Sunday, April 25, 2010


Did you ever have one of those days where there was just...
 Or at least nothing that you want to do? Well maybe you don't but I have days like that all the time. On days like that my mind just sort of wanders. I start thinking about things. You know those lists people come up with about things that make you go hmmmm? Sometimes those are the things I think about. I got to wondering if it's true that...
Now some times my mind does a bit of a free association type thing. Naturally this led me to think about how some things may seem bigger than what they really are. Size led me to wonder if some of you might be curious about how big Duke is. Naturally I had to do a test so that none of my readers would ever have to wonder about their favorite canine. I went ahead and measured Duke for you.
I didn't take a picture but I also measured the span between my thumb and index finger. It's roughly six inches. So now you all know that Duke is approximately six inches in size. Hmm and I thought I didn't have anything to do today. Guess I was wrong.


  1. lmao, I like lins response mom

  2. Now that is really funny! And philosophical too! Right up Lin's alley!
    Sara Cat

  3. HAHAHAHahahaaa...omggggg...

  4. So if Duke is a petite 6 inches, I'm thinking you got yourself a brand new breed of dog there girl!
    I vote we call him a Western Teacup. TeeHee :o)

  5. Lin, not just any hamster he's a West Highland White

    Amanda, me

    Sara Kat, philosophically

    Donna oh good you survived the restaurant episode, :)

    Jen a Western Teacup that's kinda cute, I like it :)

  6. I have days like that quite often! In fact I can tell which week of the month they will fall in too :)
    So - is Duke full size now or will he grow some more?

  7. I love your creative photoshopping and photos. :-) I had nothing to do so I spent the day taking pictures of myself. Does that make me vain???

  8. Your post made me chuckle and Lin's comment was just perfect! Thanks for brightening my day!

  9. That was funny (and clever)!

  10. LOL! Great captured on "Nothing To do"!!! You are so creative Ann :D

  11. I love the way it's possible to manipulate size like this in a photo to make something appear quite what it isn't....

  12. Haha! You're so funny, Ann :)
    Me? Well, I've got plenty to do most days!!! Sometimes, too much.

  13. You've been hanging out with us too much.

  14. Hey, Duke! Do you want to come over and play??

  15. Very cleaver as usual Ann. I love the Duke picture. I'll have to try that with Claudia.

  16. So you can take him anywhere you go in a purse? That means the postage to send him to visit the Small Town would be extremely inexpensive :).

  17. I'm never bored. I'm always doing something. So are you it appears.

    I didn't think Duke was so small. Bwahahahahaha. You crack me up.

    Have a terrific day and my very best to you and Duke. :)

  18. Great post Ann - I needed a Monday chuckle!!!!

  19. So Duke is actually a living and breathing canine keychain? I want one :D lol!

  20. audrey. Duke is done growing so I guess I'm stuck with a 6"

    DKMiller if that makes you vain then I am too. I don't have anyone else willing to let me take their picture so I'm the only option

    Beaded tail, it cracked me up too, writing the post and then lin's comment was priceless

    Grace, thanks I thought so too. but then I crack myself up often

    Vanilla my mind works in weird ways when I'm bored :)

    allotments4you I would love to try one of those phots with 2 people you have one stand close to the camera and one way back and you can make the front person look like they are holding the further one in the palm of their hand. I don't have any volunteers though

    Duni well I try any way. With me it's either too much or not enough, never a happy medium

    FishHawk I could never get enough of you guys, I feel like I'm a part of the "IN" crowd

    Daisy are you just saying that because he's the size of one of your catnip

    Russ oh I hope you do try it with Claudia, I would love to see how her size compares with Duke's

    Anne, I suppose I could although I would have to poke little holes in the package and I would need to make sure it was waterproof. Duke does need to be let out and if he isn't he's gotta do what a dogs gotta do

    Sandee well yes I am, it may not be a productive something but it's a

    Marie, thank you, glad I could make you chuckle

    Poetic Shutterbug key chain, now why didn't I think of that. the ring on his collar would be perfect :)


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