Monday, April 26, 2010

Cheer up Duke

On Saturday Duke and I were just hanging out with nothing much to do. So I said "Hey Duke, can I get your picture?"
He shook his head NO!
So I asked again. "Duke, please, let me take your picture"
 This time he shook his head even harder NO NO NO
"But Duke, why not? All of our readers want to see you. You haven't been posting as much lately. What's wrong little buddy?"
He climbed up on the couch, hung his little white head and through the sniffles I heard him say in a very sad voice "I look scruffy"

(all together now)
"Is that all that's bothering you?" I asked him. "I can't have my very best friend feeling down. How about we go for a nice ride in the car, that will cheer you up."
We took that ride and when we got back Duke was feeling like a new man.
Isn't he handsome? And he's even smiling now.


  1. Oh, very handsome indeed! I'll bet those grooming gals were all over you!

  2. Good for Duke, got to go for a ride and everything!

  3. He's handsome indeed. The groomer is a very good thing. Just saying.

    Have a terrific day and my very best to Duke. :)

  4. Awe! He is so handsome! I get grumpy when I look scruffy too!

  5. Hahahahaa!! Look at You Duke! Such a Handsome little man!!
    Oh Ann, he's precious!

  6. He is a handsome boy! I tried to comment earlier but it just wasn't working. Happy to stop back!

  7. Look at that amazing new 'do. Duke looks absolutely awesome. I can see why he is posing like crazy now.

  8. He is so very very handsome!!!

  9. You are very cute scruffy Duke but boy are you handsome with your new 'do!

  10. Duke, you look like a new dog! I guess that you just wanted to get out and about :)

  11. A day at the salon cheers everyone up

  12. awwww... you cheer me up too Duke :)

    the 3rd pic is so cute... how to see with so much 'cover'... hehe

  13. The car ride did it! Yeah! Very sweet!

  14. Did he hang his head out of the window along the way? I always do, and it makes me feel better! That is, except for when driving through a swarm of bugs. No, I don't like that a bit.

  15. He's so hansome that I like him scruffy, but of course it's way better seeing him smiling.

  16. Wow! Duke - you look so HANDSOME all spruced up like that. The blue collar suits you very well and you have an adorable smile :)

  17. Hmmmmm...I think that I would definitely like to go for a ride in your magic car (I could use a makeover myself :o)

  18. Next time you go for a Magic ride Duke let me know. I want to go. Need some hair.

  19. He definitely look fresher after you took him out :)

  20. You look fabulous, Duke! And I can tell you are very proud of your new hairdo.

  21. Duke cleans up real good! I just love your Duke posts:)
    Hope you are having a fantastic week<3

  22. Wohoa! Our hero has got a new look! That's cool to see you in a new hairdo buddy Duke! ^_^

  23. Duke I would just like to confirm that you look adorable Any way you are!!

  24. He sure is handsome. He must feel so good with his new hair cut.

  25. Lin, not at all. The first lady I took him to actually lectured me because she found fleas on him. This one just takes the money, smiles and that's about it.

    Urban cowboy, he was loving it :)

    Sandee yes and I really need to take him more often than I do. I go about every 6 months and it should be more like every 4

    Christine me too, could explain why I'm ALWAYS grumpy

    Donna that he is :)

    LDH so glad you did. Every once in a while I have problems commenting. I get lots of errors.

    Anne he does look pretty cute after he gets groomed

    DKMiller Duke says thank you

    Beaded tail I like him scruffy but I think he was getting a little TOO scruffy

    Tahtimbo don't we all?

    Grace, I'm ready for my day at the salon. I'm in need of a cut too

    Nessa Duke said he's happy to cheer you up any time

    Bossy amazing what a car ride can do

    FishHawk Duke likes to sit in the back with his front paws on the console between the two front seats. His other favorite spot is in my lap which makes it very hard to steer. Duke says the bugs aren't bad as long as you keep your mouth closed.

    Fullet And now Duke can see all of you as well.

    Duni he is a looker isn't he? Duke say thanks and I think he may have even winked at you

    Jen the funny thing is it doesn't do it's magic on me

    Russ Hope you have better luck than I do

    Vanilla Seven he sure does. Maybe the wind did it

    Daisy He does have a bit of an extra spring in his step

    Angela yes he does, and a good week to you also

    JuneZach Duke says thanks, he's feeling pretty cool now.

    allotments4you Duke says thanks and there he goes with that winking again

    Megan yes he is

    B Boys mom I think he's feeling much better and he can even see without all that hair in his eyes.

  26. Wow, I can see why Duke was so adamant. He is now very handsome indeed!

  27. sharkbytes, yea I did go a little long between groomings. I'm sort of bad that way.

  28. Gayle, Duke says thank you very much :)

  29. He is a handsome little guy but I've gotta say I love that scruffy look :)

  30. Poetic shutterbug, I like the scruffy looks too but I think he was actually a little beyond scruffy this time :)


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