Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hide and seek

Today Duke wants to play a game with you. First he says you have to close your eyes and count to ten while he goes and hides.
Ready or not Duke, here they come.

hee hee, they'll never find me here.
uh oh, I think they spotted me, but if I lean way over maybe they won't see me.
Ok, do you give up, here I am.

This is the forsythia bush on the side of my house. Duke has dug into the side of it and made a nice little hole underneath and he loves to go in there and hide. I guess it's just a cool spot to sit and watch over things. It makes a much better hiding spot when it's covered with leaves though.


  1. HAhahahaa....Duke is SO much fun!!

  2. Funny and cute Duke for finding a perfect spot for him to hide. lol

  3. That's might cleaver for a puppy dog! You got one smarty boy there!

  4. Woof! Woof! DUKE ... what a great hiding spot. Is there bunny poops there ... make sure don't eat them. LOL! Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  5. AH yes! What better way to get that pretty white coat dirty?

  6. It sort of looks like a big bird nest right now!! Let me know if Duke lays an egg. ;)

  7. I see that you are getting ready for the change of season, Duke!


  8. That was a fun game, Duke :) I'll bet your hiding place is going to be the "bee's knees" (did I actually write that??) when the flowers and leaves appear.

  9. Pretty great hiding spot! Duke must be really good at this game.

  10. He's pretty sneaky! Almost couldn't see him :)

  11. Ha ha ha, Dakota does that too! She just loves to dig herself a hole and lay in it...given enough time, they get pretty deep...and I think about graves which is too creepy...

  12. Ahhhh, so that's the famous Forsythia! Probably a good thing that Duke hasn't thought about going for a camo roll in the dirt there to better blend in before the bloom :o)

  13. Sorry, Duke, I found you! But I had to look real hard.

  14. Don't worry Duke. The leaves will be back soon. Then you can really hide from all us snoops.

  15. I swear, I didn't see a cute little white dog hiding under a bush over there. Yes, officer, I have had my eyes checked, and I appreciate your concern.

  16. Duke, we saw you but I bet when the leaves come out, we won't be able to find you, that is for sure. You blend right in with those branches. Good job of hiding,
    Have a super week.

  17. lol this is super cute...
    Thank you so much for dropping by my blog and for ur nice comment...!
    take care,

  18. It's not in bloom yet? It actually took me a second to find him in the first shot - Bath time anyone?

  19. I think Duke has found the perfect spot to hide and see who is walking round. Very cute.

  20. ollie ollie oxen free!

    Whatever the hell that means.

  21. You're just the cutest Duke. Okay, handsome. I know you already know that though.

    Have a terrific day and my best to your mom. :)

  22. donna, more fun than a barrel full of monkeys

    january yes it's his favorite, especially in hot weather

    ldh he is clever that's for sure

    sgr no bunny poops, I already warned him that they didn't agree with you :)

    bossy betty that's for sure

    lin well there is a birds nest in there somewhere, if duke lays an egg I hope it's a golden one

    anna yes he sure is

    tahtimbo lol bees knees, haven't heard that in ages

    buggys he's good at it but there is a little branch that sticks up out of the ground and he's forever getting caught on it

    gayle, it's the best

    audrey he sure is

    dkmiller cute and then some

    willoaks when we first got duke he used to dig everywhere, he had the front yard so dug up it looked like a mine field

    allotments4you fun fun and more fun

    jen yep, that's it. he does roll in it sometimes, I don't think he realizes he's

    daisy aw it's ok daisy, duke doesn't mind

    grampy and he will too

    fishhawk if duke ever needs an alibi for anything he's coming to you

    marg once the leaves are on it he is hard to spot

    dida thanks and it was my pleasure visiting your blog

    grace actually it is in bloom i took the pics a couple weeks ago but they were stuck on the camera. And yes he's way overdue for a bath

    b boys mom yes he has and it's nice and cool on a hot day too

    me-me rofl. I have no idea but it fit well

    sandee I think you've told him once or twice :)

    vickie that's my duke

  23. Awww, that is so cute! I love when dogs do their own thing. Good for Duke!

  24. Duke is such a character! He's just the cutest!

  25. Holly, and they are so good at it too. Some days I wish I was a dog.

    Beaded tail a character for sure.


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