Friday, May 14, 2010


At last the weekend is here. Keeping my fingers crossed that maybe we can have some good weather for a change. But even if we don't it's good to have two days away from work.
No plans for the weekend just chilling out and relaxing.

Grab a cup and I'll pour you some coffee while you tell me what your plans are for the weekend.


  1. Beautiful cups!! One person can never have too many coffee mugs :)
    we will be mowing grass this weekend - takes about 2.5 hours with 2 six foot mowers, we have a really big yard.
    So happy the sun is shining!!

  2. Lovely photo and lovely coffee mugs. Have a fabulous weekend!

  3. Love the cups; love the photo - You make the coffee, I'll bring the cake. We'll have a nice little chin-chin.

  4. I'm coming over to hang with you and Grace. Make room!

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  6. A weekend with you, Grace ,Lin and Duke sounds like fun!

  7. I don't like to make too many plans for the weekends...the hubby, kids and me are all off work and it's nice just to be at home and slob together and make it up as we go along...however we are going on a sponsored walk today to raise money for the scouts for a new boiler...should be a nice day as the sun is shining outside and there was no frost last night...then we will slob, watch movies, karaoke, gardening, drawing, reading....just stuff that is relaxing and fun and something we can do together!!!

  8. This weekend I will be working on updating all my computer stuff, saving my pics on my external drive and answering the emails I did not get to during the week!

    Hope you enjoy yours whatever you decide to do!

  9. No plans, just blogging, hopefully writing, and enjoying the sun and your cup of coffee. Thank you, and have a great weekend!

  10. Audrey wow, that's a lot of mowing. I wouldn't mind having a yard that big though.

    DKMiller thank you and you also

    Grace sounds like fun, the coffee is on :)

    Lin well ok then it's officially a party

    Coach handbags while I do not mind sharing a link to another blog I don't appreciate a comment that is filled with nothing but your links. You could have at least made a relevant comment on my blog post.

    Beaded tail it does sound like fun and if you bring Sadie then Duke will have someone to play with. I would say Angel and Isabella too but I'm not so sure how Duke would be around cats.

    allotments4you, that sounds like a perfect weekend to me

    Duni a weekend on the computer sounds like what I usually do.

    fullet it sounds like you have a relaxing weekend ahead of you, enjoy it.

  11. Swapna, thank you, I altered it a bit the original wasn't quite as attractive :)

  12. Fantastic picture Ann.The only thing we have planned is me putting the air conditioner in. I have been procrastinating. Next week is suppose to be real hot.
    Have a good weekend.

  13. I really like that little house on the far right side of one of those shelves. Does it have a functional purpose or is it just there to be visually enjoyed? (By the way, I hope you have made it up to Duke by now.)

  14. Russ I hope we get some of that real hot weather here too. I did see a prediction of temps in the 70's so it's promising. I'll pass on the air conditioning though.

    Fishhawk the little house is actually a tea light holder but I don't use it for anything other than visual effect. And of course I've made it up to Duke, how could I not

  15. I love the shades of the cups. Have a great weekend ann :)

  16. So tired and exhausted for the straight 5 days of 11 P.M. to 8 A.M. shift this week. Whew! TGIF! Wohoo! ^_^

    Will be going to a summer outing tomorrow at the beach! Sounds fun and relaxing, right? :D

    Have a nice weekend every one! ^_^

  17. I've been out playing all week so it's time this weekend for me to stay home and get some work done both on and offline. Besides, the weather is conducive to being home, nice and warm.

  18. Hi Ann! Thanks for the coffee and the warm words on my blog today too!

  19. Great blog and lovely photos, Ann! I share your love of craft and digital photography - will be spending my weekend creating quilled cards using some of the photos I took last week on the beautiful island of Herm (in the English Channel Islands) as backgrounds. Well done on banishing the 'To Do' list (May 11). Don't think I'm quite ready to let go of listing just yet ...

  20. I love blue! It's raining here...again...couldn't get my new flowers out or flower beds weeded. Hope you have a great weekend!

  21. I love that shade of blue. I can imagine having coffee from one of those lovely mugs. I bet it would even taste pretty. Have a great weekend.

  22. Sleep! Trying to cure this cough!
    Best wishes,

  23. vanilla seven I think the color of the mugs is what made me buy them in the first place

    junezach a day at the beach sounds like the perfect way to relax. Enjoy

    poetic shutterbug playing all week long sounds like fun to me but then so does getting some work done at home.

    bossy betty, oh you're welcome. That was so sad about the baby hummingbird. Was hoping for a happier ending.

    Philippa why thank you so much. A weekend of creativity sounds like an excellent choice. I'll have to pop over and see you.

    Kim blue has always been one of my favorite colors. Sorry about the rain, we actually had sunshine

    Leeuna. The coffee does taste pretty darn good in them. I love them because of the size.

    Anna oh no not the cough still. Get some rest and feel better.


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