Thursday, April 14, 2011


Puppy sitting to be exact. I'll have to catch up with you on the weekend.
 More details when I have the time


  1. That sounds like a good weekend! :)
    xo Catherine

  2. This sounds interesting! Can't wait to hear the details.

    By the way - the garden bunny is adorable!

  3. Puppy sitting huh? That sounds very fun, busy and exciting all in one! Have fun!

  4. Oh, have FUN!! I'll bet Duke likes that!

  5. Aw, Duke may be looking for you here and wondering "hey, this puppy needs sittin' too!"

  6. Well now...who's up for a challenge Ann? *giggle*. Hope your furry charge doesn't give you too much trouble (just enough ;o)

  7. Sounds like fun! Pics please :)

  8. Duke has his back to us. There must be something good coming.

  9. I'll start holding my breath now!

  10. oh boy, will we have photos of the puppy??? hope so, waiting. have fun

  11. Ann, have fun!

    I did show off your photos of your Easter work on my blog today;

  12. Have Fun puppysitting!!

  13. I can't wait to hear about it. I hope it involves Duke :).

  14. We can wait patiently :)

  15. Puppy sitting... sounds like fun! Except here. Raider isn't the best host. My daughter and family are coming from NY this evening for the week with their little Rudy. Raider doesn't like sharing his domain.

    I am going to try using baby gates to keep them separated this time so one doesn't have to be held the whole time. (yea, fun!)

  16. What is this? Puppy sitting you say? I'll just bet Mr. Duke is showing this pup a thing or two :)

  17. Have a fun weekend. Can't wait to hear about your puppy sitting.

  18. Have fun! I am loving your Easter decorations! You have inspired me. :D

  19. ginny yeah it sounds fun

    catherine thankfully it wasn't for the whole weekend

    marie interesting it was :) and thanks

    beaded tail yep, all of the above

    tanyia hee hee snicker snicker

    lin I don't know if fun really describes it

    earthtoholly I think you're right

    Jen why oh why don't I say

    duni yep, coming soon

    russ lol, we'll see

    fishhawk oh please don't let yourself turn blue

    sandra yes you will

    erika oh how sweet, thanks so much for showing my stuff. I feel honored

    donna lol, yeah

    out on the prairie oh both at the same time :)

    anne yep Duke was involved

    Lisa I won't make you wait too long

    LDH Duke isn't such a great host either, he lacks social

    dss not necessarily things he should be

    tammy thanks I will and it's coming soon

    char oh yeah :) thanks, glad you liked them, think I still have a few more

  20. Sounds like it will be an interesting weekend. I bet Duke is going to have fun :)

  21. well thats Duke...I kind of expected a photo of him sitting pretty....looks to me like he is trying to locate something though...did you lose the puppy???

  22. tahtimbo well it was just for a few hours, don't think I would have made it the whole weekend

    allotments4you lol, no we were good puppy sitters


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