Wednesday, April 28, 2010

One for Leeuna

The other day I was reading Leeuna's blog My Mind Wandered. She was writing about a comment she got regarding the use of the word lurker being used to describe people who read but don't comment. I suggest you read the post for yourself and don't stop at just this one because Leeuna writes some funny stuff. She ended with the following:
 Therefore I am issuing a challenge to all bloggers who read this and wish to help me stamp out the use of the word  ”lurkers”.  Write a post on your blog in which you use the term Silent Reader as opposed to the term lurker to describe those who read but don’t comment.

I'm all for making my silent readers feel more welcome. I don't think that I've ever used the term lurker before but I won't in the future.
So what's your opinion? Do you like the name silent reader better? What about those of you who aren't silent? Would like to be called something special too? I think contributor is a good name because when you comment that is exactly what you do, contribute to my blog. Silent or not, I appreciate you all.


  1. I like lurker better. I lurk a lot. I don't want to be that politically correct either. Just saying.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  2. silent reader works for me. "Lurker" makes me think more of a peeping tom type person, or someone who is just standing around with nothing better to do :)
    It is lovely getting comments, but sometimes I've been to a blog and just don't know what to say to a post.
    What do you do then?

  3. Hmmm .. I think I like either .. I am one most of the time. I am making an effort though to post a comment more to let the blog owner I was there and that I appreciate what they write. If I don't post then you don't know and I am pretty much invisible.

  4. I don't object to either of them. But you know what, I don't mind the term stalker either. I think I am just pretty easy going. I am happy to think of them as silent readers if it makes you and Duke happy :).

  5. I feel as you do Ann. I appreciate my readers whether they leave a comment or not. Sometimes you read the post and just don't have a strong opinion or you feel like you don't have anything relevant to contribute at the time. It's all good.

  6. If the purpose of the name is to convey meaning for communication, then descriptive titles like "silent readers", "commenters", and "contributors" (for me the contributors are the various posters for a blog) or "posters" convey the meaning well.
    If everyone understands lurker (though I've never used it either) than why not? Are we made of sugar that we should be offended by such an innocuous term as lurker?

    Seems like the same kind of reasoning that changes the words "Terminally ill" to "Survival challenged" or "dead" to "living impaired"...

    Hmm... What's in a name?
    I think non-commenting readers should be called Agoutis and commenters should be Bonobos...

  7. I'll have you know that I am actually a high esteemed Blog commentator.........well sometimes, on the other hand I can lurk with the best of them.

  8. Hmmm, I like blog comments but am happy with those who just visit and read too. Until I had a blog I never commented on them. I didn't want to be bothered with signing up or whatever. :-) I don't mind "lurker" as a word or "silent reader".

  9. I hadn't heard the term silent reader before and I just thought it meant reading silently which is what I always do anyway!

  10. I like the term "Lurker" myself. Although, I guess I could define myself as a Silent Reader; however, I do have a tendency to move my lips as I read :)

  11. I'm a silent reader more often than not, maybe because I'm a silent guy... I don't think we should be called lurkers, because blogs are open for every reader, they're not diaries locked in a drawer. At least, that's my opinion. I'll visit Leeuna's blog right now (silently). :)

  12. It would appear that I am not the only one who wonders about this. So, does "silent reader" exclude those who read out-loud or not? If you aren't sure, go ask Duke. He'll know.

  13. I prefer "silent reader". There are many reasons why I personally read but do not always comment. Mostly, my children start screaming and I have to intervine.
    I just don't always have time to leave a comment. I really don't have time to write this one, but you are such an amazing blogger, Ann, that you get me thinking... "Maybe just one little comment.."
    I don't like the sinister sound of "lurker". We should respect our readers, viewers and commenters. And you do. This is why your blog is being read and receiving many comments.

    Have to dash!

  14. Hi Ann. I tend to sometimes be a lurker. Usually not on your blog of course. I usually refer to myself as a stalker. I go on some blogs everyday and hardly leave a comment.I really don't care what you call me. And I try not to be politically correct, most of the time. I think blogging is about having fun. I have fun here and stop by everyday. I think I'll change my name from Grampy to Silent Reader. It has a good ring to it.
    Have a wonderful day. Say hi to Duke.

  15. Lurker sounds rude...and I am happy for people to read my blog and not comment if they have nothing to say. When I first started following blog I always tried to leave comments but sometimes I found if a post didn't 'Speak' to me I just didn't know what to write and I think that receiving an invalid comment is worse than receiving no comment. Silent readers is is contributors for those that leave comments but at the end of the day whether we comment or not those that visit regularly are just followers and lovers of your blog....that should be enough!!

  16. Since I am not reading out loud I am a silent reader. My presence is obvious so I am hardly lurking, that's a little sinister don't you think? What is with labeling everything and everyone. Why am I so irked by this LOL (I read the other lady's post).

  17. hummmm...don't care What I'm called...just care IF I'm called...Lololol

  18. Hey, thanks Ann, for linking to my blog and for helping me stamp out the term lurkers. Although, from reading through the comments here, it doesn't seem to be that big of a problem to most. Oh, and thank you to all who visited my blog via this post. I cherish each visitor, whether or not you moved your lips while reading. :)

  19. Sandee I have to agree that the whole political correct thing is way out of hand

    Audrey I've been doing that quite often, I read and have no clue how to comment. in that case I just move on without saying a thing

    Christine it never really mattered to me what anyone called me. it's all the same really

    Anne, well just saying what you think and how you feel is good enough for us :)

    Kirsten Even though I appreciate them all it isn't much fun blogging without the comments :) It's not that I mind someone reading and moving on but I feel lonely when I hear that echo from the comment section

    Alesa You make a very valid point and I think I like your suggested names too

    Ryan you are a well rounded individual who can fit in no matter where you are. Good job :)

    DKMiller I didn't comment much before. I don't think I understood the whole blogging thing though. I found that the only way to get comments is to leave comments. That doesn't mean though that I don't occasionally lurk or remain silent or whatever.

    Beaded tail lol, sometimes I read out loud, Duke likes to know what's going on

    Tahtimbo you know I do to, especially if I'm not quite understanding what I'm

    fullet sometimes silence is golden and so are you :)

    fishhawk Duke says that you can still be a silent reader if you read out loud so long as no one else hears you.

    Anna, what a nice thing to hear. You just made my day with your comment. Thank you so much Anna. You have a wonderful day.

    Russ I often have a hard time being politically correct. You are right blogging is about having fun and with you guys stopping by to see me all the time I'm having the time of my life with this blog.

    allotments4you an invalid comment really doesn't bother me so much the only kind of comment I ever object to is spam.

    Grace Why are you so irked by this? I guess it's just because you can be :) For the record I'm glad your presence is obvious, I enjoy your company.

    Donna well then "HEY DONNA" there you've been called :)

    Leeuna, and thank you for giving me a subject for the day, I had I would say I have a pretty easy going, fun loving bunch of people who visit me and I totally love them all.

  20. I don't mind being called anything!

  21. Just lurking, silent reading and smiling once in a while. I am sort of hooked on the last one of read where the writer said they didn't mine being called 'anything', so 'anything' it is.

    Signed An Anythinger.

  22. gayle, me neither, except late for supper.

    Milton well i sure do like all the anythingers that stop by and visit me.

  23. How about post stalker rather than lurker. It sounds a little more dangerous :D

  24. poetic shutterbug, I love it, post stalker is a perfect name, has a hint of danger and adventure.

  25. Oh I like silent reader! It sounds so much better than lurker. I'm just happy if people visit my blog in the first place, but of course it's even nicer if they take the time to comment.

  26. Ann well the only way I'll know if someone has visited is if they leave a comment. I used to have a counter but then I took it off.


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