Monday, April 18, 2011

Here comes Peter Cottontail

He really is on his way. And he has help too.

This was another one of those kits that I just painted. Another one that's been around for years and years.


  1. Very cute - I just love Easter! Just like Christmas, it gives me an excuse to act like a kid again ;-) (as if I needed an excuse LOL)

  2. Goodness those are cute. Where ever do you find these things. Guess you know where to look for cute crafty things. I really like those. Have a great evening.

  3. haha very very cute! I liked the first pic but when i saw the second one i had to cuckle...


  4. Those are cute and made me smile! Is Duke getting to inspect all the bunnies in your house?

    I didn't have to go back to CO this year so no suitcase - yay!

  5. You have the cutest Easter decorations. The cutest.

    Have a terrific day. My best to Duke. :)

  6. How cute! Can't believe that Easter is almost here!

  7. Crud. I never took my Easter stuff out of the attic. :( Don't tell Emma.

  8. So cute! I love the various ways they are holding their eggs.

  9. Cute-Cute-Cute, Ann... Love your little Peter Cottontails....


  10. How cute!!! Now all that waits is for them to hide from the children.

  11. Hi Ann! It's been a while..

    they are so cute.. love it..

  12. I'm a-tellin ya! The Easter Bunny better show up with a really big basket full of goodies for me this year. For he evidently missed our house last year. (Our pups will neither confirm, nor deny.)

  13. Aww...these bunnies are so cute!

  14. Looks like they are multiplying fast ...

  15. I am enjoying all your Easter decorations. mother had decorations for every season, i have none except a few things for Christmas. these little guys are adorable and look like they are working out using eggs instead of bar bells

  16. Cute Miz Ann!! Can't wait to see what you find Next!!

  17. These are such cute little Easter decorations. And look at your green grass! Lucky!!

    xo Catherine

  18. Those are very good Ann. Easter sure is great.

  19. Those are really cute! I would have liked to have done something like this for our kids when they were young.

  20. They are so cute! I better get started on finding Easter candy and gifts.

  21. These are some of the coolest things I've ever seen. Simple as that.

  22. So cute- you made me smile! (a challenge today after an afternoon of errands and shopping all with too high price tags)

  23. Doris no excuse needed, at least I hope

    marg I bought those years ago when we had a store called Ames in the area.

    LDH thanks

    Leontien lol, the whole bunny brigade got ya huh?

    beaded tail he really doesn't pay much attention to any of them. He prefers his toys. works for me

    sandee well thanks, I haven't pulled any of them out in a few years.

    donna tell me about it

    Lin shhhhh, mums the word :)

    bossy betty I thought they were pretty cute too

    betsy they are pretty cute

    ginny ah yes and it's almost time too

    grace, they do have a bit of charm :)

    january, yes it has, nice to see you

    fishhawk hmm, sounds suspicious

    duni I thought so

    philippa I hope they don't get too out of control

    sandra I used to go overboard for all the holidays. The older I get the less I bring out

    donna I think I'm just about running out of stuff

    catherine it is nice to finally see the grass getting green again

    russ the best part is the chocolate :)

    tahtimbo I think I probably overdosed my kids on holiday stuff when they were

    anne it's sneaking up on us fast

    ratty thank you very much

    sharkbytes ouch, shopping is ok but only if it's not necessary

  24. Good job, Ann...I've got a nephew who'd love those. A Happy Day to you and Duke!

  25. holly, thanks, if I remember correctly I did a lot of swearing when I was painting


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