Monday, April 12, 2010

Rose colored glasses

I think I've spent enough time looking at the world through rose colored glasses to know that things aren't always as they appear.
My glasses have clear lenses but I probably should clean them off once in a while.
It may help me to see that I keep making a spectacle of myself.
Well at least I crack myself up playing with words and pictures. This is of course my lame attempt at a post for today but it's better than nothing. I'm feeling so uninspired lately.


  1. I would never come up with something like that :) I have no imagination! Do wear glasses for reading though and they always seem to be dirty. Why?

  2. We all get in slumps. I'm in one now, but that's because I have so much yacht club stuff to do. I did have to chuckle about the spots on the glasses though. Hubby asked me this morning if I wanted him to clean my glasses and my response, I'm used to the spots now. If you cleaned them it would mess up my view.

    Have a terrific day. My best to you and especially Duke. :)

  3. Hi Ann. Loved the pun. I am a fanatic about keeping my glasses clean, that is when I do wear them, because the lenses are so small that any spots bug me. The whole reason I wear glasses is to see better and not through a blur of a smudge. ;) Some days we are all uninspired. Sending happy wishes your way.

  4. That was actually a pretty clever post!

  5. I think it's a great post. It's more than I can come up with for today. Oh, by the way, that's a mighty handsome cat in your sidebar :)

  6. Yes, it was clever. In my spin around the blogosphere today I encountered a number of folks who feel the same way - a little uninspired. I'm feeling that way too...No one has been as clever about it as you tho...

  7. Word play makes me happy! At least you weren't framed for anything!

  8. I think it's a really nice photograph....if this is uninspired can't wait to see you back on form!!!

    As for cleaning your glasses...that's just make you realise how dirty everything else is...I vote for 'Don't do it!!!'

  9. It's ok to feel uninspired. Just take a break so you will feel recharged :)

  10. This is a happuning blog. Digging the imagery, both metaphorical and visual.

  11. I was wearing correctional eye glasses when I was still in high school. I only got to use it for about 2 months because I accidentally broke it. From then on, I never wore eye glasses anymore.

    Being uninspired, I also feel it sometimes. But hey look around you Ann and you will see something worth inspiring. I know you will! :D

    This is a brilliant post. ^_^

  12. Maybe you got a case of pink eye?

  13. Beautiful photo, Indeed Girl!! Stop selling yourself short! You have fantastic talent! I only Wish I could take photos like You and others do!
    Now...Tell Momma what's wrong!!! Come ON!!
    PS- My word verification word is PUTIN....Gads!!!Hahaaa

  14. Great photo.
    I love your "hide and seek" post and your photos for Brenda's challenge are amazing!

  15. Cheer up! You made a great post out of your glasses! That takes ingenuity!

    I am just glad that I am not doing the NaBloPoMo-thing for April. March was enough! So I can allow myself to skip a day if I don't have anything to say.
    I have a fever and a runny nose and the children have colds and after just two warmer days the crocuses are blooming, and spring seems to suddenly be here! (Talk about run-on sentences!)
    I have yet to finish this contest so I am starting to feel a little guilty...
    Yep, I've got lots to say, but no one will want to read it!

    You put a smile on my face!


  16. It's ok, I understand. I'm feeling uninspired lately and crazy busy at once. This does not bode well for the blog!

  17. I have been feeling the same way. It must be the time of year.

  18. Just be what you are, it's excellent you see.

  19. Now Ann, that was very cute and clever. At least you came up with something to make us all smile :)

  20. I haven't been around in a few so I was playing catch up. I have a hard time posting something everyday just to post and with this weather I do my best, but just can't get into it especially over the weekend. Don't force yourself Ann your fine. Loved your photos below and Duke hiding was priceless.

  21. Audrey, I think you have plenty of imagination. I think glasses have a built in dirt magnet

    Sandee, I only wear mine when I'm driving and I'm not sure which is dirtier the glasses or the

    tammy I'll send my glasses to you for cleaning

    urban cowboy why thank you very much

    tahtimbo that is a handsome cat isn't it. I bet you want one just like it ;)

    grace glad I'm not alone and wowsers I came in first for

    bossy betty thank goodness for that. I wish I would have thought of that one

    allotments4you lol no telling. Good point on cleaning the glasses, I really don't need to see what a mess my house is right now

    vanilla seven I think I've been taking too many breaks. not from blogging but the rest of life :)

    Alesa glad you like it, always nice to hear

    junezach I never wore glasses until I turned 30 and now I don't wear them all that much, can't stand them on my face. I only wear them to drive. now I need to go look around for that inspiration

    FishHawk well I wouldn't be tickled pink about that one. I've had that before, ewwww

    donna aw shucks, i like it when you flatter me :) You DO take great pictures. If you want me to tell you what's wrong you better put on a pot of coffee and fix me some of them Texas viddles you've been showing off on your blog :)

    antigoni thank so much. Duke gets the credit for the hide and seek though :)

    anna no matter what you write I'll always want to read it. Hope you feel better soon

    buggys I'm not really all that busy, it's more like lazy big time lately

    b boys mom something's in the air I guess

    vickie can't be anything else :)

    poetic shutterbug thanks, If I made you smile I was a success then and it's even better because you made me smile back :)

    jude yeah, duke himself is priceless :) I don't look at the blogging as forcing it's more of a challenge thing ;) I really do enjoy doing it every day.

  22. Sometimes I wonder where all the spots come from on my glasses. Seems I am always cleaning them.

  23. Judy, I hear ya, my glasses always seem to have something on them.


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