Sunday, May 2, 2010

Breaking for lunch

Last Friday it was an absolutely gorgeous day. Temperatures were in the 80's, the sun was warm with a mild breeze that cooled you off just enough but not too much. When my lunch time rolled around I wasted not time in heading out the back door to spend my half hour outside.
I enjoyed the sunshine, a nice refreshing cold can of coke and played with my camera.
Don't you just love my ever so stylish hat that I have to wear? I really hate hats but my only other option while at work is a hair net. I hate hair nets worse than I hate hats.


  1. This is so lovely!!! It looks like a painting. This is my idea of a great afternoon.

  2. I hate anything covering my hair, but it did make a nice photo. This would make a great ad for Diet Coke.

  3. I'm with you on the hat thing. The only time I usually wear one is when I'm working out in the hot sun. I wish we had your weather here. Drop it about 40 degrees and that's us.

  4. I look awful in hats and even worse in hair nets! That's a great photo - love the texture in it.

  5. I don't think anyone looks good in a hair net. :) Well, maybe my 4th grade lunch lady.

  6. Your texture work is terrific!

  7. Love the the texture you put on that picture. The texture would look great on photos that you would hang!

    Agree with the hairnet thing, I'd wear the hat too.

  8. Bossy Betty, it would have been a great afternoon if it had not been for the fact that at the end of the half hour I had to go back to work

    Leeuna I've always hated hats and even in the winter won't wear them

    tahtimbo oh so sorry about the weather, I'll send you a wee bit of heat but there isn't a whole lot to spare right now

    beaded tail me too, I just don't have the hair for a hat, I look like a real goof

    Lin oh even the lunch ladies look bad in them. I cringe at just the thought of one

    LDH why thank you very much, I've been practicing :)

    Sheri thanks, I've been really getting into adding the texture. Yes the hat is the lesser of two evils in this case :)

  9. I'd wear the hat too. I absolutely hate hair nets.

    Way to go on spending your lunch break. It doesn't get any better than that.

    Have a terrific day. My best to Duke. :)

  10. I completely agree. That posh hat would really look good on you compared to hair nets. LOL

    Have a fresh start of the week to you Ann and cutie Duke! ^_^

    Been busy for the past couple of days. Just came back. :D

  11. I love to eat outside! Unfortunately we have had rain for 3 days, and supposed to have it for 3 more.
    Maybe next weekend the sun will be shining :)

  12. I love what you have done with this photo loos like a painting now ! As for hats i have always quite liked them and yet I look incredibly silly in them. As you hate this one so much I'm sure you can pull it off fine....besides which I'm sure there is someone at work who looks sillier than you in it!!

  13. It's like my half-hour-lunch, we also had a terrific weather last week and we enjoyed the sun while eating something. This week, we'll watch the rain while eating... :)

  14. Love the photo Ann. As for hats. I have to wear one all the time. In the Winter to keep my head warm. In summer so as not to get Sunburned head.
    Not easy getting old sometimes.

  15. Given the choice, I would do anything possible to avoid the hairnet. I think the hat is a beautiful color and kind of stylish.

  16. Well, you could imagine your hat as being like a sash that beauty contestants wear and a testament to you being "Shur-Fine." After all, you wouldn't being wearing such a cap unless you were. Of course, everyone else in the store would only being wearing them because of being associated with the pageant. (Rules are rules.)

  17. That is actually a cute hat. I never wear hats because I look ridiculous in them. Though others have said they like them on me. I do like the photo though, it's very interesting and says alot. It also reminds me that I'm running love on Diet coke :D I want to see the hat on Duke

  18. Love the Photo!! I'm STILL trying to figure out how to sign my photos!!Hahaa

  19. Sandee hair nets just sort of creep me

    Junezach I don't know about posh but it is better than a hair

    Audrey I hate it when it rains and I can't go outside for my lunch and breaks. It's so nice to just get out of the building for a breather during the day.

    allotments4you thank you. I think looking silly in hats is why I hate them so much. I wouldn't mind if I looked super cute like some people do

    fullet I don't even care if I get to eat anything or not, I just want to get outside :)

    Russ the older I get the more I realize how NOT easy getting older

    Anne I suppose the hat could be worse, but I still don't like it

    fishhawk LOL I'll keep this in mind from now on. Actually not everyone in the store wears them, just the bakery, deli and meat departments. So I guess that does make us a very exclusive group :)

    poetic shutterbug I look pretty dumb in them myself. I think the hat looks much better in the photo than it does on my head :) I'll work on getting a shot of duke with the hat on

    Donna Maybe I'll work out a tutorial for you, it's not that hard.

  20. I hate hair nets too. Don't blame you for wearing a hat. I didn't like wearing hats either but got real used to them due to cancer. Yuck. But now, I don't go outside without my hat. Feel naked without it. That is a great picture. My two favorite things, a hat and an coke.
    Duke, you get a hug too.

  21. Marg, sorry to hear about the cancer thing, I hope you're ok now. I take mine off the minute I'm off the clock, drives me nuts having it on my head.

  22. Oh Ann ... I am envious. Checking out your photo and you mentioning your little heatwave. We are having it colder than usual around 8C - it should be a minimum of 15C in May. We have had limited sunshine and today besides showers a hailstorm. Now they tell us that there is still more ash coming over from the Iceland Volcano!! ... so fingers crossed Summer should be on the way and I for one am ready for it!

  23. Oh I like hats, they hold my hair away from my face and keep the sun off! Your hat in this pic looks like a juicy slice of watermelon! Love it.

  24. Kloggers sorry to hear about the cold snap. I hate cold weather. I'll see what I can do about sending a wee bit of our sunshine over to you

    Buggys Well now that I have the vision of a juicy slice of watermelon on top of my head it does make it seem more fun to wear it.


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