Thursday, April 8, 2010

Beware of alien invaders

I dug in to the files to bring you something that you may find amazing (or not). It involves Duke though so I know you'll be impressed. This goes back to Duke's first Christmas with us. I know it's finally spring time and I shouldn't be putting up Christmas pictures now but remember I'm temporarily electronically challenged. In other words still no computer.
If you've been with me a while you may remember Duke telling you about the cat that used to live here when he first came to live with us. The cat seemed to adapt to Duke well enough to at least tolerate him. However, after seeing the picture I'm about to show you, I think that the cat was trying to send Duke away with his laser beam eyes.
 Lucky for Duke he was protected by his Winnie the Pooh shield.


  1. Whoa! A cat with superpower :D What ever happened to it??

  2. Winnie the Pooh... protector from Alien eyes! Duke looks rather secure under the paper!

  3. Aww...I bet they really loved each other....probably snuggled together when you weren't looking... Where did Duke's kitty friend go? Duke has such a sweet face...... I bet an equally as sweet disposition! :)

  4. Aww Ann, I don't think the cat is giving the Dukester a bad evil eye. If you ask me the kitty looks awfully relaxed and to me he is admiring Dukes wrapped physique :-).

    Funny, this past Christmas I have a very similar pic of my cat and dog. The cat loves to be under the tree. I think all cats do.

    So glad I got a night to myself where I can comment on a few of my favorite blogs. And none ranks higher then yours Ann, oh excuse me Duke!!! You don't know how much I appreciate coming home after a long day and see a comment on my blog from you. That means a LOT to me as it does to all bloggers. YOU'RE THE BEST!!!!

  5. The cat simply admiring the Winnie The Pooh blanket owned by Duke :)

  6. So cute! They both look pooped after their Christmas celebrations!

  7. Duke dodged getting melted by the alien cat. Cats can do some very evil things when they get inspired. I think Duke got very lucky that day.

  8. Those laser eyes can be pretty effective, so I'm glad Winnie the Poo was able to protect Duke.

  9. Just beautiful...I don't think the cat was trying to send Duke away with his laser beam eyes but scanning him to try and work out what he truly is!!!

  10. I think the kitteh just wanted to share the fabulous Pooh blankie!

  11. Awww...cute! The kitty looks like she's too shy to crawl under the wrapping paper with Duke :)

  12. LOL, what a cute pic. I don't know if the cat wants to go under the paper with Duke or is thinking Duke is crazy.

  13. That is a great picture of Duke. I think the cat was just a little sad because she wasn't sharing with Duke.

  14. Awwwwwwww he looks just like Obie in that photo. I'll be happy when he grows up and gets some more fur like Duke....Duke is adorable.

  15. I had something really clever to say, but it's gone now. So, never mind.

  16. If you hadn't mentioned the kitty I would have never noticed - too busy looking at Duke!

  17. Maybe the cat is Spiritual??!!!Hahaaa...Cute!!
    Wasn't Duke handsome, even Then?!!
    Happy weekend sweetie!

  18. I'm surprised that even your super powers allowed you to capture the alien at work! Indeed, the Pooh cape of invincibility seems to have saved Duke! Whew!

  19. I think the cat was trying to captivate Duke...looks almost like old friends...or maybe more.

  20. I agree with Daisy, I think the cat wanted to share the blanket, those does look a little "alienated" :D

  21. Hahaha! From what I can see, the alien-looking cat is indeed relaxed and I guess she just wanted to share the "Winnie the Pooh" blanket with cutie Duke! Sharing is loving, right? ^_^

  22. Nessa, sadly the cat got out a couple years ago between Christmas and New years and never returned.

    ldh he was feeling very safe there

    kirsten love may not be the best word, Duke loved him the cat didn't quite share the same feelings, he finally had a dog free home and then duke came along

    manoverboard you could be right, he was probably wondering why he didn't have any fancy wrapping. Glad to hear I rank high on your list of fav blogs. I feel honored.

    vanilla seven yes and probably wondering how he could get it for himself

    beaded tail, ha ha, I think that duke wore the cat out frequently.

    ratty I think you are right. cats can be very cunning

    tahtimbo the power of pooh is very strong

    allotments4you ah yes the old cat scan, how could I have forgotten about that. glad he didn't send me a bill for that.

    daisy he was very fond of paper so I'm surprised he wasn't laying on top of it

    duni he was probably waiting for duke to get out of there so he could have a turn

    dkmiller maybe a little of

    grampy that is very possible. the cat usually didn't get too close to duke

    jude some times I wish duke was still like that, he's just got too much fur right now

    fishhawk aww, cat got your tongue?

    grace. lol you are definitely duke's biggest fan

    donna he could be, and yes duke was very handsome

    buggys I don't believe that he was paying much attention to me, he was very busy concentrating on his target

    the urban cowboy they weren't very good friends although duke did try. duke's enthusiasm was a bit much for the cat and he wasn't always thrilled with him

    poetic shutterbug, I'm surprised that duke's eyes didn't come out like that too, must have caught the cat in just the right light or angle

    junezach he was looking pretty comfy, that was one of his favorite spots.


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