Wednesday, May 5, 2010

It's been a while...

Since I picked a bouquet of dandelions.


  1. Lovely .... Have a beautiful Day Ann!


  2. Some people think they are weeds. I don't and I would have picked some too. Well if I had any around.

    Have a terrific day Ann. My best to Duke. :)

  3. I never understood why dandelions get such a bad rap - they are pretty flowers and the leavers make a nice salad - win-win all around. (or a nice wine I am told...)

  4. Beautiful dandelion. How many color do they have?

  5. This is a great photo ~ the wonder of a weed!

  6. That just puts them in a brand new light! Beautiful!

    Thanks for the photo I won too! It's even prettier "in person"!

  7. You know I have always hated the way dandelions leech onto absolutely everything and spread there tendrils though my garden.....I have never really looked at the flowers...but this is a nice bouquet...maybe next time i will pull the flowers and not just compost them. By the way where i lived when we were kids we used to sat that if you picked a dandelion you would wet the idea where this came from just thought you might be interested!!

  8. They're so bright and cheerful!

  9. Lovely shot. Very pretty. Interesting to read allotments4you's comment. My children, my daughter Elisabet picked a bouquet of dandelions and gave to me. Lovely! But they wilt quickly.
    By the way the Swedish word for dandelion is "maskros" which literally means "worm-rose". Kinda gross name? Put me off!
    Thanks for visiting my my p-post. I know I have already said this, but I really appreciate you stopping by and commenting.

    To anyone else who reads these comments. Please visit my p-post:

  10. I think dandelions may be my favorite wildflower. Too many people consider them to be weeds, but I like the way they brighten up a lawn or a field of grass.

  11. We get a lot of dandelion bouquets around here. Our granddaughter loves them. She says yellow is her favorite color.

  12. Beautiful photo!! It's still to cold for the dandelions here - but I'm sure I'll have a lawn full in a couple of weeks :)

  13. Did you know that dandelion bulbs taste just like morel mushrooms when breaded and fried? The leaves are also supposed to be good eating, but since I am a manly man, I stay away from salads.

    By the way, thanks for being one of my top droppers again. That would be on account of Duke--right?

  14. I have no knowledge why - but I have always loved dandelions - I think that they are the most optimistic of flowers and cheer up even the most dullest of days!

    Have a beautiful day Ann. :)

  15. If I was all girly and stuff I guess I would like dandelions too. But I really do like em.

  16. This year our yard is looking really good and we don't have many to pick. Yours look lovely.

  17. I love dandelions, they are just so unique and beautiful.

  18. LOL, what a great bouquet. I have always thought that wild flowers are really pretty. Some people will go around digging up weeds that have pretty flowers and putting them in their yards. Those flowers are really pretty. Good job Ann.

  19. Christine, thanks and you too

    Sandee I never thought much of them until I had taken a macro, extreme close up,shot of them. I was fascinated with how it looked and it changed how I see them

    Grace. I've never tried them in a salad or wine but I've heard it's quite good

    Vanilla seven I've only seen yellow ones

    DKmiller not bad for a weed

    Marie thanks, it is a pretty amazing weed if you ask me

    beaded tail yeah, seeing them all over your yard doesn't make them as attractive. I'm so glad you liked your picture.

    Bossy Betty, they are quite pretty

    allotments4you, you'll be happy to know that I didn't wet the bed the night I picked those :) Love those little tidbits that always go around

    Duni, I thought so, my husband wasn't real thrilled with them

    Anna yes they do wilt rather fast. I think I like the name dandelion better than worm rose.

    ratty, they sure make my lawn look very sunny. I bet though that my neighbor isn't real pleased with them since they have a company come in and spray their yard to get rid of them.

    Russ Yellow is a bright and cheerful color. Maybe Maya and I should get together and pick us a bunch. :)

    Audrey We have a lawn full right now. We mowed and the next day it didn't even look like it with all that had grown by the next day

    FishHawk I had heard that they were good, but I've never been brave enough to try them.

    Kloggers They do cheer up a dull day. I think they're fascinating with all the different stages they go through.

    Urban cowboy well it's ok to like them we would never think of you as girly and stuff

    BBoysMom The pictures I showed yesterday of the back yard were taken before the dandelions took up residence, right now it's more like a yellow lawn than green

    Poetic shutterbug they are, I totally agree.

  20. How lovely they look. I like buttercups best though. I love all yellow flowers. They remind me of sunshine.

  21. Those are Dandelions? I thought they were Daisies... hehe. They also look like Chrysanthemums too ya.

  22. My daughter has a tortoise friend who would make quick work of those dandelions. They happen to be his favorite food.

  23. Leeuna I like buttercups too, I remember how we used to stick them under our chins to see if we liked butter when we were kids.

    Nessa yep those are dandelions. I don't know why so many people hate them, they are quite pretty

    Anne would that be the tortoise that she's sitting for?


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