Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Home Grown

There is a little pharmacy next to where I work. Sometimes I take a walk over on my break or lunch to look around. You can find some really cute things in there. Last week I needed a card and didn't feel like making one so I popped over to the drug store. I found something else I just had to buy.

This is the box that it came in.
And here is what was inside
The one that actually caught my eye first was a cauliflower lamb but I had to take the dog because I'm rather partial to them. Now if that isn't cute enough you've got to see the other side of the box.
 I cracked up when I saw that it had nutrition facts on it. Now I'm not saying that Duke is a cabbage head but this thing reminded me of him.


  1. Well isn't that cute! Love the nutrition facts too!

  2. This is so cute! I especially like the nutritional facts--how creative.

  3. That is really funny and I love their sense of humor! I think it would make a great gift for someone.

  4. Absolutely adorable! I'd have wanted to pick up a whole salad bar's worth of them!

  5. How adorable. I love it and this is the first time I've seen anything like this. I want one...or two or three.

    Have a terrific day Ann. My best to Duke. :)

  6. Whoa! Cabbage dog1 So cute!!! :D

  7. LOL a cabbage patch Duke? I think you might give Duke a complex if he thought he looked like this cabbage head. It is too funny that they have the nutritional facts on these. Would you eat one?

  8. I like when they carry their theme through to every aspect. I'm not one for tchotkes but I have secretly always wanted a Chia pet!

  9. Haha, that is one funny looking critter!

  10. That is so adorable! And I love the list of nutrients. It does look a lot like Duke.

    Thanks for the daily serving of saturated giggles.

  11. Now that looks like something that you would come up with! Speaking of "Home Grown," while I was working with a harvest crew out of Amarill0, TX years ago, one of our jobs was around Lodge Grass, MT, which we called, Home Grown. Of course, that was not in reference to cute little cabbage-head puppies.

  12. The cabbage dog is cute and original. Never seen anything like it!

  13. Ann you could start a collection.And I am sure Duke is not a cabbage head.

  14. That is really cute!! Who comes up with these ideas? Would definitely buy one if I found it too.

  15. SO cute! I need my Saturated Giggles every day!!

  16. aww... so cute! This post made me smile lots!

  17. Ohhh! That is super cute! ^_^
    The nutritional facts of the cabbage dog is amazing. Like it! LOL

    I wonder how a cauliflower lamb looks like. Can you get one for me? Awww! :D

  18. After reading the nutrition facts I'm sure it will be the best friend. So sweet. :)

  19. Very cute. I would of bought it too :)

  20. this is fantastic...I have a friend who is mad on growing vegs and lambs so i would love to know if I could get hold of one of these for there any way you could find out for me Ann????

  21. That cabbage dog is so cute! And the nutrition facts too!
    Too bad they didn't have a cabbage cat!
    Sara Cat

  22. Beaded tail I couldn't resist it, the nutrition facts were priceless

    NICO designs I know me too

    tahtimbo I thought so too and so I gave myself a

    split rock ranch I may go back and get some more

    Sandee It was very unique and I may sneak back over and get another one or two or three

    Vanilla Seven very cute and he's looking adorable on my desk

    Man over board I didn't tell Duke it reminded me of him I thought it best not to

    Grace they did a good job on this one beginning to end. I bought my daughter a chia pet way back

    Urban cowboy you think this one is funny you should see some of the other ones

    Leeuna I didn't notice the nutrient facts until I got it home

    FishHawk Home Grown must have been very boring without cabbage head dogs

    Duni me either but this drug store finds some of the cutest things

    Russ no Duke is surely not a cabbage head

    Audrey I don't know who thinks this stuff up but I sure wish I could

    Vickie isn't it though

    Bossy Betty saturated giggles are very good for you :)

    LDH finding this on the shelf at the store made me smile so I had to share

    JuneZach I may go buy the lamb and post that

    Fullet how could it not, it's obviously very healthy :)

    BBoysMom yep couldn't resist

    allotments4you I checked the company website and they didn't have these listed so the only place I know to get them is the drugstore here.

    Sara Katt Ya know I don't know if there was a cat in the bunch or not. I'll have to look next time I'm there.

  23. Green gone to the dogs :D What a cute idea whoever came up with this line of gifts. How cute and it reminds me of Duke too :)

  24. These are so cute! Love those nutritional stats - very clever.

  25. That is really funny! Looks oriental. Is Duke jealous?

  26. poetic shutterbug everyone is going green these days :)

    cinnamon girl gotta love a creative mind

    sharkbytes no duke seems to be taking it very well :)


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