Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Breakfast at my house

The other morning I was looking out the window and noticed movement on the ground under the bird feeder. I didn't have my glasses on and couldn't tell from that far away what it was. I thought it was a morning dove by the size of it. I grabbed the camera and tried to get a few shots through the window. Then I put on my glasses and moved to another window to get a better look. I guess my vision is worse than I realized if I thought this was a dove.
My view of the bird feeder is over the pool and through the railing around it. I really need to move that thing or get rid of the pool.
I decided to go out the back door and see if I could sneak up on him to get a better picture. Just like every other living thing, he heard me coming and knew I was armed with my camera. I did manage to get a shot of him running off though.

Not the best quality on the picture but I'll take what I can get.


  1. Hmmm those glasses are getting stronger. In the new Birds and Bloom is a company selling T shirts with see no, hear no, speak no squirrels with a caption "Birdseed. What birdseed?"I know now I will have to get a few.

  2. I am sure that little critter would not mind if you put out some squirrel food for all those birds!

    I've missed Duke!!

  3. Looks like you and I see about the same without glasses. I had to chuckle over that one.

    What a little cutie pie. I love to watch critters doing what they do. Great shots too.

    Have a terrific day. My best to Duke. :)

  4. We have so many squirrels at our place. If the dog sees them they better be up a tree or at least near one. She loves to chase them :)

  5. Woof! Woof! They are everywhere ... I tried to chase them but they are very quick. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  6. I'm actually the opposite, if it's in front of my face without my glasses I would think it was a dove.

  7. Yeah, that kinda looks like a dove. ;)

  8. Oh, there are a buncha here too. Good capture nonetheless, Ann. Even though it was taken from a distance. :)

  9. At least you thought to grab your camera before your glasses! Great capture of him on the tree!

  10. How did you get the picture in the picture? Cool effect. I like squirrels...I miss them. So do the cats.

  11. We have a bunch of those little guys around. We have a feeder just for them, although they tend to go into the bird feeders as well. The older squirrels are so used to us that they will even stay on the fence (within just a few feet) while I feed them.

  12. I thinks your photos are great blurring or anything...I especially love the first one where you have put an insert of the squirrel...he is a very handsome devil!!

  13. Cute little squirrel-y. I've been trying to catch a good pic of one lately. But they're way to fast for me and my crappy camera :(

  14. Well, I've never had squirrel and dumplings for breakfast. For that was something more in line for dinner or supper, but I don't see anything wrong with it. I imagine Duke was really smacking his lips. You did give him some--didn't you?

  15. Don't sweat it chickie, all those little blots look the same to me too without my eyes on *grin*. I gotta say, though, that even without the specs, that was some great shootin' Tex ;o)

  16. Great shots Ann. Without my glasses I would have trouble even finding the camera.

  17. I really love the squirrel picture! He's so adorable. I hope Duke doesn't get jealous!

  18. great images!! looks like you have a sweet little friend there!

  19. Ha! Thanks for starting my day off with a laugh, Ann. I would be just like you without my glasses. Wait, what am I saying? I would be bumping into walls without mine, never mind mistaking squirrels for doves! I love how you always have your camera at the ready.

  20. Cute enough Annie and I know what you mean about "I'LL take what I can get", you move and they scurry! I need one of those super-duper tele-photo lens too.

  21. Awwww, lovie!!! We have a chipmunk living in our Japanese garden...his name is Vladmir. He has become a family pet!

  22. Looks like he just had a fight with the cardinal. Very cute.

  23. And Another COOL photo TOOL!!
    Like that inset!!

  24. I love watching squirrels, they are so darn cute!

  25. Well, at least it was a creature and not a large mushroom or something. I can see fine at a distance without my glasses but up close, I'm blind as a bat. I love the squirrel photos. He sure is a fat little bugger. I can see that you've been feeding him well. :)

  26. How funny. I frequently mistake a stick for a squirrel without my glasses.

  27. I probably would have thought it was a lion or something worse without my glasses.But we think those are good pictures of that silly squirrel. They used to eat all the bird seed that I put out for the birds. We had many battles, me trying to keep them from going up the pole.
    Have a great day

  28. Haha!! I saw a cat in the yard last night and grabbed Louis and ran b/c I thought it was a skunk. What in the world??? It didn't even slightly resemble a skunk. The neighbors were in stitches :)

  29. We have a couple of squirrel's that keep eating our bird feed. It drives my hubby crazy.

  30. out on the prairie I bet that's what this squirrel was saying

    bossy betty oh I'm sure he wouldn't at all.

    Sandee glad I'm not the only one :)

    Audrey I don't see very many of them but every once in a while

    Sugar yes they are very quick

    Urban cowboy right in front of me no problem. Actually I don't normally wear my glasses unless I'm driving. I've worn them to work and never realized I didn't have them on until I got out the door.

    Lin I thought so :)

    Tes if only that darn pool wouldn't have been in the way

    beaded tail I very rarely think to grab my glasses, as a matter of fact I don't even keep them in the house, they are in the car

    Grace I selected a portion of the picture and then resized it and layered it on top of the original picture

    tahtimbo this one obviously was not in to hanging out while I was out there :)

    allotments4you why thanks, I wasn't real thrilled with the pictures but then they could have been worse

    Roschelle those guys are way too fast for me too. I only had time to get the one of him running off before he was up the tree

    fishhawk alas we could not catch the squirrel and we were left with nothing but left over sunflower seeds which Duke promptly turned his nose up at

    Jen my eyes aren't that bad really but far away things do tend to get blurry. As for shootin, I've been practicin :)

    Russ luckily mine aren't that bad yet

    Sheri he was a little upset that I wouldn't let him go out with me when I tried to get the pictures.

    Chef Dennis too bad he doesn't visit more often

    Ann and yet I still manage to miss so many photo

    Miawa I would love a telephoto lens, maybe santa will be nice to me come December

    Lisa I would gladly name this guy if he chooses to stick around

    Sharkbytes I wonder who won the fight?

    donna that was a pretty easy do. just cut and paste :)

    Tanyia they sure are, I hope I see more of this one

    Leeuna even from far away I could see that it was moving and since there wasn't a breeze at the time I was pretty sure it had to be a living

    Nico well I have been known to mistake all kinds of things for animals when I'm driving at night. Bushes often resemble

    Marg I suppose if this one becomes a nuisance I won't be so excited about seeing him but for now I like him

    DSS LOL you mean it wasn't even a black cat? Better safe than sorry when Louis is around though, don't want to have to try and get that lovely aroma out of his fur.

    BBoys mom this one was only eating what was on the ground I didn't see him even attempt to climb the pole so can't blame a guy for

  31. Squirrels can be just as unrelenting as this summer heat! Gee, I sure can complain about the weather... sorry!

    I just noticed the post with your husband and sweet little Lydia. This is one of the sweetest photos ever! I don't know how I missed seeing it the first time but it is precious!

  32. LDH I don't get a lot of squirrels around here.
    Yes Lydia is a little doll. Wade doesn't get to see her too often since they live a few hours away.

  33. Yeah, time to get new glasses :) I adore squirrels though so loved this pic.

  34. poetic shutterbug, my glasses aren't that old, I just need to put them on more often when I'm trying to see things from a distance :)


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