Friday, April 23, 2010

Yesterday I showed you how I made my textures. Today I'm going to show you a couple things I did using them. I wanted to combine several pictures to create something along the lines of a collage. I don't know if that's what these could be considered or not but I was happy with how they came out.
This was the dandelion picture I used yesterday with a picture of daffodils added and a third spring flower picture on top of that. It's basically the same procedure as in creating the texture. Here there was more erasing involved to get just the look I wanted. Of course it was topped off with the texture. This one is currently my desktop wallpaper. I'm really liking how it looks. I'm thinking this would also make a great greeting card.
After I did that one, I tried it with those pictures I showed you from Amanda. I figured the flowers and the butterflies together would look pretty cool.
 I loved the way this one looked too. Being me though I couldn't stop here. With this same picture I did one little thing that totally changed the look. All I did was hit cntrl + I on my keyboard and I got this.
 I can't decide which version I like better.


  1. I like the first one the best, although they are all great. You are so talented.

    Have a terrific day and weekend. My best to Duke. :)

  2. These pics are very cool. :)

  3. So you just layered a couple of photos??? I didn't know you could do that. I LOVE it!! I'm gonna have to find some time to play around this weekend--you have inspired me!

  4. I love the middle butterfly one1 So pretty and so interesting!

  5. WOW! Absolutely and perfectly wonderful!

    Ann, many times I already have told you that you have the gift for this craft but then again I will still tell you that you are a gifted person. I LOVE YOUR ART! :D

    Have a great and blessed weekend to you and Duke! ^_^

  6. Oh wowzie, I love the first butterfly and flower pic but then I love bright colors...

  7. Well all the pictures are great but I think my favourite is the last as you have the original picture there and yet you can make so much more too...and depending upon who you are depends on what you will see!!!!

  8. These are amazing, Ann!
    I like the intensity of the colours.
    The butterflies and flowers look so pretty :)

  9. I like the butterflies. And I think you are right about the collage. Maya and I made some collages yesterday. Of course ours were made from cutting pictures out of magazines.

  10. Sandee, thanks I also liked the first one, and look at it every time I sit at my computer

    Kim thanks

    Lin yep just layering

    Beaded tail the butterfly pictures had great colors and I loved the way they all blended together

    JuneZach feel free to tell me as often as you like, I don't mind a bit :)

    Grace thanks for the wowzie, those colors really do just sort of jump right out at you don't they

    allotments4you I was amazed by the colors on that last one when I inverted it.

    Duni thank you very much.

    Russ the collage you and Maya did sounds like more fun, I like cutting and pasting. Hands on always makes for fun

  11. Those are some great artistic images Ann. You have such wonderful creativity.

  12. I am so impressed! All are great. The first two very summery in their bright colors. I am a little imaginative but the third one has a mystic feel to it... kind of inviting my down into the center of the hibiscus... larger than life butterfly. Yes, I watch too much LOST! Here comes the smoke Monster....

  13. DKMiller thanks, most of the time it's the result of mindlessly playing

    LDH I like how your imagination works. I don't watch Lost but there are times I see things that no one else does in an image. I think it's just the inner child voice that still has the ability to believe in fairy tales and magic. ;)

  14. Ann- That yellow one is awesome! Do you offer these for sale as prints?

  15. Ann, fantastic creations. I like the last one the best though they are all beautiful. How do you combine the photos? I don't know how to do that with my software.

  16. Sharkbytes, thank you, It has been suggested to me that I should try and sell them but I've never taken the steps to begin that process

    Poetic Shutterbug I'm not sure what software you use but with photoshop elements it's done in layers using blending modes and the eraser tool if necessary. What software do you have?


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