Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lunch in the park

I am normally the type of person who loves the heat. It doesn't matter how hot it gets, bring it on and I'm a happy camper. This year though, it's been really getting to me. Especially the last few days. It's been in the 90's which I know would probably be a welcome number for some of you. The humidity has been really high too. It's even been too hot to sit out in the parking lot at lunch time.
Since the borough park is just down the street from where I work I decided to drive down and find a nice shady spot at lunch time.
 It was too hot to even eat so I just took my iced tea and found a shady pavilion to sit in for a little while. It was pretty quite. Only a few other people were enjoying the park. This guy was out for his morning walk.
 Then there was this young mother enjoying the shade of the trees on the other side.

They are saying that the temps are supposed to drop tomorrow and only be around 75.


  1. I love going to the park - however with the hot humid weather we are having and all the rain, the mosquitoes are INSANE!!
    I don't like any temps over 70 :)

  2. Too hot to even eat, you say? I WISH I felt that way more often :)

  3. What a nice way to spend you lunch. I'm with you on the temperature comfort level. I like it cooler and the humidity, I can do without. Great pictures. I love the one of the man walking. Wonder what he's thinking about?

  4. I'm ready for some 75 degree weather. We were over 102 degrees Tuesday and Wednesday but it was ONLY 93 today!

    What a nice way to spend your lunch break ~ people watching is fun!

  5. It has been really hot and sticky. I hate air conditioning but we have ours on. I have been sick and I couldn't take the heat or my hubby complaining about the heat anymore. Try and stay cool. I heard the same thing that it is going to get better in the next couple of days. For us it's going to 83.

  6. Your park looks like a lovely place to enjoy your lunch! Heat and humidity are an awful combination but hope you get to enjoy the cooler temps on the way!

  7. Humidity is the killer isn't it. And yes, I am one of those people who would enjoy temperatures in the 90's at the moment, as it is winter here and I detest winter!
    Hope tomorrow is cooler for you!

  8. That mom and baby picture is beautiful :) Looks like they had a great time.

  9. I wish I had a pretty park to walk to and watch the world go by ::sigh::

  10. I can take the heat, but the humidity would just do me in. We're lucky here, because it can get very hot 100's+ but there's very little humidity. I'm glad it's going to be cooler for you tomorrow.

  11. It's beastly here too. The humidity is insane and the world is just....muggy. Ick.

  12. While you are experiencing humid weather there, here at the Tropics we are constantly being poured with rain almost every day and every night.

    Haven't been to a park lately. Your nice shots are sentimental.

  13. well it hasn't been that hot here but the humidity has been bad. At least with the soaring temps you had a nice peaceful time in the park...and I'm glad that the Mum had the sense to keep here little one in the shade!!

  14. Great pictures Ann. I would love 75 degrees. It is suppose to cool down to mid 80's this weekend. We breke two records this week. 102 and 100 plus humid.

  15. It is only going to be 75 there tomorrow, we are on our way. We are cooking down here. It was over 100 yesterday but we are having a cold day, it is only going to be 95. I agree it is way to hot to eat, but somehow I manage to stuff something in.
    Have a great day.

  16. i can handle the heat too, but the humidity, YUCK!

    love the blog layout you have ann, and have missed visiting my blogging friends. i am going to try and come around as much as possible.

    have a wonderful day!

  17. The humidity is supposed to break here, even though the temp will stay up. Hopefully I can get some things done. That humidity just does me in.

  18. It's been unbearably hot here too - the worst part is the humidity. It's hard to even move. But it's never too hot for me to eat...

  19. It's been so hot here too wish it was too hot for me to eat!!
    Love your photos!!

  20. Back before I got so sick, I was usually fairly comfortable in both cold and hot weather (-20 to 110+), but now, I am almost always too cold or too hot. Sometimes, even at the same time!

  21. It's rainy here thank God!
    You have a Wonderful weekend Girl!!

  22. Audrey I usually don't mind the high temps but they're getting to me this year

    LDH well I don't often feel that way which could explain why my jeans keep shrinking :)

    Sheri I bet he's thinking why did I decide to walk in this

    Marie we haven't gotten that hot I think 98 may have been our highest

    BBoysmom I don't even have air conditioning in my house that's how much I hate it

    Beaded tail it is a nice park and usually pretty quiet too, nice place to walk

    Kelly yes it's a killer alright but I think winter time is a bigger killer for me

    vanilla seven It does look like they are enjoying themselves. I couldn't see them as well as my camera could

    Grace I'm glad this one is so close to home

    tahtimbo I'm with you, I can take the heat too, the humidity is the killer

    Lin it is a muggy world lately

    Junezach I wouldn't mind a little rain but not constantly

    allotment4you smart mom she was, and I think she was enjoying the shade just as much

    Russ I can't remember the last time our temps were over 100, it's been a while. You can keep it there

    Marg believe my before the day is over I always manage to stuff something in too :)

    PJ YUCK is exactly what it is. I've missed seeing you around too. Hope you can find some extra time to make the rounds more often

    Sharkbytes the humidity always drains me.

    Cinnamon girl I found that a bowl of ice cream really hits the spot :)

    gayle seems like we're all getting hit with a heat wave

    FishHawk, never a happy medium is there. I can't imagine ever being comfortable in -20 degree weather

    Donna yeah, rain, finally a little relief for you

  23. aw, I love the shot of the baby crawling amidst the clover. Has been very hot here in DE, but today (finally!) there's a nice gentle rain. Maybe the grass won't crackle underfoot again for awhile. Hope it's cooler where you are too.

  24. Ann luckily we had some rain on Friday and it's much cooler now

  25. I love the heat too Annie, and this summer is different. I'm use to working and playing it but this year the heat is almost scorching and some days difficult to breathe.

  26. I'm the opposite, Ann. I don't like the heat at all. When it gets into the 70's here I am not a happy camper. In San Francisco though it changes from day to day. We don't have seasons so I sort of like it that way.

  27. I grew up in Florida, but after living in Virinia for years I just can't tolerate the high 90's anymore. With the humidity too...blech!

  28. Miawa This year has been much hotter than the last few have been here. Luckily we're getting a break now though, it's more pleasant

    poetic shutterbug that would be kind of nice but I would miss the changing seasons

    DSS heat without humidity isn't so bad. We were in Virginia Beach visiting my step son and it was gorgeous there.


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