Saturday, May 29, 2010

From me to you

I want to give you my two cents.
 So that you can make a wish.
 I made mine and here you are.
Hope you are all enjoying your Memorial Day weekend.


  1. You made mine too! Thanks and I hope you and Duke are enjoying your weekend also!

  2. I wish the right back to you!

  3. Rustic looking well. Lovely.
    Thank's for the good wish ann :)

  4. wishing for some R&R real soon. Have a great weekend!!!

  5. We don't have memorial day weekend here in the Uk...we have Whit week.....but I will sure be glad of that wish....making it about the cat!!!!!

  6. Hanging out with Duke has most definitely helped make you more clever. GOOD JOB DUKE!!!

  7. Many thanks Ann! Just had my wish. :D

    Have a wonderful Memorial Day to you! ^_^

  8. Well here I am (ha) - I hope you and Duke have a terrific holiday weekend!

  9. Have a great holiday! Hope you got my e-mail — if not, complain loudly!

  10. Nice picture Ann. I can't tell my wish or it won't come true.

  11. I wish you good health & happiness!
    Thanks for visiting by new post today. I am writing an answer to your question/comment there. But right now I have rush to give Erik, who is sick, a cool drink.

  12. That's so sweet. If you don't mind though, I'll keep my wish a secret. ;)

    I see you are working on putting together your own digi scrap kits! How exciting! I am in love with digital elements and digi-scrapping. I'll have to keep an eye out for your special creations.

  13. Urban cowboy,hope it comes true

    Beaded tail aww thanks, we are enjoying.

    marie why that's so sweet

    grace thanks, don't let it get out that I have a sweet side though, it will ruin my rep at work :)

    vanilla seven I saw that well on my walk last weekend and knew it would make a good picture

    roschelle I hope you get all the r&r you need :)

    allotments4you I hope it works on the cat, maybe I could throw in a couple extra pennies for you :)

    fishhawk geesh, I do all the work and the dog takes the credit. I guess my blog is going to the dogs or one dog in particular

    junezach you are very welcome, hope it comes true

    Jen and it only cost me 2 cents to get you here :) a great weekend to you also

    fullet got the email no complaints, thanks again

    russ it's ok no need to reveal what you wish for just run with it :)

    Anna good wish, hope Erik is feeling better soon, no fun being sick

    Kelly don't mind at all. My blog originally started out as a place to show off my digi scrap stuff but I soon found I wasn't all that good at it and so my little corner has evolved into more of a photo editing place.

  14. Hummmmmm(thinking).....SNAP!
    Thanks Miz Ann for the wish...
    If I wished for World Peace, do I win??Hahaaa
    Have a happy day!!

  15. I made 2 wishes , one penney at a time.Wished all a happy weekend.

  16. Woof! Woof! I made a wish. Thanks, Ann. Oh! not sure if my mom told (she having such memory loss lately) that DUKE is one of our Paw It Forward doggy. Please send us again your mailing info. Happy Weekend. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  17. A very nice post. The sentiment really hit me. And I like pictures of money, any money. And the second picture looks nice and natury.

  18. Donna I suppose that would depend on what world you were referring to :)

    out on the prairie good for you, I like a guy who knows how to get a bargain for his

    sugar you're welcome. I'm right there with your mom on the memory loss. Duke will be thrilled I'll get the info to you

    Ratty, thanks, glad you liked it.

  19. Oy, I could use a little wish fulfillment right about now, thanks!

  20. How sweet Ann and thank you. My very best wishes for you always.

  21. Tanyia, well then this is your lucky day isn't it :)

    Poetic shutterbug you are most welcome and thank you for the return good wishes.

  22. A very nice post. The sentiment really hit me. And I like pictures of money, any money. And the second picture looks nice and natury.


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