Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Duke's advice

Duke has some advice that he thinks all dogs should be made aware of. He also thinks that cats can benefit from this as well.
Duke has priorities, especially when it comes to eating. He knows that a bowl full of yummy dog food is very good for him but he also knows that dads dish is full of things that are much tastier.
 That is why he always sits patiently waiting and watching to see what dad might have to offer.

Even though his bowl is sitting right there with food in it. He also knows who is more likely to slip him something good and that's who he watches the most. Either way though, Duke will not touch his food until all plates have been cleared from the table, just in case.


  1. Uh oh. Looks like Duke learned a bad trick. Neither of my kitties touch human food--thank goodness. But I have had kitties in the past who are tempted by things on the counter.

  2. Ha! That is just like my Diesel...Toy Fox Terrier. He is such a baby that way.

  3. And exactly what our Corky would he just stands there waiting for me to feed him..(can't see or hear...doggie years? 126!)
    Love 'em sweetie!

  4. I think our Little Bit took lessons from Duke. She does the same exact thing. Won't eat her food until the table is clear. Well, good for Duke. He wouldn't be there if daddy wasn't feeding him. Just saying.

    Have a terrific day. My best to my pal Duke. :)

  5. That's cute! Moon will eat all his food and then beg for ours too. He's a bottomless pit. Duke is so well-behaved about it.

  6. Our dog is just like that. He always sits next to what we call "the weakest link" who is the one who is most likely to drop something. He never sits by me because I never feed him people food.

  7. Duke is so patient waiting for a taste of his dad's food! At least he's short - with Sadie the staring is pretty close to being eye to eye. Around here it's mommy who gives her a bite here and there cause daddy doesn't share!

  8. That is so good! Koko and Yum Yum take a more aggressive approach and paw at my wife's hands as she is trying to eat. When that doesn't work, they turn to my kids. THEN, they will sit and watch, patiently :)
    It's kind of unnerving now that I think about it.

  9. Good manners will always triumph!

  10. Ha ha ha, smart puppy!! My dog Dakota counts on finding things dropped on the floor--including by the cats--so it beats a vacuum cleaner...but I kennel her while I eat because I cannot stand being stared at.

  11. I like when dogs do that. My last dog didn't like human food. She actually preferred her dog food. It used to drive me nuts. If I would make her take food, she would either drop it or fling it to the side.

  12. I do this at work to people who have better lunches than I do!


  14. All the dogs are like that. Dog food is for nutrient, man's food for the taste.

  15. Hahaha! Looks like Sammy had a secret meeting with Duke - since he's already put this great advice to practice :)

  16. "Duke will not touch his food until all plates have been cleared from the table."
    Duke is such a smart fella! ^_^

  17. Yes Duke must be spreading the word.Claudia sits under the table next to Maya's chair until we have all left the table.

  18. I do not care for much people food, except snacks! I love cheese and pieces of 'tato chips.

  19. This is why our dog lives outside :)
    Actually - she is a herding type dog and about 90 lbs of energy. She wouldn't be happy in the house.

  20. Duke is so adorable, I'm sure that his entreaties can not be resisted. He knows that, of course.

  21. A pooch after my own heart. He's waiting for the goodies :)

  22. Lin I've had a couple of cats who were worse than a dog when it came to food.

    Urban Cowboy Duke is just too darned spoiled :)

    Donna aw poor old guy, and how could you refuse him anything :)

    Sandee Can you believe that "daddy" even makes Duke his own burger?

    Cinnamon girl LOL Moon sounds like a cat I used to have

    Anne LOL weakest link I like that.

    Beaded Tail I'm glad Duke isn't as big as Sadie is. I would find it harder to ignore him and refuse

    Tahtimbo I've had a cat like that. One had a love for popcorn and would sit next to you waiting. If you didn't feed him fast enough he would reach in the bowl and help himself

    Grace, Duke is pretty good with the manners thing, although he has his moments :)

    WillOaks I always said that dogs made the best vacuums. If I tried to kennel Duke I would have to listen to him bark the entire time. We've put him outside while we were eating and he won't stop barking because he knows what we are

    ratty I don't think I've ever had a fussy dog. At least not when it came to human food. They've turned their nose up at some dog food but never table scraps.

    Bossy Betty, LOL Love it, I'll have to try that at work

    Jam you are very correct with that

    Duni That must be who Duke was talking to :)

    JuneZach sometimes too smart

    Russ I have noticed Duke hanging out by the phone a lot lately Now I know the reason

    Daisy cheese and tato chips are yummy :)

    Audrey 90 lbs of energy could be fatal in the Good thing Duke only weighs in around 20 that's plenty of energy for me

    Vickie a wise duke indeed

    sharkbytes yes he's learned how to play us well

    poetic shutterbug and he always gets them too.

  23. What a smart boy you are Duke. Get the real Yummies and then eat your own food. It is nothing but a Win Win deal. We like the black and white pictures too.

  24. Marg, sometimes things just look better in black and white. Yes this is a win win situation for Duke but then again most situations are that way for him.


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