Friday, May 28, 2010

We took the long way home.

Today we are showing you a few things we spotted on the way back home from our walk. First we spotted a fox.
 I think it may have some kind of disease or something though because part of it's face was missing.
Next we headed east on North Street.
 And we spotted a cow.
She wasn't very friendly though. She kept staring at us and wouldn't even say hello.
Duke's favorite was a statue he saw sitting next to the road. He asked if we could get one for our yard.
I told him I didn't think so.


Donna said...

Miz Ann! Get that Baby his own hydrant!! It's a Necessity!Hahaaa

The Urban Cowboy said...

Ha...poor Duke, let him know if I ever find one I'll send it to him.

LDH said...

Your posts make me smile and I always leave your blog a little happier! Hope you have a great weekend!

Lin said...

Well, he's either gonna pee on that or the cow and somehow I think that cow's attitude is gonna change a bit with water running down its leg! ;)
Happy Holiday, Ann! I'm gonna be MIA! said...

Ahhh you should surprise him for his birthday or tomorrow, which ever comes first. :-)

Ann said...

Donna, Duke would agree with you, me, not so

Urban cowboy I would tell him but he would likely get too excited and he doesn't have a hydrant to lift his leg on so I'll just keep that to myself :)

LDH aww, how sweet, glad I can do that for ya

Lin I don't imagine that the cows attitude change would be for the better. Enjoy your weekend

Manoverboard oh my gosh, I almost forgot his birthday is coming up soon.

tahtimbo said...

That cow looks like he just found out where hamburgers come from :)
You should tell Duke that we have one of those fire hydrants in front of our house.
Thanks for a fun walk and have a great holiday weekend!

BeadedTail said...

We think Duke should have his own hyrdrant too! Maybe that fox worked off more than his tail at Jazzercise.

Bossy Betty said...

WoW! Lots of wildlife on this trip! Perhaps the fox was injured while doing Jazzercise. That's why I stay away from it..

Grace said...

That cracked me up...I'll give you the fox painted on the wall but where the did you come across the cow? That's one heck of a lawn ornament!

June Zach said...

Wohoa! You spotted interesting things on your way back home. I think buying the hydrant is not a good idea. Ohhh... peace Duke! ^_^

fullet said...

Hi, Ann, I'm happy to tell you that you won my giveaway. Congratulations!!
I want to send you the gift card as soon as possible, can I use the email adress in your profile? I'll wait for your confirmation before sending the card. Cheers!

FishHawk said...

He did go ahead and mark it as his own anyway--right?

Marg said...

What a cute Cow and fox without a head. You sure do find interesting things on your walk. We too vote on Duke having his own hydrant. It sure would be a great conversation piece in your yard.
Have a great week end.

Russ said...

Alright I think we should all chip in and get Duke his own hydrant. I know where he can get one of those cows. Sounds like a fun walk.
Have a good weekend.

Alterity Button Jewelry said...


Out on the prairie said...

Had one dog who went ballistic at a lion statue. He would run up at it each time , but it never ran from him.Never got over it.

DK Miller said...

Lovely, you found all sorts of interesting things on your walk. said...

I can't imagine why the hydrant would have bee Dukes

NICO Designs said...

I will have to take a photo of the giant gorilla known for its painted outfits.

Tanyia said...

Hi Sis. :) Long time no stop by...sorry about that. I am coming back online more least for awhile again lol. I just wanted to say, though, I think you are right about that fox...make sure you give Duke a cootie shot!

Leeuna said...

What a cute post. And you should totally get Duke a fire hydrant. He would have so much fun with it. ;)

Ann said...

Tahtimbo I told Duke and he wants to know if he can come for a visit?

Beaded tail lol could be, I hear jazzercise is dangerous.

bossy betty me too I have lots of parts that could easily be injured.

grace just found the cow in someone's front yard. I was glad they weren't outside otherwise I would have chickened out and not taken the

junezach there's a hydrant across the street from us Duke will have to settle for that

fishhawk I think he was busy with other things, maybe he'll catch it next time

Marg I've probably passed those things hundreds of times and never paid much attention before. the camera has a way of making you open your eyes

russ he would rather have the hydrant than the cow.

alterity button jewelry, made you

out on the prairie that's too funny. Have to wonder what the dog was thinking each time he saw it :)

DKMiller there was more but I practiced self control on the

allotments4you me either,

nico designs i would love to see that, sounds cool

tanyia well what do you know, look who's luckily Duke is caught up on all his shots, you would have known that if you had been

leeuna ya know I think I've seen fire hydrant sprinklers before I'll have to check the stores maybe that would be a good enough substitute

Poetic Shutterbug said...

Oh, Ann, these are so cute and so creative. Love the stoic cow and that little hydrant, I would love to have in my backyard - I have a thing for firemen :D

Ann said...

Poetic shutterbug. why not skip the hydrant and just plant a fireman in your yard :)

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