Monday, April 5, 2010

Country Time can have their lemonade

They say that when life hands you lemons you should make lemonade. That's a very positive way of looking at things but when one has their fill of lemonade it starts to leave a sour taste in your mouth. I'm sick of lemonade, I'm ready for some sweet tea.
So why the sour note? If things weren't going bad enough lately, last Tuesday morning my computer decided to leave me. I woke to a black screen that said ITLDR missing ctrl alt delete to restart. So far, all attempt to fix my beloved computer have failed. It sits quietly in it's room refusing to talk to me. The only shining moment was that all of my pictures and assorted files were kept on a removable hard drive.
I have my photoshop elements loaded on the laptop, I have access to all the pictures I've taken in the past but I don't have my bamboo fun tablet hooked up to this and I can't download any new pictures. My camera doesn't have a cable and there is nowhere to insert the memory card on the laptop.
I've taken quite a few new pictures and I can't play with them. I'M SO BUMMED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aside from my whining pity party this is the only thing I have today.
 My oddball mind saw a flower garden butterflies and dragonflies. You may even be able to spot the rainbow. Maybe I should try and follow it, there may be a pot of gold at the end.


  1. Having computer issues is indeed very frustrating. I hope you get your issues resolved soon so you'll be back in business.

    Have a terrific day. Hey to Duke. :)

  2. R.I.P. old computer. Sometimes you can have things retrieved from a dead computer, so you may look into that if you feel you have lost things. Thanks for the reminder to back up tonight. Ugh.

  3. Oh, Dear Ann, I would be miserable if I were having the computer problems you are having. Betcha Duke isn't even making you feel better.

    I LOVE your flower garden with the butterflies and dragonflies! Pretty rainbow too!

    Kindly, ldh

  4. Ohhh! I'm first to comment for the first time I guess. Yehey! ^_^

    So sorry to know what happened to your beloved computer. It's hard to work without it. I am hoping that it would be fixed the quickest time.

    You were still able to produce a wonderful art and I spotted the rainbow. I would surely love to go with you at the end to find the pot of gold. :D

  5. I am sorry that your computer is playing up. I think that it is difficult for us all to keep on top of technology. I am told that it won't be too long before we all possess a fold up paper thin version of a mobile downloaded that we will be able to read newspapers and books on and if that isn't enough to get out heads around ..... then I am also told that televisions as we understand them to be will also soon be changed to a wafer thin hang on the wall type thing - OLED. Lights will be slithers of screens across the ceiling also of OLED making. It's all racing faster than we could ever imagine - but we still because we are human say 'hey but wait a minute isn't about time that we had a few things that didn't break first?' Hay ho Ann ... is anyone listening to us?

    I really do hope that your computer is fixed very soon - it's rather like the postmen going on strike when it goes wrong we feel very cut off from everyone, don't we?

  6. I can see the flower garden and everything else too. I hope that rainbow does lead you to a pot of gold, and a good fix for your computer.

  7. I'm sorry to hear about your computer. The wonderful thing is that your stuff was on an external disk so you will get to play with it all again soon. Best of luck. :-)

  8. Sorry to hear about your computer and not being able to download photos. Hope everything gets resolved soon!

    I'm so tired from preparing tax returns that I saw ants in that picture. I think I need sleep if I'm not seeing the pretty things in life but seeing ants.

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  10. Have you tried the steps listed here: ""?
    What you could do is set up an another internal HD as master, plug in your old one as a slave and then attempt to fix it from there or even just access what you need that way.

  11. There was an error when I made my comment. It actually showed 0 comments so I thought I made it first. Sigh! Well, that's still fine with me! Hehehe.:D

  12. Oh no! I hate it when the computer does that! I usually hand over any pc issues to my hubby, poor guy. Do you have a techie person to help you out? I think Alesa's advice is great!
    I hope you get it solved soon. Good luck!

    Your artwork is amazing. There's a very feminine quality to this piece which I just love :)

  13. Oh Poor You, Ann!
    I have had a winter filled with computer headaches! I hate it!!!
    Hope you can get some good help really fast!!

    You make real pretty pictures!


  14. I love your abstract picture...had an update of another post that you put up but now I can't seems to find you know what happened to it Ann????

  15. Um, Duke wouldn't have "marked" it--would he? After all, you have had him chained to the keyboard a lot lately.

  16. Good reminder to back up the computer. You can load the Bamboo Fun onto the laptop...and why not buy the cable for the camera - always a good "just in case". Didn't it come with one?

    Mecury must be in retrograde or something - I have a brand new Windows laptop which I have used like 4 times, I turned it on Sunday and none of the media worked. Dell fixed it by phone which cost me $89 - should have let the stupid thing rot. Love my MAC.

  17. Ugh! Computer problems? Maybe worse than car problems in my book. You can always find a ride.

    We also have an external hard drive. We learned that deal when an old computer crashed with our life contained inside!

  18. So sorry about your computer trials. Glad you have that external harddrive for your pictures I'm sure. I just learned about Flash Memory Card Reader's last night in my photography class. They are around $15. You insert your memory card into it and then plug it into your computer. My teacher recommends always using one of them rather than plugging your camera into the computer. Hope this helps.

  19. I'm sorry about your computer! My laptop died a few weeks ago - and I finally got up the nerve to put a giant dent in my bank account and get a new one. Thankfully I also have a desktop - I would go bananas without one. You are very smart to keep your files on a removable hard drive. All is not lost.

  20. Don't forget about me when you found the pot Ann :)

  21. Sorry to hear about your computer problems. Computer problems are like car problems not fun at all. Good luck.

  22. Well - at least you have a laptop!! When my computer dies I have nothing as back up, just one hour every other day at the library :)
    Hope you can figure out what is wrong without too much cost!

  23. Sandee, very frustrating. thanks I hope I do too

    Lin actually its not even an old computer I've only had it a few years.

    LDH the only way Duke could make me feel better would be if he could fix the computer :)

    junezach well if that pot of gold is there and you go with me we can surely split it :)

    kloggers I've heard about the OLED stuff, sounds very impressive, and yes it would be nice if they could make something that was built to last instead of being outdated the minute you get it out of the store

    ratty thanks me too

    dkmiller yes I'm very thankful that I bought that thing otherwise I would be really heartbroken right now.

    beaded tail now that you mention it, I think I see ants too. yes indeed they could be ants

    Alesa, I'm very technology challenged but my husband has been researching the issue. He's been working on it but no such luck yet. Thanks for the info I will pass it on to him. I believe he already tried the slave thing.

    junezach it's ok first or last I love every single one of the comments

    duni yep same here, I don't know a thing about fixing them

    anna yes headaches is exactly what it is. I thought this stuff was supposed to make life

    allotments4you thanks, the other post was probably the one I was trying to schedule and accidentally posted it then went back and did an edit and scheduled it for a later date.

    fishhawk He better not have, I should go see if it's got the mark of duke on

    grace yes I guess I could load the tablet. Actually one camera does have a cable but the other doesn't. My new camera came with one but my old one didn't and I was using that the other day because I didn't want to take the new one to work with me (which is where I was taking the pictures). That sucks that Dell's merchandise screws up and they charge YOU to fix it. I've never used a Mac

    buggys you are so right, I can even walk to work if I don't have my car but no one wants to lend me their pc to use while mine is

    lenox knits flash memory card readers huh? I'll have to look into that the next time I'm out. thanks for the info. why is it that is better than plugging your camera into the computer though I wonder.

    cinnamon girl yes the removable hard drive was the best thing I ever bought, thank goodness for it. I'm glad I have the laptop or I would be bouncing off the walls right now from withdrawal symptoms

    vanilla seven I'll keep you in mind :)

    b boys mom nope neither one of them are much fun. I don't know why we have to have problems at all, who came up with the idea of

    audrey yes I'm very thankful for the laptop. I don't know if our library even has a computer.

  24. It is so hard when something we use and love breaks!!

  25. The teacher had a long story about how sometimes when we download from the camera it looks like the pictures are there so we erase them from the camera. Then, later when you try to click on the picture it is not fully there and you are out of luck. She says it doesn't happen often but often enough that you should always use the memory card reader. She said you could get them from walmart for $10 not that I'm a fan. I'm going to check out Best Buy tomorrow for that and a few more memory cards.

    The other thing she said you should never do that I do all the time is delete pics from the camera as you are taking them as you can corrupt the one that comes up next. She said to just always have spare memory cards handy so if you fill one up you put a new one in. Then delete the pics from your computer later on that you don't need. Hope that helps. I'm excited about my photography class in case you couldn't tell.


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