Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Blogging in the great outdoors

I just love it when the sun shines. Sunshine, warm air, what's not to like. I can open the windows, I can sit on the deck. Hey, I can take my laptop out on the deck and catch up on all my favorite blogs.
 Or not. All I could see was my reflection in the screen, couldn't read a thing. But it gave me the idea of grabbing the camera and using it for a post.


  1. Sometimes I use my covered patio and sit all day,my one neighbor asks if I am talking to my computer.

  2. I tried that last year and the glare was just too much. Bummer. Because that would have been the solution! Drats. Let me know if you figure it out.

  3. I live in California and it's cold and raining. Going to be cold until Friday. What's up with that.

    I'm glad you have sunshine and warmth where you are. I like your reflection too.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  4. That is a very cool photo!

  5. It was the thought that counts! I've tried that before and had the same results. Oh well, just gives us an excuse to sit and enjoy the outdoors!

  6. Looks like you are staying in a very nice neighborhood. Very relaxing.

  7. I would love to do something like that, but the ac power unit is acting squirrely and if I move the computer, it disconnects. I have to lean over the armrest of my chair to do any typing. I would love to fix it, nut I would have to take the ENTIRE computer apart; I'm talking keyboard, monitor, everything.

  8. I think it's funny how laptops are so portable yet so un-usable in the sunshine...and the rain...which makes not so portable after all..lol

    Great pic though!!

  9. That was a really good save when you had nothing to really post about. Was Duke occupied with other things? (LOL?)

  10. Simply enjoying yourself in a warm morning in your patio is truly a relaxing thing to do. :)

    Cool idea of taking a shot of your reflection in your laptop. ;)

  11. I'm a sun lover too, but we don't get much here :(

  12. Nice to be able to sit outside. Love the reflection shot you got!

  13. Lucky you!! I need to get a lap top so I can blog outside :)
    Hope you have another warm sunny day!

  14. Fun reflection even if you couldn't read your screen. I can't see the screen on my little point and shoot camera when I am out in the sunlight. That's a problem because it doesn't have a view finder.

  15. LOL that is so true about seeing anything outdoors but your own mug. But if you can find a good spot at dusk or there abouts then it isn't as bad. But I love the way it made for a good post. As far as being outside right now, it went from winter to summer here in NY. In the 90's and muggy, best to stay in AC, until this breaks. Hope you and Duke are doing great :-)

  16. Hahahaa...I tried that...once, myself...couldn't see a thing...

  17. Hey, I can see Ann in the laptop. Cool. I love sitting on my back deck. I love the outdoors, but you're right. Unfortunately you can't see the screen. Great post. :)

  18. Perfect excuse to just sit and relax!

  19. Something to minimize screen glare while outside would be a hit. I just noticed...we have the same laptop!

  20. out on the prairie I would love to have a covered patio. I like being able to sit out and watch the rain without getting soaked

    Lin If I think of something I'll have another subject for a post...lol

    Sandee, it's been beautiful since Sunday, I just hope it lasts through the weekend

    Grace, thanks

    Beaded tail that's my problem I can't JUST sit..lol

    Vanilla seven it is a nice neighborhood, pretty quiet and no bad neighbors

    Tahtimbo that sounds too much like work :)

    allotments4you you got that right

    FishHawk Duke was being difficult, you know how those big stars can be sometimes

    Junezach it is nice to finally just be able to go out and enjoy

    Duni, we may get more sun than you but not nearly enough for me

    DKMiller I love being able to get out especially after being cooped up for so long

    Audrey I've wanted one for the longest time, it's nice not being tied to the desk all the time although I still prefer my desk top

    LDH I have the same problem with my camera although mine does have a view finder

    Man over Board we have the same weather here in northwestern pennsylvania. I like it though and refuse to sit in AC I froze all winter I don't want to be cool in the summer. BRING ON THE HEAT...lol

    Donna bummer isn't it

    Leeuna ah yes the great outdoors, now all I need is a part of my deck to be covered

    Nico if only I could do that...lol

    Urban cowboy, if you invent it I'll buy it :) The laptop isn't the top of the line but it's good for what I need it for, who needs anything more

  21. Oh how terrific to sit on your porch and so the bloggies. We are having great weather here too. Looks like a great place to do the computer. But I might be tempted to take a great nap.
    Have a great evening

  22. Marg, it would be the perfect place to sit with the computer if you could see the screen.

  23. Ann, you are one creative thinker and I write this as a rainstorm howls outside my door today.

  24. poetic shutterbug. sorry to hear you have rainstorms. we've been hot and sunny for almost a week now, I'm loving it.


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