Tuesday, April 6, 2010

falling behind

This computer thing is really throwing me for a loop. I was over a week ahead on my posts now I'm down to nothing. Worse yet, I don't even have any brilliant ideas. I hope you'll all bear with me while I bore you with my UAO's.
What's a UAO you asked? (yes you did, I heard you and so did Duke) A UAO is an unidentifiable art object. I'm not sure if a digital image can be considered an object but that's what I'm going with.
Here are two of my latest.
I'm going to have to dig into some old files and see what I can find so that Duke can make an appearance. I have some really good ones (I think) stuck on my camera. Maybe one of these days I'll be able to get them.


  1. I'm SO darn hooked on my computer...pitiful! I Feel your Pain!!!Lolol...well, I Do!!
    Go get a NEW ONE!! SHOPPING TRIP!!Hahahaha....oh well, maybe Duke will go with meh...LOL
    I hate to shop anyway...

  2. Honorable mention goes to Ann of Ann's Snap Edit & Scrap

    She should have known when her friend said "he's got a great personality" that this was going to be the worst blind date of her life.

  3. I feel your pain!! Neat pictures!!

  4. Very creative photos! We have those same moments with the computer and not having any brilliant ideas. More often than not actually.

  5. I am totally loving that first one!

  6. While the first one is colorful and intriguing, the second one just plain made me smile...

  7. Your UAO's are great. I wish I could get ahead on writing posts myself. I almost always write mine at the last possible second with no clue as to what I will write. It's sometimes fun that way, but it can also be a great pain.

  8. My wife reminds me of stuff I supposedly said all of the time. So, who am I to argue with you and Duke? By the way, I don't know what to call it, but I really like that first UAO.

  9. I love the first one. I think you could hypnotize someone with that one.

  10. The UAOs are lovely. What happened to your posts? I preschedule all the time. How frustrating to loose your hard work.

  11. I love your imagination and creativity. Keep up the good work!


  12. Your UOA's are really neat. I love that you call them that! I'm sorry about your computer! I would hate that so much. Hope your week gets better:)

    Take care, and thanks for all of the positive support on my posts. You are such a sweetheart<3

  13. Those are both really cool! I'm sorry about your computer, but if this is what you blog about in the meantime? I'm down with that.

  14. I would like a piece of fabric imprinted with design #2. Wouldn't that be great?

  15. These designs are awesome, Ann. Tiger Direct has fantastic deals on all computers. I buy all of my stuff there. Check them out.

  16. Ann, the first photo reminds me of an art sculpture by hand-blown glass artist Dale Chihuly. Very nice!

  17. Donna, I'm also very attached to my computer, it's like my best friend. Wish I had the money to go out and buy a new one. worst part is mine isn't all that old

    sandee hey how about that.

    gayle thanks to both

    beaded tail I seem to go in spurts with the ideas. either I have a ton of them or nothing at all

    bossy betty why thanks

    grace well if it made you smile then it was worth every second it took me to make it :)

    ratty I've done the last second posting, i find it very stressing...lol

    fishhawk are you feeling ok? you seem awfully agreeable today

    grampy maybe that's what I was trying for, are you clucking like a chicken yet....lol

    dkmiller I didn't lose any posts, it's just that the ones I had scheduled all went up and I didn't have a back log of them any more. I like to have a few done in advance and i was on a big roll with it

    raisa why thank you very much

    angela It was just another one of those things that popped in my head. you take care too and keep that positive thinking going :)

    jd you are too kind. now maybe you could have computer problems so I don't have to? probably not huh...it was worth a try

    buggys that would make a great fabric, I can see a really cool tote bag slung over my shoulder made with that print

    poetic shutterbug I've been to tiger direct before, they do have good prices. unfortunately no price is in the budget right now

    me-me hmm never heard of him before, I'll have to investigate.

  18. I really like the top one!
    Usually I try to work about a week ahead with posting too, but I am at a loss for tomorrow!
    Hopefully something comes to me :)

  19. So sorry you are having so many problems, hopefully everything will work out. I'm thinking about getting one of those I-Pads. Loved those photo's though.

  20. Audrey. I'm sure you'll come up with something, you always do :)

    jude me too. and thanks

  21. Aww I'm sorry about your computer - I feel your pain - I was lost without mine when my cable went out. But your pictures are pretty - especially the first one - psychedelic!

  22. I'm here on a hunt. Oh you sneaky girl...lucky you!

  23. I am so so sorry about your PC. Trust me I know the feeling. It's all I can do to get PS to stay open.

    I don't even have an idea or post made ahead even for tomorrow yet!

    I love your substitution though. Hey they're great!
    Have a great weekend!


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