Monday, May 17, 2010

Bird Watching

Wade tells me all the time about the birds that he feeds on his breaks and lunch at work. They've gotten so used to him that he says they will come right up on the steps and he could just about reach out and touch them. Saturday we were in the area where he works and since he needed to buy a bag of bird seed for his lunch companions we stopped so I could get some pictures. There were plenty of birds around but they seemed to be a little shy with a stranger sitting there. I did get a few but nothing real great.
This guy wouldn't even come off the roof

I need another lens for my camera so I can zoom in and get better pics.
Well if this is the best I can get I'll just have to do something like this.

Nothing great but I had fun doing it.
We had a really great weekend with the weather. I got outside and played with the camera. I got some cleaning done inside. I did some shopping, a little crafting and just had a relaxing and enjoyable two days off. Too bad I had to wake up this morning and go back to work. Hope you're all off to a great start of the week.


  1. I'm glad you had a good weekend, Ann. And the bird photo is great. I've been chasing a little bird with my camera for weeks and I can't get a shot of him/her at all. It is the tiniest little thing -- not much bigger than a humming bird -- but it has the loudest voice. I think it is called a Warbler, but I'm not sure.

  2. Sounds like a nice day. I struggle with birds too. They never seem close enough. You got some good shots though.

  3. Sounds like you had a great weekend indeed. Did Duke go with you? I'm sure he did.

    Have a terrific day and week ahead. My best to Duke. :)

  4. Love what you did with the bird photo! Glad you had a good weekend too! Maybe your husband could take the camera with him to work to get more pictures of the birds. :D

  5. I know where you can find some good swallows.

  6. turned it into a water color - very pretty

  7. That was great what you did with that photo. I got a major chore done this weekend: I was able to finally get the hood of our car open (and I have the smashed thumb to prove it). You see, the latch cable had a kink in it and it wouldn't unlatch. Now, I get to replace it.
    Have a great week :)

  8. Nice to know you did lots of things with your two days off including taking a snap of the bird on the roof. ^__^

    A wonderful start of the week to all of us!

  9. Was Duke smacking his lips while you were working on that pic?

  10. My mother feeds the birds in her area too, especially since it is still so cold here! The crows are pretty smart - one of them 'recognized' her at the window and promptly sat down on the window ledge to be fed!

  11. It is amazing how the birds will get to know you. We feed the pigeons in the park. They come right up to your feet.Nice job with the picture.

  12. Oh, Ann, tell me please how you got this photo to like like a watercolor painting ~ It is beautiful!

  13. I wish I have some training and the tools to pull off transitions like this. I presume it is photoshop? I don't have that, but do have GIMP. Unfortunately- I manage only do get through basic and automated tasked. I love your rendition of this. It is beautiful. Carrying the diagonal line into the sky frames the bird and carried our eye through the composition. It's dandy.

  14. well I think the edits you did to your pic are really don't give yourself enough credit Ann. Glad you had a good's hoping the sun and warmth will stay around for another one!!

  15. The watercolor effect really came out great. I also would like to get a zoom lens, but are they pricey. Sounds like you're off to a wonderful week.

  16. Leeuna birds seem to know when I have my camera in my hand as do any other living creatures.

    DKMiller if I use my older camera I can zoom in closer but the picture quality isn't as good.

    Sandee No Duke didn't get to go, had to make a stop at Walmart and they frown on dogs shopping

    Beaded tail he did have his camera the other day and he said that right after he turned it on the battery

    Bossy Betty hmmm should I got to Home Depot for that?

    Grace thanks, did bunches of playing around

    Tahtimbo OUCH glad to hear that the hood is open hope the thumb feels better

    Junezach got much more accomplished than usual that's for sure

    FishHawk no he was busy with a chew toy and didn't care about my picture at all

    Duni my husband is always talking about the crows that hang out and how he has one that just about eats out of his hand. That's funny about the one on your moms window ledge

    Russ He sure enjoys his lunch time with the birds and I think it's cool how close they will get to him

    LDH I wish I could tell you. I know I used a couple gradients and a distort and then some textures. I just kept playing until I found something I liked.

    Jason, why thank you. I use photoshop elements since I just can't afford the full blown version. Elements doesn't get nearly the credit it deserves though. I tend to stay away from actions and prefer to just experiment and see what I end up with

    allotments4you thank you I do tend to dislike most of my work, I'm my own worst critic. So far the forecast for this coming weekend is promising.

    Urban cowboy the lenses I've looked at are out of my price range at the moment. I guess I'll have to start saving if I want one. I have heard though that you can get some really good used ones at a fair price.

  17. Oh I love the water color effect. Really turned that pic into a great one!

  18. I was thinking of you yesterday--Col's friend came over while I was playing with PSE. He was familiar with it and started showing me all the cool things it could do, which was MUCH easier than reading the book. Now if only I can remember how he did it....

  19. Sounds like a fun day, Ann and I love the pic, he is a cutie and I also love the angle of the shot. Well done.

  20. Buggys yeah I think it worked, good thing because I hate throwing pics away.

    Lin cool you have a tutor then. The more you play with it the more you'll learn. Just takes some getting used to

    Poetic shutterbug It was a fun day. Finally nice enough on a weekend to be able to get out of the house.


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