Sunday, May 16, 2010

Going Back

Way back that is. I have this picture sitting on the hutch in my dining room. It's old, it's stained but I love it

I had to take a picture of the picture so it's a little on the crooked side. It has no markings on it other than the name of the photographer on the bottom. It's very hard to read but it appears to say L. E. Hall and I can make out the location which is Conneautville, Pa. It looks black and white here but the original picture has more of a sepia tone to it.
Don't ya just love the hat. My grandmother sure was looking classy in that.


  1. Love the old photo! How would you like to dress like that? Love that hat!!

  2. I always loved that period of dress. The women were indeed very beautiful. The hats was a very important part of that look. Excellent. Your grandparents were a nice looking couple.

    Have a terrific day Ann. My best to Duke. :)

  3. What a great old photo! That hat is incredible and so is that dress - her waist was tiny. Although I can't imagine dressing like that, it would have been fun every once in awhile to feel so spiffy!

  4. Old photos bring back old memories just like this one. Their way of clothing long ago is far more elegant and fashionable.

  5. How special is that?? Fantastic. I think if I had a hat like that I would seriously wear it on a daily basis!

  6. I love old pictures especially portraits...I like to wonder about who the people were and what their life was like...

  7. Somewhere I have a very old photo of my great-grandmother. Ever notice how the people in old photos seem to appear rather stiff?!

    I love the hat!!!

  8. Great photo - it's so interesting to see real people from the past.

  9. It's just great, pure history. What I like the most of old portraits are the backgrounds, always trying to be so natural and floral. They look really classy and charming.

  10. Very classy and charming. My wife has some old pictures of her great grandmother. Love to look at them.

  11. Beautiful photo! I love vintagy old photos.

  12. What a great old photo! I often wonder what it would be like if I could go through time and live a day in their life.

  13. I love looking at those old photo's. They had the coolest clothes back then :)

  14. This photo is definitely classic. Love the hat too!

  15. Alright now...Your post, Get Your Game On with Duke in a red sweater isn't coming up!
    Did you hit publish?

  16. Lovely photo. I had thought about sharing photos of my grandparents a couple of weeks ago and thought no one would want to see. I see I was wrong! I love the dress; I cannot see having to dress that way now since I live in shorts and tshirts but what fun to be gorgeous all the time!

  17. That's a great photo, Ann. I, too, sometimes take a pic of a pic, and this one came out fine. What a handsome couple.

  18. Ah Ann, I love it. I have so many pics of my family just like these. Thanks for sharing them and I really do like the hat :)

  19. I have some photos like this of my great grandma...i love the way they always looked so classy in photos back then...I guess as cameras weren't in everyone's pocket it was really an occasion to get dressed up for if you were going to have a picture...I wonder what the occasion was here???...Looks quite wedding'e' tpo you know Ann??

  20. I have a picture something like this of my grandmother but she is holding a big fish. I should put that on my blog. That is a great picture and don't you just love how they dress with that wonderful hat. Great picture.

  21. What a beautiful couple. I'm really digging that hat too!

  22. Donna, I think it would be kind of cool but only if I could change back into my jeans :)

    Sandee me too I don't know that I would like it if I HAD to dress that way all the time but I do think it looks great

    Beaded tail I agree with you, it would be fun but I would have to have my jeans and sneaks.

    junezach definitely more elegant and fashionable. especially when you compare it to the way some of the younger kids are dressing these days

    bossy betty I've never been fond of hats but I do think that one is pretty fabulous

    grace I'm the same way. I do that with old houses though too. I wonder about what kind of family lived in them and how they must have looked when they were new

    duni yes, very stiff. I wonder why.

    Philippa it sure is.

    Fullet This one looks like there may have been some type of mural behind them, but it's rather hard to tell

    russ I wish that I had more, maybe I'll have to bug some relatives for copies

    DKMiller me too, things sure have changed since those days

    sheri considering all the luxuries we have I imagine it would be pretty rough on us :)

    FishHawk yep very cool

    Audrey they sure did and most likely hand made. My grandmother was quite a seamstress

    Anonymous. very classic.

    Donna that was an oops, wasn't supposed to go up yet so I deleted it and scheduled it later in the

    NICO oh I think you should post your photos, I would love to see them

    earthtoholly this one did turn out better than others I have tried

    poetic shutterbug unfortunately I have very few but the ones I do have are special

    allotments4you I'm pretty sure that this was their wedding picture but I can't be positive

    Marg holding a big fish huh? I would love to see it, hope you post it

    urban cowboy they were a beautiful couple. Funny thing is when I look at the picture I can tell that is my grandmother, but my grandfather looked much different by the time I came along.

  23. Ooh, I love that photo! I have a weakness for old photos and that one is gorgeous! :-)

  24. Cashier I love anything vintage looking. So why is it that all the old JUNK in my house is so unattractive?

  25. Fabulous slice of time! I do love the hat and how fun it would be to dress that way once in a while! I fear my waistline could not compete with your Grandmother's though.


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