Monday, May 24, 2010

Enough said

No day is so bad it can't be fixed with a nap.  ~Carrie Snow


  1. Serious sleeping is going on - see my post on Tuesday...I love the coincidences that roll through the blogosphere (I scheduled my post to run before I saw this post.)

    I am very happy just clicking around all day looking at cute critters and pretty flowers (came across yet another dandelion post today).

  2. Duke, I can totally relate. This is a good idea and one that I will implement as soon as possible :)

  3. I'm with you, Duke. I try to lay down for 1/2 hour every day. When people laugh, I tell them I am resting my heart. ;)

  4. Oh what a joy - contented sleep ... almost reminds me of a little Shakespeare ...

    I love looking at animals when they are dreaming - a little twitch here and a paw shake there ... too bad we can't see there dreams, isn't it?

  5. Naps and cute little white doggies fix up my day nicely!

  6. My philosophy exactly!!!!

    Love the picture of Duke!

  7. Great photo and an excellent thought!

    By the way Ann - thank you for visiting my blogs. I really appreciate your wonderful comments!

  8. Furry wise words, Duke.

    your kitty furiend
    Sammy :)

  9. True that, woman!

  10. Oh that is so true, Duke. You make our Mom want to go take a nap right now.
    Have a really fine day.

  11. Duke's photo reminded me of how much I have deprived myself from taking a restful sleep. I envy that cute hairy little fella! LOL

  12. Mine is at my feet, i have to watch when I scoot my chair,not an early riser like me.

  13. That makes me laugh, though I've never been a napper the picture is fabulous and your quote right on.


  14. Oh how I wish I could sleep that peacefully...

  15. Duke is so very right to quote this one. Just saying. He's a smart boy. :)

  16. Oh how totally adorable. I want to lay my head down beside him and nap too. Great photo, as usual.

  17. Ahhhh....what a sweetie he is Ann...

  18. If I was a dog, I would want to be your dog!

  19. And that photo just made my day :)

  20. Grace, it's funny how we all seem to be on the same wavelength some times. I guess great minds do think alike

    Split rock ranch yes he does

    tahtimbo enjoy the nap

    Lin sounds like a good reason to nap if you ask me

    kloggers they are cute when they dream. I have to wonder what their dreams are like

    beaded tail mine too

    bossy betty works for me too

    marie thanks and glad I could offer my condolences if nothing else

    Duni he's a furry wise dog

    alterity button jewelry yes uh huh :)

    marg duke hopes your mom enjoys her nap as much as he did his

    JuneZach Duke says you should stop depriving yourself and take a nice long nap I envy him too some times :)

    out on the prairie Duke doesn't lay there very often any more. I accidentally rolled over him once and that was enough for him

    sandy Duke likes to make people laugh, I just don't have the time for napping

    FishHawk ME TOO

    Sandee Some times he's too smart for his own good

    Leeuna, thanks, Duke does seem to have that affect on people

    donna he sure is.

    urban cowboy, well you would be one spoiled little

    Poetic Shutterbug :) glad we could do that for ya.

  21. Oh Duke you lucky devil...what I wouldn't give for a nap right now!!

  22. aww, Duke. I'm the napping kind too :)

  23. allotments4you Duke says you should take one ;)

    cinnamon girl isn't he though and he's so quiet when he's sleeping

    LDH a little napping now and then can be a good thing :)


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