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The Brenda Photo Challenge (4-24-10) Lighting

It's another Brenda photo challenge. This one I found to be a little difficult. The subject was lighting and this is what it said:
Alright! This is pretty well self explanatory! Just show how YOU would light your subject...Any subject!! Just show us Your way of doing it! the photo above, CAPTURE the lighting...Got it? Well, then, GO for it and just have FUN with it!
I was pretty stumped on what to do. First of all I'm a mere amateur photographer that barely knows her camera. I'm not saying that I can't take a decent picture now and then but lets face it, I'm no pro. I don't own any fancy lighting or any special lighting for that matter. So after establishing the fact that I have lighting envy I set out to get a picture that would fit.
Ok, I could give you a picture of an incandescent light bulb because that's how I would light my subject if I was taking a picture in the house at night. NAH, don't like that idea. I finally decided that my light source is mainly natural light. With that being said, here is my entry.
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  1. Wow, that is a REALLY spectacular picture! YOU took it?

  2. I like it a lot. Very well done for lighting. Good luck.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  3. Ok Duke, I will leave a comment. That picture is fantastic. What a great way to show light.We think you are a super photographer. Wish I could do as well as you do. But I am learning.
    Have a great week end.

  4. That is downright biblical. I expect to see Charlton Heston to come striding into view any moment. Great photo!

  5. ...ShowOff!!!!Hahahaaa....This IS Gorgeous!! God helped you DIDN'T HE??!!!!Hahahaa....ComeOn, FessUp!!

    Seriously Ann, it's a Gorgeous shot! Well Done!!
    Happy weekend to you!

  6. Is this what you call a piece of an amateur? I don't think so. :D

    Great job in "lighting" challenge! Two thumbs up! ^_^

  7. Well Ann, same here I'm not a pro nor an amateur LOL! It's just a hobby and I love it! Your picture is very well capture and it looks very heavenly.

  8. It's good to see that I am not the only one who thinks that you are a show-off. Way to go Donna!

  9. Bravo! God's lighting is the BEST! Love the composition and the depth. There is no need for fancy equipment. Photography is all about capturing the light, anyway you can do it.

  10. Great picture Ann! Its like Heaven came down to earth!

  11. Awesome!!! That shot should be framed!!!

  12. FishHawk, Yep believe it or not, me and my camera got that all by ourselves

    Sandee thanks,

    Marg I'm still learning as well, every day I learn something new, isn't it great?

    Grace it does have a biblical look now that you mention it. I'll see if I can drum up Charlton for my next shot

    Donna Have you been hanging out with FishHawk? Yes God did help me, but then doesn't he help all of us in anything we do?

    JuneZach yep that's the piece of an amateur. Even us non pro's can get lucky

    Al yes a wonderful hobby it is.

    FishHawk, did you pay Donna to say that?

    Donna nothing better than natural. No need for the fancy equipment but it doesn't stop from wanting now and

  13. Vanilla Seven, thank you very much. There's a little bit of heaven all around us if we just take the time to look.

  14. Lovely photo and beautiful lighting!

  15. And you say you're an amateur!

  16. That is a totally awesome picture. I agree that it has a 'biblical' look to it.

  17. Awesome photo!!! Not only perfect for your assignment but beautiful all around! Nice.

  18. Ann I'm just like you when it comes to photography and I struggled with this as well. But you my friend took and posted a stunning photo. It's like surreal and I just love it. Simply marvelous my friend. Have a great week ahead :)

  19. yep-- alot likeme-- stumped and left it up to Gods lighting. i too thought they wanted some kinda fancy lighting equipment. i think the head of 'brendas photo challenge' was just tryin to pick on us amateur peeps. agree?

    anyhow-- i must concur with the other folks here-- that is downright God-speak there. fabulous photo.

    if ya get real quiet- ya can almost hear Him talk to ya.

    love it!

    thanks for droppin by :))

  20. Perfect ~ a beautiful picture!

  21. Three words: A Maz Zing!! That is a fantastic shot!
    I would have that one framed and hung in our living room!

  22. That is such a gorgeous picture! It is very spiritual.

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  24. And you were worried?!?!? Holy Moly girl that's spectacular!

  25. Oh my gosh, woman! That is fantastic. I'd say your lighting assistant did a great job!!!!

  26. That is a beautiful demonstation of natural light! Doesn't get much better than that!

  27. Just absolutely beautiful!! Inspiring, too....very nice work, Ann.

  28. DKMiller, thank you very much

    Buggys well technically I am, I don't get paid for any of my photos and I only do it for fun

    Urban cowboy thanks so much, and I have to agree

    LDH thanks, it did end up fitting in well

    Thom glad I wasn't along. and thank you for your kind words

    Soul I think I'll keep real quiet now and listen for his voice :)

    Jeanette thanks you

    Amanda thanks so much

    Tahtimbo three words thanks so much :)

    Anne thank you, It does have a bit of a spiritual feel to it

    JanuskieZ nope not looking to market my blog

    Jeanne thanks I don't know if I was worried maybe more like confused

    Bossy Betty ah yes excellent assistant I have, or maybe I am the assistant in this case

    Cinnamon girl thank you very much

    Beaded tail pure and natural best way to go and being free makes it my ultimate favorite

    will oaks thank you very much.

  29. I really love that photo. My only lighting is natural light. I'm only an amateur too, so the natural light can sometimes play tricks on me with my photos.

  30. Hi Ann ~ awesome photo! Definitely suits the challenge too.

    I'm like you ~ an amateur with a point & shoot and whatever light happens to be available.

    You would have had a wonderful time at Lucketts taking pics. There was so much to see and so many wonderful textures and colors!

  31. Oh wow that is beautiful! It is like a light from heaven ^_^. Happy Sunday!

    Brenda Photo Challenge~Lighting

  32. I usually try to take pictures of my items on the deck in the sunlight. Unfortunately in the winter there can be 3 feet of snow on my deck :)
    Then I have to settle for taking photo's in the living room in front of the window.
    That is an amazing photo!!

  33. Beautiful capture Ann! I Love it when the light shines down through the clouds like that.

  34. Wow! Stunningly beautiful.

  35. Gorgeous sky. I think it captures the idea of lightening perfectly. I have light envy too as I start to learn more about how important it is to a great picture.

  36. Ann, Your picture is really lovely ... it perhaps could be called 'Hope' for the light peeping through the clouds is optimistic. This one is worth mounting! :)

  37. Well that's an amazing entry, Ann! I also enjoyed visiting the Brenda Photo Challenge, it's full of good ideas.

  38. ratty I guess it's just a matter of learning how to best us our natural light

    marie thanks, yep luck of the draw when it comes to light. I soooo want to go to Lucketts :)

    Butterfly Gardener thank you very much

    Manang Kim thank you, it sure does give the sense of heaven shining down

    Audrey That's pretty much what I do, trying to take them indoors in front of the window never works very good for me, I need practice with that

    Christine thanks yes me too so beautiful when you can see the rays

    WR thanks so much

    Lenox Knits the sky is an ever changing canvas :)

    Kloggers I like that name for the photo I just may have it mounted

    fullet thanks, yes there are some very talented people who participate in the challenge.

  39. Hey, you did a great job on the photo, God lent the lighting and you captured it to a "T". Great shot! I just love it! Thanks for sharing!

  40. That is seriously breathtaking, Ann. Wow!

  41. June thank you very much He was most gracious to provide me with the excellent light

    Poetic shutterbug thank you although I can't take credit for the scene itself :)

  42. Stunning!! I think you should put it on canvas :D

  43. Vickie, thanks I just might do that.

  44. Hi Ann it is a wonderful photograph. Thank you for sharing it.

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