Thursday, May 13, 2010

You be the judge

Duke claims he is innocent. I say that the evidence proves that he is the perpetrator of the crime. Why just look at the height of the nose prints on the glass. I say that he is guilty of  smudging up the window. I leave it up to you to decide. Can I count on you though to make an impartial decision? Or should I just go grab the window cleaner now and destroy the evidence?


  1. Woof! Woof! I say those smudges are from the outside. DUKE not guilty at all. So Ann - you have no choice but to clean it. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  2. I think he did it. But it must have been done for a good reason. Maybe he was doing his job as a courageous guard dog, and he's just being modest.

  3. I'm sure the Duke keeps his nose clean... So the smudges must come from someone or something else. : j

  4. The only thing i'm sayin' is Duke is Cute!

  5. You know I totally love Duke, but I have the same snout-shaped prints on my window. If I am going to be completely impartial, I have to say guilty. I think punishment should be a big chew toy.

  6. Of course Duke didn't make those marks. There must have been a ghost dog making them. So guess Mom needs to clean that window so that Duke can see better out of it.
    Have a great evening.

  7. I've got those same smudges on my windows too! I think it is the Evil Smudge Fairy--NOT Duke or Grace or Hobbes.

  8. Sorry, Duke, but I have those same smudges on my front door and side lights from someone just about your size. So I kinda know who the guilty party is. But... we still love you guys!

  9. We have the same kind of nose prints on our windows so it must be some creature who comes in during the middle of the night and smudges up windows all across the country! Better just clean it up Ann!

  10. Maybe he did that because he spotted a naughty squirrel outside there.. Or he want to let the owner of the swimming pool to start cleaning it up :D

  11. Woofie smudges, kitty smudges - a little windex - what the heck...

  12. To my trained eye, unless you have a small gnome running around your house, it looks as if Duke is the culprit. That being said: if he smudges it, he should clean it.
    I will now wait patiently as Duke tracks me down to extract his revenge :)

  13. Who? Duke? That Duke? Oh, no. You've got the wrong doggie, lady.

  14. Teehee.
    Our windows seem to have the same 'smudgy' design ;-)
    There's an extra large bottle of window cleaner in my kitchen cupboard!

  15. Oh I absolutely believe that it was done by Duke BUT, as a public service. You know those horrible Windex ads on television where the little birdies go KERSPLAT against the crystal clear glass? Thanks to Duke, that is one less wildlife woe for those finely feathered individuals outside his window. I say it's DUKE: champion of birds everywhere...
    Sooooo, how'd I do? :o)

  16. I am absolutely appalled that you would even think of accusing that sweet, sweet little puppy of dirtying-up anything. For shame! For shame!! For shame!!!

  17. Looks like we are going to have to unite. We have to find out who is trying to get our pets in trouble.I have the same marks on the window that Claudia sits near. Maybe I will have to start my own investigation.I'll drop by everyones house to gather clues.

  18. I would have to say Duke did it but it was likely in the process of defending the house against squirrels and birds.

  19. Looks more like a messy rain to me. Dried up messy raindrops. The evidence does not show that those are actually on the inside.

    Duke is innocent!

  20. I can see how you would think it was Duke's fault, but is that a finger print is see in all the smudges? Have you checked it against the hubby's finger prints? You might want to "nose" around a bit before laying the blame on a cute innocent dog!

  21. I believe you Duke! There are smudge-fairies. The two-legged kits have told me so!
    Sara Cat

  22. I don't for one minute believe it was it was the cat trying to frame him!!!!!

    Oh and I recieved my parcel is better in real life than the picture I saw and will be put to excellent use immediately so thank you.

    as for the fridge magnet...never mind's unusual of me not to mention it to will post about my fridge and put some pics up soon. xx

  23. Destroy the evidence he is to cute to have done anything wrong.

  24. By all means, Duke is innocent. I say the cat did it. It's always the cat. And even if he did do it -- and I'm not saying he did -- who could get mad at a face like that?

  25. How could anyone possibly put blame on anything that cute?

  26. Ohhhh Duke is so adorable and looks innocent to me. Man looking at his photo he looks so much smaller than Obie. I think we have some kind of giant Westie. His legs are short, but he's sooooooo long. How long is Duke? I need to know if Obie is normal. I'll try and get a photo of him soon to see what you think compared to Duke. Have a great weekend.

  27. Duke looks completely innocent to me! ^_^

    Spare him from this trial. LOL

    You both have a lovely weekend Ann! :D

  28. Sugar why doesn't it surprise me that you find him innocent :)

    Ratty, I'll buy that

    Alesa Warcan ok so duke-2

    marie lol don't want to take sides huh?

    Anne I'm sure that Duke will take that punishment very well

    Marg a ghost dog huh? well there have been dogs before him who lived here and left those same smudges

    Lin lol smudge fairy I like that

    LDH at least they are left by lovable creatures.

    beaded tail better yet I could leave the smudges and then the creatures who left them will not return because they will have seen that their job here is already done

    Vanilla seven that is a good possibility

    grace yep, what the heck the smudges match the rest of the mess around

    tahtimbo duke says to tell you that he doesn't do windows and he's going to play with his chew toy and let you slide on

    bossy betty I could have the wrong dog but since he's the ONLY dog living here I could come to no other conclusion

    Duni there does seem to be an endless amount of smudges on the window, good idea on the extra large bottle

    Jen LOL that is the best explanation and now I think Duke can be referred to as a public servant.

    FishHawk so is that a guilty or not guilty

    Russ in that case I won't tamper with the evidence until you've had a chance to conduct your investigation

    DKMiller Duke is good at defending against evil doers

    Sheri well ok so maybe there were some dried up messy raindrops on there too but I still say those are nose smudges across the bottom

    Audrey oh no I'm sure there is no finger print in there at all unless of course it is my husbands and then it is quite possible

    SaraKatt Smudge fairies are sure sneaky little things, I've never spotted on but they must be there

    allotments4you those cats that live across the street have been spotted in our yard and even on our deck so maybe they are trying to get Duke in trouble.. So glad you got your parcel and that you like it

    bboysmom I could destroy it but it will return just like it does every other time

    Leeuna believe it or not it is possible to get mad at Duke but it's not possible to stay mad at him

    NICO, easy :)

    Jude I'll have to measure Duke and see how long he is but he looks pretty normal to me

    JuneZach it's looking like the jury has found him innocent anyway so nothing I can do but clean the window.

  29. Just look at him. Of course he is innocent. It's from a bird smacking into the outside of the window. Duke had nothing to do with it, I can vouch for him :)

  30. Poetic shutterbug. So the bird did it huh? I thought I read earlier that it was the


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