Monday, May 10, 2010

What's on your fridge

For as long as I can remember the front of my refrigerator has been covered with magnets. Sometimes they held art work or pictures or even important reminders about something that was going on in school. Other times they were just there to remind me of a special moment. I've thought about taking them all off and going for that clean uncluttered look but they always end up right back up there.
I don't know if you can make out all the numbers or not in the picture but 
1. That's a small wooden magnet that my husbands kids made for him one year for father's day
2. One of those advertisement magnets from the shop Wade works at
3. From one of my neices
4. One my son gave me from the Harley factory. (He said he paid big bucks for this and I later found out they gave them away I didn't tell him I knew about that)
5. The middle piece from one of those ribbon car magnets that I got at Fort Knox when we went to my sons graduation from boot camp
6. One I picked up at a truck stop in Kentucky
7. Another from my son that he got at the airport in Ireland on his way home 
8. Got that one when we went to visit Wade's son in Portsmouth VA
9. A gift from my sister in law
10. Picked that one up at the shop that repaired my car when I hit a deer.

The rest either came from the dollar store or I can't remember where. I'm sure if any of these were from Amanda I'll be getting a comment from Anonymous to let me know.

So what's on the front of your refrigerator?


  1. Love it. Nice fridge - creatively adorned as I would imagined from you.

    Mine has an assortment of papers from my son's school - monthly calender, homework he did good on, projects for me. It also has emergency numbers and some Stewie magnets from Family Guy.

  2. I don't have anything on the front of my fridge. I've got three magnets on the side of the fridge because that's the only way they will stay on the fridge. Front won't work.

    1. Big Fish Games Magnet.
    2. Beetle's Memories 'n' Ramblings Magnabeetle for winning her Tuesday Teaser.
    3. Garbage and Recycle pick up schedule magnet.

    I love all your magnets. I used to do the very same thing.

    Have a terrific day Ann. My best to Duke. :)

  3. Fun collection magnets! We have one magnet on the front of our fridge that is a drawing with Isabella as the model. On the side of the fridge are some other dog and cat magnets that hold up things out of sight.

  4. Magnets come with stories and memories! I used to always try to pick up a magnet when I was on vacation or on a day trip as a memento. I did that with coffee mugs too. I stopped now. I ran out of room for storing them.

  5. Well Ann - Interesting. I have a mixture of magnetic animals and fish but also some magnetic photo frames. I had one of those brainwave moments when I took some photos and placed them through a laminator then cut them up into the separate photos and placed them into the magnetic frames. They have kept very well like this - and it's lovely to see a smile or two whilst I'm pouring out the cups of tea!

  6. Oh! I love the front of your refrigerator!! I've got some family pictures that make me happy and some recipes I am meaning to try.

  7. That's not fair, even the front of your refrigerator is organized. Ours looks like a magnet graveyard that hold up all sorts of things. There are old recipes we never used, reminders of things we needed to do, but forgot, and menus for places we can't afford to go to. Basically, it's a mini time capsule.

  8. That's a cute collection, Ann!
    We can't stick magnets on ours, because our refrigerator is built-in and has a wooden panel door...

  9. We have the same kinds of things on our refrigerator, and they are all designed to fall off when I get near. Hmm, I wonder if this is why my wife put them up there?

  10. What a great idea for a blog post! I'll get back to you on this one.
    By the way, thank you for stopping by The Red Cat Society, and comforting Calle-Boy-Cat for not being able to thank last week's EC-advertisers. It was a relief for him to know that he is forgiven! (Actually it was my fault!)
    Take care!

  11. Cool! Oh man, yeah - I got tons of magnets on my fridge - all carefully chosen. I've tried taking pics of it but my kitchen is so small I can't get far enough away to take them all in. The side of the fridge has all the company magnets - I haven't checked them in a while I wonder if the one from the Dominos pizza place in the Bahamas is still there?

    Anyway, I love fridge magnets - I bought 2 new ones a few weeks ago when I was off on my adventure in Harve de Grace.

  12. Love the magnet collage!

    My fridge is adorned with scrapbook pages loaded with pictures of family. we used to tape them on or stick them with magnets, but it just looked so cluttered. so, I made scrapbook pages and just tape them up.

    what else? A couple magnets, sports schedules, referral for my mammogram I will probably forget on-purpose about, a few scriptures written on index cards and the magnetic pad that I list things we are running out of in the kitchen so I know what to put on the list when I go shopping!

    what a fun post!

  13. Right now I only have magnets on the sides(my fridge is new so I still love to look at it). When my son was little we had a map of the United States and I would mix them all up and he would come along and put them back in their proper place. We get a new magnet every trip we go on so before long there will be magnets on the front of my new fridge.

  14. What a cool post, Ann! If they end up back on the fridge, then they should probably stay there.

    On the front of my refrigerator? Well, we had to get a new one recently and we decided to go uncluttered, so the only thing that went back up is a sun-faded photo of our previous dog, Emma.

  15. We used to collect refrigerator magnets but then we updated to stainless steel. Nothing sticks to it. Although I do have a couple of magnets stuck to my microwave (the only thing in my kitchen that magnets will stick too).

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  17. What a great idea for a post...I may have to borrow it! : )

    About those scraggly weeds ~ my garden is looking better because I covered up my scraggly weeds with mulch!! ; )

    Thanks for entering the giveaway on my blog. Good luck!

    PS. Sorry about deleting the above comment ~ it was a mess! I forgot to check for typing errors before posting it!

  18. Ann, Love it. Like you I have magnets all over the fridge along with drawings from my nephews, photos etc... You can't even see the fridge. It looks like a wall with artwork :D

  19. My fridge is so loaded I wouldn't even know where to begin...I have hundreds of magnets and a few keepsakes.....maybe I should take a pic your magnet too...I collect magnets with place names...can you imagine???? My fridge is 7foot high!!!

  20. I have a few now. There used to be more when the grandchildren were younger. They held up their art work and photos.

    I gave you an award today. Come by my blog later and collect it. You can't put it on your fridge -- unless your laptop will stick -- but you can put it on your blog. :-)

  21. I have all kinds of goodies on my fridge. I think it's a sign of a happy home.

    Thanks for the info on photoshop I'm going to look into it.

  22. I think it is great that you can remember all of those things about the magnets. I can see why they always end up back where they seem to belong!

  23. I use to have magnets all over the front of my fridge but then we went stainless.........I about flipped out. I just put them on the sides now. Both sides!! Some meaningful magnets, some informational and guess what they hold up? :) my grandson

  24. Hahahaaa.....uhhhh...a picture of sarah palin?Hahahaha

  25. DKMiller I used to have a lot of school related stuff but the kids are all grown now.

    Sandee I've got more on the side of mine too.

    Beaded tail the dog and cat magnets don't surprise me one bit. But of course that's what you would have :)

    Cinnamon girl gotta have a magnet from a vacation spot.

    Kloggers my sister in law has photos all over the front of her fridge.

    Bossy Betty The fridge is a good place to hang those happy thoughts things

    Tahtimbo I must confess that I rearranged the magnets before I took the You should have seen it before, it was a mess most likely resembled your magnet graveyard.

    Duni My dad used to have a fridge like that. If I had one maybe my fridge wouldn't look so cluttered all the time

    FishHawk I had a few that used to fall every time I even looked at the fridge. They aren't around any

    Anna Anything for Calle cat :)

    Grace, with all the cleaning out you were doing somehow I thought you would have a bare refrigerator door. You surprised me there :) I'm always on the look out for a new magnet.

    Alterrity Button Jewelry that's a very cool idea with the scrapbook pages

    Connie girl, if I had a brand new kitchen like you just got my magnets would probably be put away for a while too

    earth to holly there may be a day when I decide to go uncluttered but it hasn't arrived yet :)

    marie borrow any time you like :) don't worry about the typos I do that all the time

    poetic shutterbug I'm hoping some day that there will be grandkids to give me art work to put on the fridge

    allotments4you I wish I would have know I would have sent you a magnet when I mailed your prize. Would love to see a pic of all your magnets

    Leeuna I saw that award, that was so darn sweet it made my day

    BBoysMom glad I could be of help, if you have any questions about it just let me know

    Nico designs well some that have less meaning I don't remember so well like the dollar store ones but it is nice to have a little reminder right there of a nice vacation or a thoughtful gift

    Gayle I would love to have a stainless fridge but I don't see it in the near future. Gotta have the grandson there for sure :)

  26. Donna, you know Sarah?


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