Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter

Easter duck and Easter chick,
Easter eggs with chocolate thick,
Easter hats for one and all,
Easter bunny makes a call!
Happy Easter always brings
Such a lot of pleasant things! 

 Who needs the Cadbury Bunny when you've got Duke?

Happy Easter to all of you from Duke and Ann


  1. I love how you're never afraid to put up your duke. Always a pleasure seeing him. Cheers.

  2. We'd love to find Duke in our Easter basket! Hope you all have a Happy Easter!

  3. Oh, that is HILARIOUS! Reminds me of the Cadbury Egg commercials where they have Easter Bunny try-outs. I can almost hear Duke clucking now...

  4. How did you get Duke into that Easter basket so perfectly? Love the matching pink tongue and ears!

  5. I'll take Duke over the bunny any day:) He looks so great with those ears.
    Also, thank you for letting me know about that site, I have no idea why it isn't working for your site. I've put up a notice letting people know that it may not work properly. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  6. He is adorable! Thank you for participating in the P K Glitz blog hop. The winner of the prizes will be announced on Tuesday :)

  7. That's one of the best Easter bunnies I've seen.

    Cluck cluck cluck cluck, ruff!

  8. That's a great picture! Definitely makes me smile!

    Happy Easter Ann!

  9. Happy Easter Ann. Hope you and your family have a wonderful day. Duke makes a good looking Bunny.

  10. So lovely! Happy Easter, Ann, Duke and family!

  11. I hope you, Duke and the rest of your bunch have a very Happy Easter!

  12. Hahahahaa!!!! What a Handsome Bunny!!!
    Happy Easter Miz Ann!!!

  13. stopping in to wish you a happy easter! absolutely love that photo of duke, he should be used in the cadbury commercials!


  14. Oh my goodness!! That is precious :) Hope you have a wonderful Easter too!

  15. Duke, you are even cuter than the REAL Easter Bunny! Happy Easter!

  16. Love the photo of Duke and hope you're all having a wonderful Easter.

  17. Happy Easter!

    I love the Easter Dog! I hope he visited my house last night and left me lots of good treats!

  18. Happy Easter to you and your family. And Duke, that picture belongs on a calendar!

  19. Happy Easter Sunday!!! ^_^

    Duke is better off than a bunny. Perfect shot! :D

  20. Alesa lol nope not afraid at all

    beaded tail hope you find something just as sweet as Duke in yours

    lin lol that's what I was going for

    ldh I can't get him to do it so I extracted him out of one picture and the basket out of another and put the two together

    tahtimbo yep I thought the ears looked pretty good on him

    bossy betty and to you also

    tammy i look forward to hearing who wins

    ratty yep he's the best easter bunny I've ever seen of course he didn't bring me any goose eggs

    marie duke has a way of doing that

    grampy yes he does, have a great easter

    fullet and to you also

    fishhawk what happened to the real fishhawk? no wise cracks today? I do hope he'll be back tomorrow.

    donna happy easter to you as well

    pj i think he would make a good spokesdog

    audrey i thought it was a keeper

    daisy we've never seen the real one he's always been to sneaky but we think duke makes a good substitute

    jude thanks and hope you are too

    vanilla seven lol yep, he's a dog for all seasons

    jd to you also. he just may have I don't know where he was for a while last night

    dkmiller thanks and to you also

    sheri maybe duke will have one in the making for next year.

    junezach yep, bunnies sleep in holes, duke gets a soft bed and someone to wait on him

  21. I am going to make the mad assumption that was photo shopped - you wouldn't really put bunny ears on ole Duke...

  22.'re just plain adorable Duke. Yes you are. I hope you and yours have a wonderful Easter. :)

  23. What a great picture!! Would look great on a Easter card!!

  24. grace your mad assumption would be correct, I might try to put ears on Duke but I doubt they would stay there for long

    sandee duke says thanks so much

    cinnamon girl thanks and you also

    gayle I should have thought of it soon enough to do that

  25. Happy Easter! You are TOO CUTE Duke! ;o)

  26. Duke is adorable, whether he wants to be or not! You've been busy. Hey, you were top commenter at Congrats!

  27. Duke makes the best Easter Bunny ever! Happy Easter :)

  28. Now that just made my entire week. One of the cutest photos I've ever seen. Thanks for the smiles.

  29. Split rock ranch, thank you very much

    sharkbytes yeah he doesn't have to try very hard to be cute. Wow, top commenter coo.

    b boys mom best one I've ever seen

    poetic shutterbug I was pretty happy with it to, I think it's a keeper


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