Saturday, April 17, 2010

Around the house

You wouldn't know it by looking outside today, but last week we had some beautiful weather. We actually had to mow the lawn for the first time. I suppose "we" could actually be considered incorrect though since "we" didn't mow, Wade did. I was out there though taking pictures of him doing it.
 There's nothing quite like the smell of fresh mown grass. It doesn't do much for the allergies though.
I also walked around the house and took a few pictures of flowers that I could find in amongst the weeds.
This is the forsythia on the side of my house.

 This I found sticking up out of my Japanese Iris. Every year I say I'm going to clean all this stuff up in the fall so it doesn't look so bad come spring but every year I forget about it. I would show you what the flower beds looked like but I'm afraid it would be too much of an embarrassment.


  1. You should see MINE!!LOL...I'm just too tired to care...
    Happy night friend!

  2. I'm really good at doing a fall cleanup because we always host the Band Parents Bonfire each fall. They think I'm nice for hosting, but I really have ulterior motives. ;) It's amazing what you get done if you are having people over.

  3. I leave all the stuff up purposely until spring because I hate looking out at flat snow in the winter. All the dead stuff makes things look more interesting outside :)

  4. Poor forlorn forsythia...

  5. We're doing pretty good here, mild winter had me mowing now for about a month.

  6. We had to mow the lawn today, too. Well, actually my wife did. I have really bad allergies and can't do it anymore. I spent the time working on our car. It has a dead battery and I need to take it in to be charged, but apparently the hood latch has decided to pick this time to stick, so I can't get the hood open. I knew I should have taken auto mechanics in school.
    But at least the lawn look nice :)

  7. Sorry for a quick comment, but needed to say hello to my favs Ann and the Dukester :-)Hope all is well in PA

  8. I love the smell of fresh cut grass and since mowing starts here in February, it leaves me itching for spring way before everything else is ready. We did come home today from Colorado to a sea of colors from so many things blooming - I just love this time of year!

  9. don't worry about the us the flower least with the weeds there is little greenery in

  10. Still rather uninspired? (LOL?)

  11. It is always good to own a garden!

  12. I mowed our weeds the other day too. Now it smells like onions around here. My pots look like the dickens too so don't feel bad.
    Give Duke a hug for us. Or at least a pat. Have a great Sunday

  13. We just purchased a newer lawn mower. We (I) am mowing about 5 acres and we needed to upgrade. The old mower was fine, but 2.5 hours every 5 days was taking it's toll.
    You took some really lovely photo's!
    Have a wonderful Sunday :)

  14. How you doing Ann. We all say we are going to do the flower gardens in the Fall. Some reason we never get to it. I straightened out the flowers in front of the hedges.
    We have a bunch growing in the house.Maya had to have her Sun Flowers.

  15. Looks like Duke's Man Room is gearing up for spring (I just love Forsythia :o) Since I've missed a day or two here, I'm going to add that I love the butterfly photos and I'm glad you were able to resurrect your computer - I think we all live in fear of the Hard Drive Horror. Happy spring!

  16. Donna, I can always count on you to make me feel like I'm not alone.

    Lin I would try inviting people over but it seems a shame to go through all that effort to clean up just to have guest make a huge mess

    Alterity button jewelry now that sounds like a good reason I think I'll forget about my fall plan and just go with your thought from now on.

    Grace. Actually it's rather large, it runs the entire side of my house. That just happened to be one branch that was sticking out all by itself

    The urban cowboy I would gladly trade I wouldn't mind a longer mowing season if it meant a milder winter

    tahtimbo we both have the allergies too. Wade is stuffed up for days after mowing. He's pretty fussy about how it's done though so he would rather I didn'

    man-over-board even a quick comment from you is a pleasure. Glad you were able to stop by today.

    beaded tail, we usually still have a foot or so of snow in February. What a nice thing to come home to though, hope you had a good time.

    allotment4you you would probably have fun in my flower beds but then again they could give you

    Fishhawk, you would have to point that out wouldn't you. :)

    jam yes it's just a shame that I don't do anything with it.

    marg it's so nice to know that I'm not alone. Duke says thanks for the hug and pat.

    audrey I would love to have the 5 acres but you can keep the 2.5 hours of We have less than an acre but it is bigger than city postage stamp size yard. All we have is a push mower though so it's not much fun to do the work.

    grampy I think it's because it ends up getting colder than I like and then I just don't want to go out and do the work. I used to have sun flowers growing under one of my trees. I had a bird feeder hanging there and the seeds would drop out and grow. Hope Maya has good luck with hers.

  17. Jen, you slipped your comment in there while I was writing Yes duke's man room is coming along nicely. Amanda was a little doll to send those pictures and I am one happy camper having my computer back up and running. Glad to see you out and about today :)

  18. Ann, your yard looks so nice. Ours is coming in so poorly this year. Sigh. Hubby put something on it yesterday.

    Lovely flowers as well.

  19. I had to laugh, Wade mowing the lawn while your taking pics LOL! Your photos - stunning!

  20. Love the smell of freshly-cut grass! It came right through my computer!

  21. Happy Spring, Ann. I agree about the smell of freshly mowed grass. It is wonderful to hear the whirring of lawn mowers and weed eaters.

  22. I'm with you on "just the details, ma'am" and when it comes to the gardens, we're simply not ready (if ever!) for the big view!! Yes, we are mowing now, too (darn it all!)

  23. DKMiller we have a couple of spots that aren't looking so good. Mostly where it got torn up from plowing.

    Poetic shutterbug hey somebody had to do it right?

    Bossy Betty It is a wonderful smell. I love it. Glad you were able to get the scent.

    Tammy The whirring of mowers, the smell of fresh cut grass and lets not forget the aroma of outdoor cooking.

    Will Oaks I'm probably less ready than most. Even on their best days my flower beds tend to have a haphazard look to them. Sort of like someone took a bunch of bulbs and tossed them and wherever they landed that's where they grew. SIGH!!!!

  24. Talk about an embarresment should see my yard....we have been remodeling for years and the yard looks like a construction site!!

  25. See? I told you that looking around your surroundings can inspire you. Hahaha! :D

    Nice photos Ann! ^_^

  26. gayle, the yard itself isn't too bad but the flower beds make it look like it's an abandoned house. I wish that there was some remodeling going on around here.

    junezach you were right all i had to do was open my Next time I'm feeling uninspired I'm coming to you so you can remind me :)

  27. I love the smell of freshly-cut grass -- when someone else has cut it -- although it kills my allergies. It's amazing how fast everything has blossomed and turned so green in just a few short days. I love Spring!

  28. Leeuna, I don't even mind mowing myself however my allergies rebel later when I do.


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