Sunday, April 18, 2010

More cardboard crafts

I finished a couple more cardboard craft projects recently. The first one is along the same lines as the first one I did but this time I glued on a mat with photo corners so that I can change the picture if I want.
I spray painted the cardboard black then I glued on a strip of gray fabric and a strip of black glitter felt. I cut a doily in half and glued that to the bottom and added the yo-yo flower. Then I finished it off with a bow I made from a small scrap of the gray fabric. I really like the way this one turned out except for the photo corners. The picture fits but you can see part of the white mat I glued on underneath it.

This next one I tried something different. I took an old frame as a template and traced around the outside and then the center. I cut 2 pieces and glued them together for extra strength. Then I painted it, used some crackle medium and then another layer of paint.
 I finished it off with a coat of clear acrylic sealer the when it dried I added fabric leaves, a yo-yo flower and a little lady bug button. I loved how it actually ended up looking like wood. The cat in the picture by the way is Pringle. He's the one who taught Duke how to act like a cat.


  1. My personal preference is for the second one, tho the first one is quite pretty...

  2. I love it. I actually am totally inspired by the second one. I have lots of old frames and rick rack like that myself. I'm totally going to try my hand at some personalized frames.

  3. So different yet both are beautiful and interesting!

  4. Wait. Are you saying that the last one is cardboard? These are really a great way to recycle!

  5. I love them both!! Can't wait to show my daughter ........she's the crafty one!!

  6. What great ideas! I really like the frame you made for Pringle. You're so inspiring with how crafty you are!

  7. Great job! Beautifully crafted. :D
    Can you make one special for me and send it here please? LOL

    That's nice of Pringle for teaching Duke the ways of a kitty. ^_^

  8. Neat cardboard design :) That chubby cat photo made my day!

  9. I like the one of Pringle the best. Please tell Duke I'm sorry if he feels betrayed.

  10. Pringle is looking good. The frame is also gorgeous. Now you have to make one for Duke.You should think about doing a give away with some of your crafts.

  11. That is so cool! I'll never look at cardboard the same after all the amazing things you are making with it!

  12. You are so very creative. I love both of those.

  13. You are so crafty, Ann! I love these,especially the addition of yo-yo's, Pringle looks adorable in the frame (which I actually thought was wood at first)!

  14. these are great...I can't pick a favourite as they are both so different so appeal to me in different ways.

    By the way...what is a 'yo yo flower'???

  15. Grace. of the two I like the way the second one came out too.

    Lenox knits hope you post pictures when you make some. I would love to see what you did.

    LDH thanks so much. I'm really into the cardboard thing right now

    Nico Designs. Yes, that is cardboard. It really does look more like wood until you get a close look at the sides and of course if you pick it up it's ultra light.

    gayle thanks so much. maybe your daughter will be doing some cardboard

    beaded tail why thanks, now if I could just inspire myself a little more often I would be

    junezach. and just what exactly would you like on yours? :)

    vanilla seven he used to make my day too, he was quite amusing at times. I sure miss that cat

    fishhawk I won't mention this to Duke although I'm sure he wouldn't mind (yeah right)

    Grampy actually I am in the process of making one for Duke right now. As a matter of fact I had been thinking about a giveaway.

    Audrey I always just looked at it as garbage until I saw that post on Jaz creations. I'm seeing all different possibilities now.

    DKMiller why thanks so much

    Alesa we had that cat when Duke first came here and because the cat would get up on the back of the couch, the end table and so forth, duke thought that it was acceptable behavior for a dog. After all they were relatively the same size.

    Duni I'm really liking the yo-yo thing, and they are so easy to make.

    Buggys YEAH ME I am the queen. I've always wanted to be royalty. I thank you so much for my appointed title. If you make something I do hope you'll post it.

    allotments4you thanks, yes totally different look and feel to both.
    A yo-yo flower is a fabric circle that you sew a running stitch around the edge and then gather it up to form a flower or yo-yo. Quite easy to make and look pretty cute too.

  16. Well of course I like the second one. You really are talented at doing this craft. Really good job. Hope you have a wonderful day or evening.

  17. that looks so good... good job, Ann

  18. I'm making some like the first picture for graduation gifts. I'll post about it once I have one made. Love your projects.

  19. Awesomeness!! :D Luv cardboard!!

  20. Swapna, thanks so much

    b boys mom cool, can't wait to see yours

    vickie I never realized just how cool cardboard really was until I started doing these.

  21. This is really neat. I like the bottom one especially- it does look like wood. I used to be really crafty, but can't seem to muster up much interest any more.

  22. sharkbytes I used to do much more of it than I do now. I still enjoy it but just seem to have a harder time working it in to my day


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