Saturday, April 16, 2011

What do you mean one more week.

I think Duke is getting  a little excited about Easter coming. He was checking his basket for goodies.

There's nothing in my Easter basket yet but mom said that Easter isn't until next Sunday,

Well I guess I'll just lay down right here by my basket and wait for the bunny to come.

I've been laying here watching out the window for the bunny but I still don't see him. Hasn't it been a week yet? 

My mom did an edited version of my last picture while I've been waiting for the bunny. 

OK this was supposed to go live Sunday, not Saturday. I forgot to change the date when I scheduled it. Darn. Now you get two posts today and I have nothing for tomorrow. I guess I have to go work on that.


  1. Oh, that last picture you edited is beautiful!!! Did you make the basket, it looks ceramic.

  2. Duke, my kids are waiting for the bunny like you. Every day.

    And I LOVE your son's puppy! So cute:)

  3. Oh Duke, it won't be much longer. At least you have your Easter basket all ready. Hope the bunny brings you some great biscuits. Take care.

  4. Two posts with adorable dogs is a bonus! Love that last photo and hope the Easter Bunny brings you something yummy Duke!

  5. Duke is so adorable, Ann, he really is waiting for his Easter basket to fill up (how sweet!) I bet a day seems like a week to a dog LOL

    I think I'll take Gizzy to his favorite Park (Roquemore Park) for Easter where he can watch the kids have their annual Easter egg hunt - He just loves to watch people! (he's a true watch dog, he, he!)

  6. Duke is adorable. Lovely shot of definitely captures the anticipation of Easter. Happy Easter in advance!

  7. Just love Duke and thank God we get great photos from his mom. Did you guys get the colored eggs done yet???

  8. I know how you feel, Duke. Sigh.

  9. Adorable pictures of Duke and 'his' Easter basket. I've never seen a cuter Easter basket. I'll bet you made it...
    P.S. Loved the pictures of Duke and your son's puppy in the previous post. TOO cute.

  10. Just have patience Duke. I know that Bunny will bring you some good treats.By the way. You are looking good as usual.

  11. been there done that on the auto post thing. i think we all have. these photos are spectacular, i mean REALLY good, Duke and the basket are special and I hope he gets good doggy treats in his basket next week. adorable basket for a super adorable dog, maybe you could put a PUPPY in his basket.. ha ha

  12. What wonderful photos. Duke has stolen my heart without even trying. I hope the Easter bunny is good to him :-). Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  13. It seems like that Easter Bunny is taking his own sweet time in getting here. Him and Spring must have gotten side tracked... :(

    xo Catherine

  14. Ginny, thank you. I believe the basket was a dollar store find

    Erika, I remember when my kids were little how they couldn't wait for the bunny :)

    Marg I'm sure Mr. Bunny will bring Duke something special

    Beaded tail babies and dogs can't miss with either one ;)

    doris I wonder how dogs perceive time. Sounds like Gizzy is going to have a special Easter too

    Jean thanks

    Marissa thank you and a happy Easter to you also

    Manoverboard no colored eggs yet but we have the dye ready

    fishhawk waiting stinks don't it

    betsy I'm almost certain that the basket came from the dollar store. The puppy is a cutie for sure

    russ duke thanks you and sends his best to Claudia

    sandra. I hate it when I do that. I better tell the bunny Duke is expecting something really good

    Mary thanks you. Duke has that effect on just about everyone.

    catherine I wonder where they are hiding. At least we don't have snow here right now, just rain and wind

  15. You are so adorable Duke. I'm sure there will be treats for Easter. Mom wouldn't forget you.

    Have a terrific day. My best to your mom. :)

  16. Duke is such a stunner. Give him a smooch for me and tell him the Bunny is slower because he's laden with treats for such a gorgeous boy :) xx

  17. I hope the Easter Buddy brings you lots of delicious treats, Duke!

  18. Ann - I LOVE your photos. They're so crisp. I feel like I could reach right out and pet Duke!

    Love the edited one.

  19. How precious is that? He is just the ultimate cutie, there's no other like him.

  20. Sandee Mom? I thought the Easter bunny brought the treats

    Pat smooch on the way and I'll tell him he'll have to be patient

    daisy thanks, Daisy, I hope he brings you something special too

    marie thank you. Sometimes he sits still enough for me to get a good shot

    poetic shutterbug I think he's heard it too many times and his little head has grown too big for his

  21. I bet the Easter bunny is going to bring Duke lots of goodies! Just for being so stinkin' cute!

  22. reeni, you're probably right :)


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