Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I'm such a home wrecker

I think I've mentioned before, if not here, through comments on some of your blogs, how bad my flower beds look. Just in case you thought I was over exaggerating I've got proof.
So maybe this doesn't look so bad from the picture but most of that is weeds. Sunday was a beautiful day to get outside though. I finally dug in and started yanking.
I'm still not done but it's looking much better than it did before. I should tell my next door neighbor to start complaining about the view out her kitchen window. It might get me motivated to take better care of this. The only thing is that when I pulled out all those weeds I also destroyed a home.
I don't think this little guy was real happy that I interrupted his Sunday afternoon nap. Sorry little fella.


  1. Well he'll relocate to another place. He knows you didn't mean to bother him. Just saying. When you are all done he can have a spruced up looking pad.

    Have a terrific day. My best to Duke. :)

  2. After supper on the patio this evening I spent a good while pulling weeds too. I only have about a million more :(

  3. Oh! The Brutality of weed pulling! YUCK!! I'd rather do laundry but I'm still stuck with doing both!

  4. A hired gardener sounds good, if you have budget to spare.

  5. Flowers and frogs - the themes of Spring, it seems...

  6. My wife got out this past weekend, too. It was sunny and she was tired of having her flowers being hidden by weeds. So, while I stayed inside and worked on the computer she toiled away. After about 4 hours she was finally done and I have to say that I was worn out :)

  7. I think the weeds looked kind of nice. Sometimes I can't tell the difference between flowers and weeds when I look at some houses, so they look like weeds at all houses to me.

  8. Weeding is my least favorite garden activity of all time. The end result is worth it but the journey is torture for me. I do hope your frog finds a new home in your flowers!

  9. Woof! Woof! Ann are you sure those are weeds. It looks like my moms flowering chives. Hope Duke did not eat any of the plant. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  10. Time to stop weeding and start reading! (That's my theory!)

  11. this is the problem think you have such a messy garden and should do something about it but what you actually have is a natural habitat for a myriad of wildlife...I think you should keep with the wildlife factor and if the neighbours complain tell them you are building a natural will save you some time and guilt!!

  12. Yep, even though that was a toad--not a frog, you have still been hanging out with Lin way too much. Of course, if we could see some pictures of you splashing around your pool in some hip-waders...

  13. When it comes to frog, there's always one person I could swiftly remember- Lin. :D

    Well hope that toad could look for a new shelter.

  14. Ahhh... this is not too bad... at least you have flowers... In our garden here.. we only have greens :O

  15. Sandee I never thought of that. so I didn't demolish his home It was more of a renovation

    LDH me too, that was just a small step in a very large job.

    donna what's up with that? not fair we have to do all the yucky

    vanilla seven oh if only I had the spare. I'm sure a gardener would do a much better job than I could

    Grace a darn good theme it is too

    tahtimbo hmm not sure which one of you had the worse job

    ratty if only I could look at them and not see how bad they look :)

    beaded tail, it's a back breaking job for me not to mention the rash I always end up with on my arms from doing it.

    sugar nope Duke didn't even stick around to watch.

    bossy betty that sounds like a good plan to me, where's a book

    allotments4you I like the way you think. Natural habitat, I'm going with that from now on

    fishhawk sorry don't own a pair of hip waders so you get the toad instead

    junezach I wonder how Lin will feel about being thought of when people see a

    Anny unfortunately the color doesn't last for long. Before long it will be nothing but green. But at least it's better than seeing it filled with snow. :)

  16. Gosh, our Mom needs to do the same thing but good luck on that happening. We haven't had rain in so long that it would be impossible to pull the weeds up out of this red clay. That is like cement.
    Have a great day and an extra treat for Duke boy.

  17. I really hate weeding! So I have only 3 flower pots on my deck with flowers in them. Do have a big garden though - but there at least I can use the tiller :)
    Have a great day!!

  18. What are you doing with all the chives? I feel you need some diversity to make it a fun area to come around to.:0}

  19. So nice to know I'm not alone - but I'm working on it and seeing some good results too!
    It's amazing what pulling soem weeds will do! But I do like the "natural habitat" idea!!

  20. I'm not much for pulling weeds, mowing lawns yes, pulling weeds not so much. At least it wasn't a snake you interrupted.

  21. Poor little froggie. I'm sure he'll go right back in and rebuild. I don't have any flowerbeds at my house, so no weeds either. I love those little lavender flowers. What are they called?

  22. Ann, I have to say that I thought it looked pretty. Those weeds are something, as weird as it may sound, I like. That little guy is homeless now?

  23. Marg lucky for me the ground wasn't real hard otherwise I would have still been out there.

    Audrey you have the right idea maybe I should try that

    out on the prairie I didn't know I had chives. I know there are a lot of Japanese Iris in there and some sea thrift. Other than that it's all weeds.

    marie you probably have better results than me, I still haven't gone out and

    urban cowboy I don't mind mowing even when it's with a push mower. I'm am very thankful it wasn't a snake, I don't think I would have stopped to take his picture.

    Leeuna I believe it was called sea thrift. I like your idea of no flower beds but I do like the flowers

    poetic shutterbug I don't know if he moved back in once I finished. Maybe I'll go check in on him and take him a little remodeling


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