Saturday, July 3, 2010

How did that happen

Just the other day I was doing the blog rounds and saw a post about hydrangeas blooming. I think I made the comment that mine weren't even close to blooming. Later that day I went outside and near the back, guess what I saw?
 Maybe I need to slow down and start paying attention to the smaller things. I walk by this every single day and never noticed that it was getting ready to bloom.


  1. That was a lovely surprise and such a beautiful flower!

  2. So beautiful! I love your flower pictures!

  3. Slowing down is a good thing!
    That photo is beautiful. It looks a bit like a watercolor I think.

  4. oh the pretty flowers! I bet they smell fantastic.

  5. I need to slow down too!! Pretty flowers!!

  6. Hydrangea is one of my favorites! this is an amazing photo, Ann. You are getting SO good!

  7. We have the tendency to rush things and want almost everything to become instant. As I always keep reminding myself, I need to slow down a bit and be patient.
    The results are incredibly surprising! Look what beautiful flowers you have!

  8. I guess we all need to slow down and smell the Roses. Or in this case the Hydrangeas.Happy 4th.

  9. Ooooooh, I love Hydrangeas! We don't have enough acid in the soil for them to do well here (even using Miracid didn't work *sigh*). It's funny how there's nothing-nothing-nothing and then POOF! great big blossoms and lots of blooms (it's one of those good surprises though, isn't it? :o)

  10. very pretty! love the way it matches your template :)

  11. Wow, that is a pretty flower. I do t he same thing, just don't notice what is going on.
    Hope you have a fantastic day. Stay safe and take care.

  12. Comes up on you pretty quick, huh?! Beautiful!

  13. Well I have griped and griped that mine aren't blooming and it hasn't worked for me so far, still no blooms! Gorgeous!

  14. A real eye catcher and a favorite to see.Nice shot!

  15. Well, it's Gorgeous! I Love those things..
    Happy 4th Sweetie!

  16. Beautiful photo!! I keep wanting to plant some, just haven't figured out where yet.
    Hope you are having a wonderful holiday weekend :)

  17. Wonderful colors. I too need to slow it down sometimes. Have a wonderful 4th of July!

  18. Beaded tail yes it was a nice surprise, they always make me smile

    Sheri thanks

    marie just wish i could slow down more often

    leslie ya know I can't even think of what they smell like, I may have to go out and find out :)

    gayle don't we all

    tanyia why thanks. I only have one plant in the front of my house. My dad planted it for me when I first moved in

    Junezach I need to remind myself more often

    russ yes we certainly do. happy 4th to you also

    jen i have that problem with lilacs. I've tried several times to get them to grow and they always end up dieing. I love those too.

    roschelle i didn't even notice that until you mentioned it. see I need to slow down and pay more attention still

    marg guess it's because I walk by it every day and just stop noticing

    lisa sure did but a nice surprise to see it

    sheri i'm sure they will soon.

    out on the prairie yes they are, and thanks

    donna yes it is and me too

    audrey I just have the one, since I didn't plant it myself that's probably why it has survived as long as it

    urban cowboy i think my problem is mostly just not paying attention. maybe its happy 4th to you also

  19. Beautiful! My mom used to have a blue one. The flowers looked like they were spray painted.

    Hope you're having a great July 4th weekend. Hugs to Duke. :)

  20. Did you do something? For around 8 hours earlier today, I couldn't leave a comment anywhere--not even on my own blog!

  21. Leeuna I'm pretty sure that other years this one has been blue. I've heard that the type of soil it's planted in will determine the color. Not sure if that's true or not

    FishHawk, nope didn't do a thing. I had trouble trying to schedule my post though. Something must have been going on.

  22. And Ann, what a glorious surprise to find it blooming. It is gorgeous and you've captured it's beauty in a very artistic style. Love it.

  23. See?! It's a good thing I gave you the heads-up to go look at yours!! It's amazing how fast things change in the garden. :) Hooray for hydrangeas!

  24. poetic shutterbug it was a nice surprise. and thank you

    Lin It was a good thing. Had you not posted yours I might not have even looked.


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