Tuesday, May 4, 2010

From my window

For lack of anything better to post today, lets take a look out one of my upstairs windows. A birds eye view of what my back yard looks like.

Look to the left
Now look to the right
Just please don't look at the disgusting pool water. We haven't covered the pool in the winter for years. It's just as easy and probably cheaper to drain it, scrub it and refill it. The water it takes to fill it costs us less than the chemicals and DE needed to clean it. 
Enough about the water, My yard ends just behind that shed in the right hand corner.


Christine ~ JAZ Creations said...

Nice back yard Ann! ours is so small your pool wouldn't even fit. When they say everything is bigger in Texas they mean the houses not the yards.

What giveaway? I only see the one that already ended and I didn't win! LOL


Bossy Betty said...

So pretty and big! Here in California we box those yards in with fences. I miss the wide open fields!

Sandee said...

I'd love that kind of backyard, but here and not there. I don't do snow well at all. Just saying. Plus I have to be near my boat at all times.

Have a terrific day. My best to Duke. :)

DK Miller said...

You have a lovely backyard Ann.

Ann said...

Christine I can't believe I did that. This was originally supposed to post on Sunday and then I goofed when scheduling another post so I just moved this one back. OOPS...lol

Bossy Betty it's not a bad yard and a pretty peaceful neighborhood too. I think it does look bigger from the window though than it does when you're on the ground

Sandee I wouldn't mind moving my yard to a warmer climate. I hate the snow too

DKMiller thanks at least right now it's nice and green. In a few months the grass will probably be all burnt out.

LDH said...

Lovely back yard ~ so green and open! Great place for Duke to run around!

June Zach (Fledgling Blogger) said...

Your backyard looks great! No worries about the pool. I actually like it. :)

VanillaSeven said...

Wow! You got swimming pool! I agree with you with draining and refill the water instead of using chemical. I never a big fans of chemical.

Lin said...

Gees, might as well toss some frogs in that pool!! ;)

BeadedTail said...

What a nice big backyard! Everyone here fences our little yards in. Duke sure has a lot of space to run around in!

Grace said...

No fences? Good fences make good neighbors and how do you know where to stop mowing?

Ratty said...

I'd love to have a swimming pool, but I'm not a good swimmer. I'm an excellent sinker though.

Anonymous said...

Oh how I miss having a yard! living on the second floor of an apartment complex sucks. I miss home mom!

fullet said...

It's such a nice view, Ann, I'm sure Duke loves the green yard. We have an inflatable pool but buying it was not a good idea; I prefer your pool for sure!

FishHawk said...

Well, well, aren't we just plumb highfalutin with a pool and all!

Jen said...

Ooooooh I would love to have a pool. I'm so happy winter's over - just look at all that gorgeous green grass (Yum! :o)

Duni said...

It's looking great! And so neat!

Russ said...

Nice pictures Ann. I use to have a pool. They are a lot of work. The yard is great for Duke. But I can see how he might want to go and visit the neighbors. Now that we can see the yard and pool and etc. It might be time for a Duke adventure story.

Marg said...

That is a really pretty view out your window. The windows here are so dirty, we couldn't take a picture looking out the window. Wish Mom would wash the darn windows. We did look left and then right. Have a wonderful day.

Audrey said...

I have a pool in my yard too right now - though mine is caused by all the rain we've had the last 4 days :)
Wonderful photos!!

Anne said...

What a beautiful back yard. I have nothing but trees behind my house (comes from living in the woods). I would much rather have a beautiful pool (even if it does need to be cleaned).

Leeuna said...

You have a beautiful view from your windows, Ann. Our yard is fenced in because our neighbors hate dogs, but my dogs love people and they like to visit. We don't have a pool, but ours is river front property and we have a great view of the Nolichucky from our living room windows.

B Boys Mom said...

You have a wonderful yard it's nice and big. When do you open your pool? When we lived in AZ we had a pool up it was always open and that was nice. Since we moved back to Michigan we haven't had a pool.

Ann said...

LDH it is a pretty nice size yard. Duke doesn't get to run loose to often though. He tends to take off after things that interest him

JuneZach soon enough it will be crystal clear, I hope.

Vanilla seven unfortunately chemicals are necessary to keep the water clean but to start the season off with it's just easier to drain

Lin frogs might be fun. Duke could bob for frogs :)

Beaded tail I almost wish we had a fence so that Duke wouldn't have to be on a chain if no one is outside with him.

Grace not many folks around here have fences. As for the mowing we just know :)

Ratty I don't know how to swim at all. My kids loved it though when they were growing up. They always had extra friends in the summer :)

Amanada can take the girl out of the country but not the country out of the girl. I miss having you around.

fullet I guess since I see the view all the time it doesn't really thrill me all that much but it could be worse.

Fishhawk well I don't know if I'm highfalutin but I know that I can float.

Jen I would love to have a summer warm enough to make it worth having a pool

Duni it's only neat because I didn't show you the flower beds...lol

russ yes pools are a lot of work. Duke has to go on a chain when he wants out unless we're out there with him and even then sometimes he's still on the chain

Marg most of my windows are pretty bad right now too. that one I just got lucky with

Audrey when it rains enough here we also have a river that runs right through the yard.

Anne I think I would like looking out my window and seeing nothing but trees for a change.

Leeuna River front property sounds nice, I bet you have a great view

B Boys mom it all depends on the weather when the pool gets opened. The earliest was May but it's usually mid to late june.

Don said...

Nice yard and grass. No fence? I'm not that friendly or trusting to let someone have full view of my yard and anything I may do in it. Good for you.

Anna said...

Nice view! I've seen this arrangement of not having the lots fenced in here in Sweden. It looks alot airier and more spacious. I'm sure Duke would like to run here, too bad he has to be chained. Here we see the function of a fence.
We almost bought a house in a neighbourhood like that with no fences.

Thank you so much for your clever comment about "Arsenic and old lace". I hadn't really thought of a plot yet, but I like your idea and it fits the title. Maybe I can build a plot around it.


Donna said...

Wow! Big yard there Girl! Got Goats??Hahaa...Dukes playground!

Cinnamon-Girl said...

You have a great yard! I'm jealous of your pool! It's been so hot here.

gayle said...

I love your back yard and pool!! Is that an above ground one? We have been thinking about getting one!

Jude said...

Our yard is so small and Obie and Sadie have ruined what the snow and Winter didn't. I would be ashamed to post any photos of mine right now. Yours looks great.

I had to do some catch up reading since I haven't been around in awhile and felt bad for poor Duke and his visit to the vet. Obie gets all worked up too, but he doesn't have to go back til December.

Hope all is going well with you, take care Ann.

Poetic Shutterbug said...

Ann, what a great yard and huge. I'll bet Duke loves it :D

Ann said...

Don Nope no fences. It's a pretty quiet neighborhood and not much goes on in my yard anyway. I guess that makes it a rather dull yard.

Anna I've thought about putting a fence up for Duke but I just hate the thought of having to look at a fence

Donna No goats but I could use one to help with the mowing

Cinnamon girl I wish it was hot here. Our pool season is way too short and sometimes it's not even worth it to spend the money to get it going

gayle Yes, it's above ground. They are a lot of work but also very enjoyable in hot weather. The problem is getting the weather to cooperate to make it worth the money and work

June well I only showed you a good view of my yard. There are parts of it that aren't so eye catching

Poetic shutterbug it's a nice size but I think the angle that I was taking the picture from makes it look much bigger than it really is. When I'm outside it doesn't seem to look as big as when I'm looking at it through the window. Could just be me though, hard to tell :)

kelly said...

hello ann, there are very great places. I really wanna be there. And great pictures, hope the best for you..

Ann said...

Kelly, thanks and thank you for stopping by today

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