Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Duck, Duck, Goose

Last weekend we were in Warren Pennsylvania for Wade's family reunion. Since it was such a hot day and we had a little bit of a wait before we met up with his daughter we stopped at an ice cream place for a little treat. The Allegheny River runs right behind it and they had picnic tables set up under the trees. We took advantage of the tables, the shade and the scenery. The ducks were quite accommodating and allowed me to get their picture.

I turned this one into a black and white and then erased part of it to reveal the color of the ducks. I think I like it.

Sorry but I didn't see a Goose that day.


  1. I thought the first pic looked like a painting...but the second one is gorgeous.

    You guys are so lucky to live in such beautiful places :)

  2. It makes the animals the most important element

  3. The 2nd is fun, shooting ducks up to "culvert" activity.

  4. I like the second one the best too. Way cool. I love ducks.

    Have a terrific day. My best to Duke. :)

  5. Oh that's too funny, I just posted a pic on my blog of a goose by the lake, so I have your goose for ya. Beautiful photos, I love nature pics!

  6. Erased part of it huh? I have so much to learn with photo editing! I like the way the 2nd one looks too but I'm a full color gal so prefer the first one.

  7. I usually like photos just as nature made them but that second shot really came out well...

  8. Wow, you are a true photo artist! I never knew you could do that.
    By the way, that sounds like a great way to enjoy ice cream :)

  9. Selective Coloring is a lot of fun! It looks great on the ducks.

  10. The color of the ducks did not come out so beautiful until you had the background in black and white. Both of your works are fascinating. Love 'em! :D

  11. You may think you like it, but I know I do! Coooool *grin*

  12. Great pictures of the ducks. Good job changing the picture. I like the way it looks in the second one. So where is the goose??
    Have a great day.

  13. duck duck goose with no goose!?! LOL. Lovely duck photos though. GUess you'll have to keep going to get that goose. Come visit me, we are overrun with geese.

  14. We always like to watch the ducks when we go to the park near us.

  15. Love the coloured ducks on black and white background!

  16. Aren't ducks fun? Love the photos!!

  17. I loved that second one the most. They are both so wonderful. Great job as usual.

  18. We have ducks on the creek beside our yard, but they always seem to be on the other side :(
    They have quite a few babies too, would love to get a photo.

  19. Woof! Woof! or Quack Quack! Great photo ... mom would like to learn that too but she's still in blur mode. She would like to know how to use the blur tool instead of the filter. She tried to use it on my current Wordless Photo posted today but it does not seem to blur anything just changed color of the grass to a bit darker color. Why? Thanks in advance for your opinion. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  20. Great pictures! But the cement drain is kind of an eyesore among such beauty...

  21. Just beautiful and their coloring is so vivid. Fantastic capture

  22. Love what you did to that photo! almost looks hand colored where the ducks get some of their color. I wish ducks would stick around here but maybe it's too busy for them....

  23. Roschelle unfortunately the spot where I took that picture is about an hour and a half away.

    Sharkbytes yes it sure does

    Bossy Betty lol me too

    out on the prairie ya know I never realized that shooting ducks could be so much fun and the best part is they don't mind

    sandee thanks, the ducks are fun to watch

    Char that's too funny. at least I know where my goose is

    beaded tail I kind of go back and forth between liking color and black and white. Some pictures just look better without the color

    Grace untouched vs edited is another thing I go back and forth on sometimes i like them as is sometimes the edit works

    tahtimbo it was an excellent way to enjoy ice cream

    tanyia I haven't done one of those in quite some time and I thought this one would be the perfect picture for it

    junezach i agree, in the first I think the green in the water overpowered the ducks

    fishhawk, thank you and double thanks for not calling me a show off again :)

    Jen ya know I have a terrible habit of always saying "I think" it's just one of those things I can't seem to break myself of...lol

    Marg the goose is apparently cooked...lol

    DKMiller well what can i say no goose in sight...lol I think I know where I can find some though

    Karen & Gerald the park down the street from me doesn't have any ducks, at least not that I've ever seen

    Philippa I've always like that effect on pictures, makes things stand out a bit more

    Donna ducks are very fun. these obviously are used to people feeding them too

    Russ thanks so much. I had fun both taking the picture and doing the edit

    Audrey I did get a picture of a duck with babies but it didn't turn out as well as this one did

    Sugar thanks, wish I could help your mom but I tried that tool out and just didn't get the hang of it so I gave up

    Cinnamon girl I agree, I'm not sure what it was even there for. I was only watching the ducks

    poetic shutterbug thank you very much. I always loved the coloring you see on ducks

    Will oaks What? no ducks at will oaks? You would think they would love it with all the people giving them hand outs.

  24. Cool technique, Ann! These duck sure know how to keep cool!

  25. I normally love how creative you are with your picks but I have to say I love the green in the water of the first one. Ducks are fun to watch.

  26. Oh, I love the way you did the black & white photo. That would make a beautiful framed picture for a wall.

  27. LDH, it's one of my favorites to do.

    B Boys Mom I was actually torn between the two versions because I do like the first one also

    Leeuna, I've heard of metallic photo paper but never used it and I'm thinking that would probably look very nice on that paper.

  28. Love the pic, especially the b/w, great job.

  29. Miawa, thank you. I don't seem to do as many creative edits as I used to back in the cafe mom days. Sometimes I miss that :)


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