Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Any Volunteers?

It's a busy day at work and I was hoping for some volunteers to give me a hand. I made some new signs would you mind terribly putting them out for me. Could you put this one near the cakes.
and this one over by the rolls
Those pies are ready to come out of the oven. Would you mind grabbing those for me?
 We need to check the shelves and see if everything is full and all straightened out.
 Yep, looks pretty good to me. Next there's the island bar. If that needs anything we'll have to make a trip into the freezer. I do hope you brought a jacket with you.
I just see a couple empty spots, it won't take long to get that.
Well I want to thank you for all your help. You made my day so much easier. We should do this more often.


  1. Hahahaaa....Great Signs!! SO glad I could help you out!

  2. Those are terrific signs but why or why did you want to make us so very hungry. Gosh, that food looks so good. I may have to go get a pie. Those pictures are terrific. Yummy.

  3. What Marg said. Why is it I'm hungry now? I'm also hungry for pie.

    Have a terrific day. My best to Duke. :)

  4. Donna, I appreciate the help, Would you like apple or cherry pie?

    Marg because I didn't want to be hungry alone...lol

    Sandee, I would feel the same way if it wasn't for the fact that I had to be around that stuff all day

  5. Mmmm, pie. I made an apple raspberry pie today. Now I am glad I did. I better go grab a piece now (thanks to your photo).

  6. oh wow apple raspberry pie sounds sooo yummy!

  7. Those signs are great and would certainly get my attention! I remember doing all those tasks when I worked in a bakery and I also remember how enticing those fresh baked pies are. Oh how I need a piece of pie now!

  8. Those are great signs and how nice everything looks. I come via Didaz blog. Just stopped by to say hello and I like your blog.

  9. Wonderful signs :)
    I don't mind the shopping, it's the getting home and having to unpack all the groceries that I don't like.

  10. Neat signs...but I am really digging your pies.

  11. Why yes, I often yield to the craving for something sweet, you...you...ENABLER!!! No, it is worse than that, but since I am such a nice person, I will not say it. The Food Police are not so nice, however.

  12. Okay, I can't stand it any longer. Could I have a big piece of fresh strawberry pie, PA-LEASE???

  13. Anything chocolate over there?

  14. I love the signs. I am however with Sheri. Anything chocolate over there.

  15. Oh stop! You've made me really hungry!

  16. Great post Ann...I love the signs...are they there for real or did you edit the pics??

  17. I'll help with the pies. Sorry if my finger slips and ends up in the yummy looking pie.

  18. Gimme those pies - gimme, gimme, gimme! Please? Do you know the pie song?

  19. Anne you mean you left it sitting out where anyone could get it? Run quick...lol

    Anonymous I agree, I want a piece of that :)

    BeadedTail I do occasionally get a craving for a pie when I bake these.

    Gloria why thanks. and thanks for stopping by, hope to see more of you around here.

    Audrey oh that is the worst. by that time I'm too wiped out to do any more work...lol

    Urban Cowboy so you're the one who dug a big hole in the middle of that pie huh?

    FishHawk I yield quite often myself and I only enable so that I won't feel so lonely. I'll gladly slice you up a great big piece of pie, since you were so polite and all.

    Sheri, not in the pictures but I've got plenty of chocolate cake and cookies. I made a chocolate cake with mint frosting, dumped on some chocolate chips then drizzled chocolate over the top. MMMMMMMMMM

    Russ, you betcha, no bakery I work in will ever go without chocolate :)

    Sharkbytes, well grab a piece of pie before it's all gone

    allotments4you the signs are real, no editing done to the pics at all. My boss is real big on signs and he's been getting a kick out of some of the ones I've been doing lately

    BBoysMom well if your finger slips and ends up in the pie we won't be able to put it out for sale. Of course this means we have to dispose of it somehow, do you want a plate or shall we eat it right out of the tin?

    Grace You wouldn't happen to want some pie would you?....lol I have heard that song but not in a long time. I had to go listen before I realized what it was.

  20. Very cute signs! So nice wandering about the store ~ enjoyed it much more than my usual trip for groceries!

  21. LDH, thanks. It's a small store, not like those huge super centers, no getting lost in this one. Best part is being in a small town, you pretty much know all the customers and their routines and can almost figure out exactly what they want before they ask for it.

  22. I'd help you any day for some of that pie :D

  23. Poetic shutterbug, I'm always glad to have an extra set of hands. Some days I'm really running.


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