Friday, July 16, 2010

backyard photo shoot

Duke and I took the camera and the tennis ball out in the backyard and had a little photo shoot. Of course he had no idea that's what we were doing. He thought we were just going out to play and have fun
Wait a minute, that is exactly what we did. We both played. He played with the ball, I played with the camera and we both had fun.
Did you know that no tennis ball is allowed to retain it's fuzzy exterior?
 Nope, just can't have that. He rips that off of every single tennis ball he ever gets. I'm always finding little pieces of yellow fuzzy stuff laying on the floor when a new ball comes in the house. After he's done doing that he dissects them so that he has two halves. Silly dog.
This was my favorite out of all the pictures that we got. Too bad the grass needs mowed and those stupid weeds are sticking up right in front of his face.


  1. My dog does the same thing, he will gnaw on it until it splits.

  2. Not that Duke needs any help in this department but I think the weeds (pretty weeds btw) add personality to the pic.

    You are sooo lucky. Duke is a doll!!

    Enjoy those tennis balls Dukester :)

  3. Urban cowboy, I don't get it you would think the ball would be more fun in one piece.

    Roschelle the more I look at it the more it grows on me :)

    out on the prairie it all depends on his mood. He will but then I have to fight him for it. If he's really worn out he'll go lay under a tree and won't come near me

    Char he is a doll that's for sure, always makes me smile

  4. Every time I think Duke can't possibly be any cuter he is! He is just so adorable and I love that last photo!

  5. I feel sorry for Duke, what with you tricking him all the time. And not only that, but you make him listen to you sing. You say he enjoys it, but if he's howling that's because you're really hurting his ears.

    I'm just kidding, you know me.

    I am thoroughly enjoying your pictures. You have so many good ones!! I'm jealous. I have to take like 500 pictures to get one good one.

  6. Those are great! At least you have green grass, ours seems to be dying in places. It either the sprinkler overshooting it or we have a bug problem. Hmm, I guess that means I'll have to go out and adjust some sprinklers.
    Hope you all have a great weekend! I sense that Duke may be spending some more quality pool time?

  7. This post really made me smile. Duke looks so happy. Even your weeds look good!

  8. Whenever my wife tries to get any of our puppies to play ball, they just look at her like she's lost her mind. She then looks at me, and I go fetch the ball. Sigh.

    P.S.: Did the cardinal in the background ever get in on the fun?

  9. such an adorable picture Ann...Duke definitely looks like he is having fun!!

  10. Weeds schmeeds! Why don't you just Photoshop 'em out? As much creativity as I've seen with you and Photoshop, surely you aren't going to let a couple of spindly weeds interfere with such an awesome photo, are you?? I have lots of confidence in you chickie *grin* (and I kinda thought Duke was just peeling his tennis ball. You know, like an orange :o)

  11. Great pictures - I like the middle one best!

  12. Beaded tail Duke is a lot like my kids used to be. He'll take me to the point where he's totally driving me crazy and then he'll do something funny or cute and I forget all about being annoyed with him

    Mee2 no need to be jealous, believe me I take about that same amount of pictures to get just one good one. You could be right about the howling too, I'm that

    mrmomsunite I'm surprised that the grass hasn't turned all brown by now with the way the temperatures have been

    Jean he is a very happy dog, hard not to be happy around him

    Bossy betty he's also a very fidgety model

    FishHawk Duke gives me that same look sometimes, especially when he doesn't like my ideas. That cardinal is the laziest thing I've ever seen it hasn't moved an inch in years.

    allotments4you he has fun no matter what he's doing. Well maybe not so much when he's getting a bath but most other times

    Jen I did think of photoshopping them out but then I didn't feel like doing all the work so I left em. It could also be that Duke is trying to get to the chewy center just like a tootsie pop

  13. Philippa thanks, it takes a lot of tries to get one of Duke that isn't blurry :)

  14. Claudia does the same thing. No tennis balls for her. They are demolished in a couple of hours. Nice pictures by the way.I like the last picture also. Around here the grass has stopped growing. All we have is weeds.
    Have a good weekend.

  15. Duke you must be related to our Ande. All her balls are in half and have no fuzz what so ever. And guess what, our weeds look just like yours. That sure makes our Mom feel better about not mowing our grass. Hope you have a lovely week end. Take care Duke and Ann

  16. Just found your blog and Duke. We had a Westie for 17 years and he looks exactly like Duke, with similar antics. i will follow along and live vicariously with these wonderful pictures. We considered another Westie but doubt we could have gotten the same personality and being newly retired, if another dog lived 17 years, he'd have to take care of us !!

  17. What a goof that Duke is with his poo-poo up in the air!! He is just so darn CUTE!!

    I love to see his photos, Ann!

  18. OMG...Duke is so cute...he is actually smiling :)

  19. Hilarious! He is such the cutie :) Glad you had fun and shared it with us.

  20. Russ what is it with these little dogs and their toys? I always had labs before Duke and none of them were that rough on a tennis ball

    sharkbytes he does like to flirt so he probably is :)

    Marg there just hasn't seemed to be the time to get to the mowing recently. Although the weeds are growing faster than the grass is anyway.

    Paul and Sue wow, 17 years is a long time. Glad you found us and look forward to seeing you stop by again. Duke is always happy to see new faces.

    Lin He's a goof all right

    Lisa yep he was a happy camper that day.

    poetic shutterbug I was just glad I could get Duke to cooperate so I could get a few good ones.

  21. Duke is playful as always. Pepper says hi to Duke! And he has a new buddy "Sandie" a destructive/playful little lab that is new to the family. He chews up everything also, sheesh!

  22. Miawa Duke says to say hi to Pepper. I've always liked labs they are wonderful dogs. Well except when they are chewing on everything. Hopefully he'll outgrow it soon

  23. Louis tears tennis balls up too! I've had to hide my "real" tennis balls on the top shelf in the closet because he's figured out how to open the can :)

  24. DSS I always had labs before I got Duke and I don't think any of them were as hard on toys as he is. He gets some of those in his mouth and shakes them so hard you don't want to be anywhere near him or you're getting


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