
    xo Catherine

  10. Oh, look! Duke is a babysitter!!! Awwwww. :) That is just the sweetest thing!

  11. Hi Ann, I too am WAY behind on comments this week... We were lucky also and didn't get the severe storms.. BUT--I'm sad for those who have lost so much.

    Lola may be a baby now--but soon, she'll probably be larger than Duke... I'm sure you have told Duke that he needs to be FRIENDS.....


  12. Love the name and the puppy...

  13. She's here again.. YAY! Lola is a beautiful name.. and Lola would be good for Duke.. hehehe.. a lovely companion she will be.

    so cute to see Duke guarding her.

  14. Ha! It does look like that is what Lola is thinking. So cute. It is good to hear that your basement stayed dry and the water situation is getting better. My oh my, this weather has been awful. I feel so bad for everyone.

  15. Lola is really cute, it has beautiful eyes.

  16. Has Duke been wanting to teach Lola how to dog-paddle?

  17. So glad it stopped raining!
    Lola has such big beautiful eyes :)
    I wanna smooch the top of Duke's head, it's so cute!!!

  18. OH my! I bet Duke is in heaven with the puppy and it is so cute.

  19. It is nice to see Duke have company. It keeps him on his toes. They look great taking their nap together. Just don't get too comfortable Duke.

  20. La-la-la-lola.I think she keeps everyone busy.

  21. so happy your stream is gone and your are save and dry. the puppy is way beyond adorable. they look so sweet laying there duke looks like he is waiting for lola to erupt. she is a doll baby and i like the name.

  22. Your Duke and Lola photos a great!

    Take care and stay safe.


  23. Oh my goodness! She could not be any cuter :) I'll bet Duke (and all of you) just adore her. So precious, sweet Lola!

  24. It does appear that Lola has something curious on her mind :)

  25. Ginny,so am I. Lola is a little doll.

    Sandee she sure is, I'm enjoying the show

    donna thanks, and I'm glad too.

    Molly thanks for the sunshine vibes, I can use them :)

    marg isn't she though. She had a blast chasing Duke around

    julie Lola is a lab, chow mix so I'm betting quite large.

    Tanyia I know, she's a cutie alright

    beaded tail so am I. a little rain is ok but torrential downpours I can do without.

    catherine I know exactly what you mean and those little puppy kisses are so cute

    lin yep, he's not the very best one

    betsy glad you didn't get th severe storms. I know how you feel, it's awful what some people are going through right now. Lola is going to far outweigh Duke.

    Grace, I preferred Daisy but he went with Lola, it's already growing on me since she's so darn cute

    anny yay and it wasn't as annoying as the first time.

    karen well the pictures may be out of order but it worked for this

    josep, believe it or not those eyes are blue

    fishhawk oh I don't know, I wonder.

    duni yes she does and they are blue

    miawa he does seem to be enjoying her company

    russ it would be nice if he had a companion while we are at work but I don't know about having 2 dogs

    out on the prairie, I think you're right :) I was wondering if anyone would sing the song

    sandra we're still a little swampy in the back yard but that I can handle. They did look cute laying there together

    the old geezer thank you

    dss there's nothing like a puppy face :) And yes everyone seems to love Lola

    ldh it does, I think she's going to give Duke a run for the money

    country mouse studio aren't they though. fun to watch too

  26. miss ann!

    ohhhh, miss lola is so so so so so cutesies!! look at all that chubby puppy squish 'n those eyes! my mama is squealin' with the delights! :)
    i, of course, totally approve of your son pickin' out a labradudette. heeheehee. btw, duke, you are doin' a grrreat job keepin' watch cuz let me just woof that us labradoggies are known for gettin' in the mischiefs. bwuahahaaaa.

    the booker man

  27. Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets! She's a little butterball, but will soon be much larger than her angel.

  28. Duke seems to be smitten with Lola - how cute! She looks like a little sausage lying there all fat and sassy ;-) so sweet...I love that Duke is enjoying her!

  29. p.s. I'm glad you're ok and have been spared a natural disaster! It's been very scary for a lot of people.

  30. Booker, the former lord of the manor was a chocolate lab. We know how they can be :)

    sharkbytes oh yes, much much larger. I can't wait to see how he'll act then

    doris me too, I enjoy watching them. Tahnks and yes, it has been very scary what some people are going through right now.

  31. Duke is the ultimate guard dog. Do you think he would come here and guard the cats.

  32. Anne, I'll ask Duke if he wants the job :)


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