Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Brenda Photo Challenge (5-1-10) Circles

So sorry for being late with this. Thanks you Soul for your comment otherwise I would have assumed that this posted at 7:00 a.m. like I had intended. Seems I don't know the difference between a.m. and p.m.
It's time for another Brenda Photo Challenge. The theme this time is circles. Now how hard could that be? Very, if you are like me who has to try and be ever so clever. I sat and gave this one some thought. Circles, there are circles of friends, social circles, the circle of life and running around in circles. How the heck do you take a picture of any of those? Oh the heck with it. Here's my circles.

 Maybe later I'll circle around the block and see what else I can find.

In case you missed yesterdays post, I'm having a giveaway so go get your name in.


  1. Ann, I love the uniqueness of all of these but I have to say I simply LOVE the thread shot!

  2. I like the last photo best...

  3. I LOVE them! Nothing wrong with trying to be clever hehe.

  4. Hahaha, camera circle. Why didn't I think of that??? And thread, oh how I miss my thread all packed away! Great job!

  5. Wonderful, creative pictures! Great job!

  6. Very creative shots. But you've got me stumped. What is the first one?

  7. Hahaa!! You did Super! I'm with Pat though, What IS it? It's Great, what ever it is! Love the color!
    And thread...I wouldn't have thought of that in a million years...LOL

  8. Those are great pictures! I've been thinking of circles lately as well: translating circles on a graph; transcribed angles on a circle; tangents and secants. Well, you get the idea. I feel as if I'm talking in circles. Hey, there's one of my favorite songs,
    "Will it Go 'Round in Circles." :)
    Thanks again for the great pics.

  9. What is the first picture of?? Besides circles that is....I have ni idea what it is and because I'm so intrigued by it it is my would make a great desktop background.

  10. Hi Ann,

    Came over from your comment at A View from me. I told her I had the same comment.

    Isn't it strange, we are both Anns, and there are not many around,


    Ann from New Zealand.

  11. Such creative circles! I like the last one the best!

    Hugs to Duke!

  12. Cool circles! :)

    No scrapping for me either...had to get the garden in while it wasn't raining! Updated my blog and website...and the 'ol body hurts!!!

    No problem with your ad. :) glad to do it!


  13. Really great circle shots! I love the tones you've used in the last one.

  14. These are great! When ever I see really terrific pics like these I find myself wishing I took more time to practice.

  15. Great idea of hunting the circle!

  16. honey b thank you very much, the thread was my favorite too

    grace me too :)

    jeanne trying is the key word

    donna won't be long before you'll have that thread all unpacked. getting closer isn't it

    butterfly gardener thank you

    pat lol the first one is my bamboo fun tablet.

    Donna That's the bamboo fun tablet. It's a pen and tablet to use with your computer. Has a really cool blue circle light at the top of it.

    tahtimbo i think i would end up with a headache thinking about the circles you been thinking about.

    allotments4you it's my bamboo fun tablet. I posted about it before, it comes with a pen that I use in my editing

    Ann thanks for stopping by, I always love to see new faces around here. Even funnier is that I have a couple Ann's that stop by regularly. It's a small world after all :)

    Beaded tail yep I agree, that's my favorite of the bunch

    Christine, thanks

    kim well at least you were productive, I've been doing a whole lot of nothing

    brenda yes, that was sepia. I love the way pictures look in sepia

    nico I practice a lot but I don't think I'm really learning anything new, just a whole lot of playing

    vanilla seven sure isn't very hard to find them. I saw circles everywhere

  17. Ohhh I love the circles, and yes how circles do enter our lives quite regularly. If I could right now I would take a picture of water emptying from a sink and watching the circle vortex of the water finding it's way down the drain. Now you have to visualize this as I cannot post a picture. Actually here is a visual of this exact circle :-)

  18. I'm getting dizzy just looking at them!

  19. Great ideas for circles. I love that you took a picture of a lense.

  20. You did great with the circles. Did you find anything else when you did a circle around the block??? We think that those circles in the pictures are just perfect. Give Duke an extra treat for us.

  21. Man over board you know the thought of rippling water did cross my mind when i was taking pictures and if I was with my camera I may have attempted that.

    fishhawk well sit down before you fall over. I would hate to see you hit your head on something in here especially since I don't have blog owners insurance to cover any injuries that may occur while you are visiting.

    hip chick thank you. I often use both my cameras and I had them both out when I noticed that what better thing to take a picture of to represent circles.

    marg we skipped circling the block and opted for a more lazy afternoon.

  22. Your circles are great and I especially like the stereo dial.

  23. So it's not just LOVE that makes the world go 'round? :)
    Wonderful photo's, she has some really interesting challenges.

  24. I'm loving your photos! And watching you grow with them. you are so creative and have found some really neat challenges. :-)

  25. very creative and I never would have thought of thread. Pretty cool.

  26. I can't pick which photo I like best... Love the blue ring in the first shot, the camera shot is cool and the sepia in the thread shot is perfect! I think you were quite clever!

  27. Anne, why thanks

    Audrey I think it's all kinds of things that make the world go

    DKMiller what a nice compliment. Thank you very much

    poetic shutterbug well I lucked out there, just happened to open the drawer on my sewing machine cabinet and there they were

    LDH thank, I was rather partial to the sepia. I always love your sepia scenes posts.

  28. I really love the last one. I love how it looks old fashioned and crafty together.

  29. Lenox knits. kind of like me, old fashioned and


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