Thursday, April 29, 2010

Duke has been updated

Duke had another adventure of sorts on Monday. It was time for a visit to the v. e. t. He was actually a little over due for his rabies booster and distemper shots. This was not a fun trip believe me. The closest Duke ever gets to other animals is when he sees another dog walking down the street. When we got to the vets office they were packed. All the other dogs were sitting so nicely quietly waiting their turn. Not Duke. He was barking, whining, jumping around and lifting his leg on anything in site. I lost track of how many times the receptionist came out with the mop.
 Finally they called us in. A little bit more waiting but at least he was busy checking out things in the tiny room rather than going nuts with all the other dogs around.
He did however lift his little white leg a few times in this room as well.
I was going to take pictures after the vet came in and get photos of Duke getting his exam but I chickened I don't know why but I always feel strange taking pictures when someone else is around. I really need to get over that.
The dreaded exam counter. Duke would rather I didn't talk about what happened here so I'll just end this now and come back tomorrow with a different subject.


  1. Oh, I didn't know that Duke isn't a social dog. Tell Duke to know it off. I'll bet you are exhausted. :)

  2. Duke sounds very much like my owner "Rain". It isn't so much that their anti social, I would define it more as the King syndrome. In essence, they do not need anyone to tell them, let alone take them anywhere. They should be given the respect any king deserves. In other words, they do not want to be controlled nor taken anywhere they deem unnecessary. Thus the blatant lifting of legs and vocal displeasure.

    Our lives evolve around these 4 legged royal pain the the asses, but we love them anyway. :-)

    I like the new picture slider.

  3. It's almost time for Shadow and Sheba's shots. Since Shadow weighs around 90 lbs and Sheba weighs in at around 30 lbs, I'm sure I'l need to schedule them both separately. Either that or call in the National Guard to help me with them. :)
    By the way, Duke is a sweetie pie. Sooo cute!

  4. Duke has that much pee in him? haha I would think he would run out. I don't like visiting the Dr. either - so I can't blame him one bit.

  5. So many smells to cover up with his own! Glad everything went okay though, other than Duke not enjoying being there with the other dogs.

  6. Duke has to show that he's as big as anyone else on the block. He knows he is!

  7. Once when we took one of the kitties to the vet, there was this sweet beagle waiting with his owner. I think his name was "Freckles" or something sweet like that.

    He came over to see the kids, his little tail a-waggin' all excited to have some pets and an ooh and ahhh.

    He was absolutely adorable until the vet came out and called his name. Freckles put the brakes on and had to be literally dragged into the exam room. There were the most horrendous growls and snarls coming from that room while we stood there completely amazed at the transformation from sweet to beastly in 3 seconds.

    You, Duke, are NOT alone in disliking the vet. And I'm glad your mom didn't record the moment this one time. :)

  8. No one likes docs and shots...Duke's no fool.

  9. Just between us, I have to say that I have much the same reaction as Duke when I have to go to the dentist.

  10. Totally understand Duke's reaction!!!!

  11. poor old Duke...fancy the mean V.E.T. putting him through all that stress and then stabbing him with hard's about time the V.E.T. realised how special and unique Duke is and started making house calls to him so as to relieve his stress a little!!!!!

  12. I'm the same way with the photo taking ~ but recently decided that I would just ask. All they can do is say no.....

    Duke is a very cute dog!!

  13. Um, he wouldn't have learned that behavior from his mommy--would he? On second thought, that may have just been something I heard about someone else. Never mind.

  14. Poor Duke, We all hate the vets too. Mom says she doesn't blame your mom for not taking pictures when the vet was giving Duke his exam. She couldn't take pictures with someone else there either. Duke probably would have been mortified too.Bet Duke went home and took a long nap.
    Have a wonderful week end.

  15. Poor Duke! When my Mommeh has to go to the doctor's office, she always gets nervous and has to go potty, too.

  16. Poor Duke! He has to know that this if for the better. You are bringing him there because you love him. And I believe that Duke was a perfect gentleman while waiting.

  17. Poor Duke! I hope he got extra love and treats when he got home.

  18. I don't think I like the Vet's office Either!!BARK!!Hahaa
    Someone always wanting to poke Something...LOL

  19. aww... Duke, I hate doctors too. And no one talks about what happens on those God-forsaken tables!

    Just be happy it's over until the next time.

  20. I need to bring my dog to the vet but he does the same kind of thing. I once brought him to visit my mother in the nursing home. When we walked into the lobby all of the old ladies gathered around him to pet him and say how cute he was. In his excitement he peed like a girl all over the carpet. I was horrified but the director just said "Don't worry about it, every body pees there".

  21. Sandee, I don't know if it's not that he's not a social dog he just doesn't get the chance to be so he doesn't quite know how to act. He just gets very excited. He loves all kinds of people that's for sure

    Man over board, King syndrome sounds about right as does the 4 legged pain in the

    Leeuna I used to have 2 chocolate labs and I did actually take them at the same time but I always had help go along. You may want to contact the national guard

    Cinnamon girl you should see him when we go for a walk you wouldn't think he would be able to go as much as he does.

    Beaded tail I think he wanted to check them out and I wouldn't let him and that's what he was getting upset about

    Sharkbytes yeah those little guys always have to prove themselves.

    Vanilla seven lol, that's funny I like it

    Lin He actually didn't seem to mind the vet at all, he didn't even wimper when he got the shots. That's too funny about Freckles. The lab I used to have I found out his chart at the vet had a "Watch" on it. I'm thinking he must have tried to bite one of them.

    Grace nope, he sure isn't

    tahtimbo oh please tell me you don't lift your leg at the dentist office? I'm sure they aren't as used to such things there like they are at the vet

    Bossy Betty I just wish there would have been at least one other dog acting the same way.

    allotments4you house calls sounds like a great idea

    marie I should learn to do that, I'm sure most wouldn't have a problem. I just gotta get over it

    FishHawk I have NEVER lifted my leg on anything :)

    Marg some things just should not be photographed

    Daisy Duke says to tell you that it's not fair that mommeh's don't blog about it when they get nervous.

    Sheri he was as perfect as he was capable of being at the time :)

    Anne Duke always gets extra

    Donna I need to remember to not make Monday appointments any more, they said that they are always busy on Monday

    LDH he is very happy it's over.

    Jen ROFL that is a hysterical story. I love it.

  22. Aww, poor Duke - the vet and shots are never fun. Lots of stuff to mark it sounds like. :-)

  23. DKMiller I think if we had been there any longer Duke would have covered every square inch and then started over again


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