Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday Madness

Not really so much madness going on today but it is Monday. We actually reached 60 degrees today but with lots of rain. Tonight and tomorrow it's supposed to get cold and turn to snow. Oh, well I guess there is some madness in there after all.
I'll just console myself while you look at another result of my play time over the weekend.
This was from a couple weeks ago. We went out to eat after work and I played with my camera while Wade checked out the salad bar.


  1. I'm wearing shorts and t-shirt and flip flops. I guess you don't want to hear that.

    I hope spring shows up for you very soon.

    Have a terrific day. My best to Duke. :)

  2. It got Cold here today... Love the photo!!!

  3. It is supposed to turn cold here too tomorrow. That sure is an interesting photo. You do come up with some great ideas. Hope you have a great evening.

  4. Sometimes just playing around can produce the best pictures.

  5. This is a way cool picture..I don't know how to do all that but I bet it's fun playing with it! ;D

  6. I knew you are not going to like this, we reached 75 degree today. I thought we are in the same state.

  7. Love the texture in this shot. Makes me want to run my fingers on it! Nice angle too.

  8. It's a good photo, but it does make me a bit dizzy looking at it LOL

  9. I got bad news today, Ann....

    My photoshop elements class was CANCELLED!!! :( Now I will NEVER know how to do all these wonderful things. boo! hoo!

  10. Cool photo Ann ~ a much better 'cool' then the snow.... :(

    Keep warm my friend!
    xo Catherine

  11. Very retro!! It would be a good poster for a diner!! It was in the eighties here today and set records, we had the A.C. on!!!

  12. Haha interesting picture! And yes here too, it was a bit warmer but so much rain!

    But then again, better rain then snow!


  13. That's the reason for taking a camera everywhere! You never know when you'll need it!

  14. Umm... yea... I love the texture! It must run in the family, I thought I was the only nut taking pics in a diner! lol

  15. Very cool edit. It's going to end (the winter) it has to. Darn the wait, huh!

  16. Nice condiment shot!
    Dang...the weather is still weird here. It warms up...rains...turns cold....go figure???

  17. Isn't this weather weird? We also went from the upper 60's and now we are heading back into the 40's and rain. I wish this weather would make up its mind :)
    Try and stay warm.

  18. cute pic. i got my air fixed today and woke up freezing.... the temp had dropped by 30 degrees since last night

  19. Where is that at??

  20. It's amazing how you can turn some ketchup bottles into art!! Is your camera permanently attached to you Ann?? lol

  21. I think it got up to around 85 degrees for a high on Sunday here, and then back down to a high of around 45 degrees on Monday. Ever feel like a yo-yo?

  22. Loved that picture Ann. We do like to play with our cameras when we are out.

  23. I hope the snow melts quickly. I hate snow. That photo is so cool. It made me want to go out to eat.

  24. We have typical April weather. Cold, lots of rain, then one sunny day, the next cold, rain...
    Your images are so cool!

  25. That snow stuff needs to stop for you.I think of a few bad storms that occured in April.

  26. and i thought i was the only one that played with my camera in a restaurant. i really like this photo and the edit you did to it. once at breakfast, we were in a place with a lot of antiques and mullioned windows and you know what i am talking about. i started out with my plate, then the salt and pepper shaker, my friend dianes hand eating and got so caught up i started shooting THINGS from the table. the waitress came over and said, did you see that pie safe in the corner? it will make a great photo, that encouraged the MadSnaper and i got up and started shooting from all angles. only a few people there since it was 7 am on Saturday, so i had a blast. wish you and i could do something like that together

  27. I'm wearing a sweater. In Texas.

  28. Sandee well it's nice to know someone is anyway.

    donna someone needs to bring on the sunshine

    marg I don't really come up with the ideas so much as they just sort of hit

    ratty sometimes and then other times not so

    julie sometimes odd angles are quite interesting

    helen we were up to 67 then it started dropping. I guess I'm in the wrong part of the state :)

    ldh oh me too, my husband is always annoyed when we go to the store I have to touch

    doris well sit down before you get too

    Lin cancelled? are they nuts? after all you went through for that class. You just come on over here and I'll teach you for free

    catherine really, the snow is no longer on my list of cool things. it's moved to the list of things that suck.

    ginny this is sort of a retro kind of place too

    leontien yes I'll take the rain over snow right now

    beaded tail even if you have to resort to the camera on your phone, it'll work in a pinch

    tanyia, I take pictures anywhere although I don't like to be seen taking

    miawa I sure hope you're right

    jean it really should make up it's mind

    tahtimbo very weird. and yes me too

    roschelle oh no, well at least if it does get warm again you're ready for it

    amanda, it's at Ruth's in Conneautville (little hole in the wall place but the foods not bad)

    allotments4you LOL no sometimes I forget it but I do have the cell phone for back up

    fishhawk yes I do feel like a yo-yo and I'm not liking it much

    russ can't help myself and it annoys my husband so much

    anne snow is gone but still getting occasional flakes flying around

    duni this weather is such a tease isn't it

    out on the prairie tell me about it, maybe you could talk to it and tell it to knock it off

    sandra That sounds like it would have been fun. I usually don't pull the camera out if there are lots of people around, I don't know why I feel so silly why the heck should I hide it.

    erika and here I thought texas was the hot spot

  29. I love this photo! It's neat to see the ordinary in a whole new way!

  30. miss ann!

    i like this pic cuz it kinda looks like a painting! and of course anythingie related to the foodables is always good. heehee. one question, though -- where's the mustard bottle? ;)

    the booker man

  31. marie thanks, I like taking pictures of ordinary things

    booker who doesn't love foodables. Not sure where the mustard is. guess they figured I didn't need that

  32. This weather is really getting to me. I feel like winter will never end. The weather was just on and they claim it might hit 70 next week. I'll believe when I feel it. I'm sure it will be a day I work and inside all day :(

  33. tammy, same here. one day to the next you never know what it's going to be like


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